Discover the Best Hard Cider: Origin, Taste, Pairings


If you’re a fan of apple-based beverages with a little extra kick, then you’re in for a treat.

The world of hard cider is filled with a plethora of delicious options, each vying for the title of the best.

From the bold flavors of Angry Orchard to the crispness of Stella Artois, we embark on a tantalizing journey through the top contenders in the realm of hard cider.

So grab a glass, sit back, and prepare to discover your new favorite cider.

best hard cider

The best hard cider will ultimately depend on personal taste preferences, but some popular options include Angry Orchard, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Samuel Smith’s, Blake’s Hard Cider, Redd’s Apple Ale, Stella Artois Cidre, Atlanta Hard Cider Company, Crispin Hard Cider, and Eve’s Cidery.

Angry Orchard is a well-known brand with a wide range of flavors, while Bold Rock offers alternative flavors like pineapple and watermelon.

Samuel Smith’s is the oldest cider on the list and is made with organically grown apples, while Blake’s Hard Cider is a family business with decades of experience.

Redd’s Apple Ale offers a variety of fruit flavors, and Stella Artois Cidre is a lighter European-style cider.

Atlanta Hard Cider Company is a newer brand with gluten-free options, and Crispin Hard Cider offers a refreshing pear cider.

Finally, Eve’s Cidery stands out with its sparkling cider made through a double fermentation process and considered top-shelf.

There are options for everyone, so it’s worth exploring different brands to find the best hard cider for you.

Key Points:

  • The best hard cider depends on personal taste preferences
  • Popular options include:
  • Angry Orchard
  • Bold Rock Hard Cider
  • Samuel Smith’s
  • Blake’s Hard Cider
  • Redd’s Apple Ale
  • Stella Artois Cidre
  • Atlanta Hard Cider Company
  • Crispin Hard Cider
  • Eve’s Cidery
  • Angry Orchard offers a wide range of flavors
  • Bold Rock offers alternative flavors like pineapple and watermelon
  • Samuel Smith’s is the oldest cider and made with organically grown apples
  • Blake’s Hard Cider is a family business with decades of experience

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Pro Tips:

1. The tradition of apple cider making dates back to ancient Greece, where it was used for both cooking and medical purposes.

2. Hard cider was one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in America during the colonial period, even more popular than beer or wine.

3. The first American apple orchard was planted in 1625 in Boston, Massachusetts, primarily to satisfy the increasing demand for cider production.

4. Hard cider was often safer to drink than water in early America, as the fermentation process killed off harmful bacteria that could contaminate water sources.

5. The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is believed to have originated from the idea that consuming apple cider vinegar, a byproduct of cider production, promoted good health and digestion.

1. Angry Orchard: A Popular Brand Of Hard Cider

Angry Orchard is a popular brand of hard cider that has gained popularity in recent years. Produced by the Boston Beer Company, Angry Orchard offers a variety of cider flavors that cater to different palates. With its distinctive label and bold flavors, Angry Orchard has become a go-to choice for cider enthusiasts.

The success of Angry Orchard can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the brand offers a wide range of flavors, appealing to a diverse range of taste preferences. Whether you enjoy a crisp, traditional apple flavor or something more adventurous like their rosé cider, Angry Orchard has something for everyone. Additionally, Angry Orchard is widely available in supermarkets, liquor stores, and bars, making it easily accessible to consumers.

Another reason for Angry Orchard’s popularity is its commitment to quality. The Boston Beer Company takes great care in selecting and fermenting the apples used in their ciders, resulting in a consistently delicious product. Whether you are sipping an Angry Orchard cider straight from the bottle or using it as a base for a refreshing cocktail, you can expect a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Overall, Angry Orchard’s combination of unique flavors, wide availability, and commitment to quality have made it a top choice among hard cider enthusiasts. Whether you are new to the world of hard cider or a seasoned connoisseur, Angry Orchard is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Bold Rock Hard Cider: A Delicious Alternative To Angry Orchard

While Angry Orchard may be a popular choice for hard cider enthusiasts, it is not the only player in town. For those looking for an alternative brand that offers a unique twist on traditional cider, Bold Rock Hard Cider is an excellent choice.

Bold Rock Hard Cider distinguishes itself by using granny smith apples as the base for their ciders, which gives them a refreshing tartness. Additionally, Bold Rock offers a range of flavored ciders, including pineapple and watermelon, which add an exciting burst of tropical fruit to their lineup. These flavors provide a refreshing and unexpected twist, appealing to those who crave something a little different from the traditional apple taste.

In terms of availability, Bold Rock can be found in most major supermarkets, liquor stores, and bars across the country. This makes it a convenient choice for anyone looking to try a new brand of hard cider.

One of the notable features of Bold Rock Hard Cider is its commitment to using only the finest ingredients. The brand takes pride in sourcing their apples from local orchards, ensuring a fresh and authentic taste in each bottle. This dedication to quality is evident in every sip, making Bold Rock Hard Cider a top choice for those seeking a flavorful and well-crafted cider.

In conclusion, Bold Rock Hard Cider is a worthy alternative to Angry Orchard, offering a range of exciting flavors and a commitment to using high-quality ingredients. If you’re looking to expand your cider horizons and try something new, Bold Rock is definitely worth a taste.

3. Samuel Smith’s: The Oldest Cider On The List

When it comes to cider, history and tradition often play a significant role in shaping the flavors and reputation of a particular brand. Samuel Smith’s is a cider that exemplifies this, as it holds the distinction of being the oldest cider on our list. With its rich heritage and commitment to organic farming, Samuel Smith’s has carved out a unique place in the world of hard cider.

Originating from Tadcaster, England, Samuel Smith’s cider is made using organically grown apples. The brand takes pride in using traditional cider apple varieties that are selected for their distinct flavors. This attention to detail in the apple selection process results in a cider with a unique and elegant taste profile.

One of the defining characteristics of Samuel Smith’s cider is its floral finish. The cider undergoes a careful fermentation process that preserves the delicate flavors and aromas of the apples. This creates a cider that is not only refreshing but also has a refined subtlety that sets it apart from other brands.

Samuel Smith’s commitment to organic farming practices further enhances its appeal. By using organically grown apples, the brand ensures that their cider is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. This commitment to sustainability is reflected both in the taste of the cider and the story behind the brand.

Samuel Smith’s cider showcases the beauty of tradition and organic farming. With its floral finish and the use of organically grown apples, this cider offers a unique and refined drinking experience.

  • Rich heritage and commitment to organic farming
  • Traditional cider apple varieties for distinct flavors
  • Careful fermentation process for delicate flavors and aromas
  • Free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, thanks to organic farming practices


You may need to know these questions about best hard cider

What is the number 1 cider in the world?

With an ever-growing consumer base seeking a lighter alternative to beer, the cider industry has found its champion in Strongbow, the unrivaled number 1 cider brand globally. As consumers explore the refreshing qualities of cider, Strongbow asserts its dominance by offering a range of market-leading brands that capture the essence of this increasingly popular beverage. Embracing the growing appeal of cider, Strongbow continues to shape and lead the category, setting itself apart as the unrivaled choice for cider enthusiasts worldwide.

What is better than Angry Orchard cider?

One delightful alternative to Angry Orchard cider is Eve’s Cidery. Renowned for its higher alcohol content, these ciders not only pack a punch but also boast exceptional quality. With a range of flavors to choose from, Eve’s Cidery offers a luxurious taste experience that rivals the popular Angry Orchard brand. Whether you visit their tasting events or have their ciders shipped to your doorstep, Eve’s Cidery guarantees a top-shelf alternative that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Who makes best cider?

When it comes to the quest for the best cider, Cornish Orchards Golden Cider stands out magnificently. With its impressive effervescence and the dominant presence of crisp apples, this cider instantly captivates the taste buds. As you savor the flavors, you are treated to the delightful surprise of more delicate hints of peach and pear that elegantly linger on the palate, making Cornish Orchards Golden Cider a truly exceptional choice.

Why is cider not popular in America?

Cider’s lack of popularity in America can be attributed to a combination of historical factors. Prohibition in 1920 dealt a severe blow to cider consumption in the country. With its ban, orchards faced a decline as farmers replaced cider-specific apple trees with sweeter and more edible varieties. This shift not only diminished the availability of cider apples but also altered the taste preferences of the American public, making sweeter and more commercially appealing apple varieties prevalent. Consequently, the legacy of prohibition and the subsequent transformation of apple cultivation contributed to the scarcity and limited popularity of cider in America today.

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