Tenderloin Vs Chicken Breast

Tenderloin Vs Chicken Breast – What Are the Differences?

The most delicate chicken part is the tenderloin. Tenderloin is regarded as the muscle located just behind the chicken breast. If you have butchered chicken for a very long time or you have cooked a chicken severally, these are known facts you might not know. How then do you differentiate between tenderloin and chicken breast? […]

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Differences in Green Onions and Chives

What Are the Differences in Green Onions and Chives

Have you seen and tasted Chives and Green Onions before? They both taste and look similar, right? It is quite difficult for people to give the differences between chives and green onions considering the taste and appearance are very similar. It is, however good to note that both are plants of different species, different use, […]

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