Clear Pots and Pans: The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance

– Walmart offers a variety of pots and pans for home kitchens at low prices.
– Essential pieces for a kitchen are small or medium pots, saute pans or skillets, and a Dutch oven.
– Additional useful pieces include saucepans, deep saucier pans, fry pans, grill pans, double boilers, large stock pots, and woks.
– Cookware material options include stainless steel, nonstick, tri-ply, aluminum, ceramic, copper, hard-anodized, cast-iron, and carbon steel.
– Pots and pans are used for cooking at high temperatures.
– Stir-frying vegetables and meat require high temperatures.
– Roasting pans are ideal for cooking large pieces of meat like turkey in the oven.

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