Can You Freeze Oysters? Discover the Proper Storage Techniques!

1. In order to freeze oysters, they should be frozen live in their shells.
2. Wash the shells thoroughly before freezing oysters in the shells.
3. Discard any oysters that have died before freezing.
4. Shuck the oysters into a strainer and save the liquor.
5. Remove any pieces of shell or sand from the shucked oysters.
6. Rinse the shucked oysters if necessary.
7. Place the shucked oysters and liquor in a plastic container or freezer bag.
8. Leave ½-inch headspace in the container or bag before sealing.
9. Freeze the oysters in their shells, on the half-shell, or shucked.
10. Freezing oysters alters their texture and flavor, best used in casseroles or stews.
11. Oysters can stay fresh in the freezer for up to 3 months when stored properly.
12. Oysters should be cooked before eating them.

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