Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

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You will be taken back to memory lane of your childhood when you take sandwiches regularly. It is very simple to make sandwiches and you can make them anyhow you want to. Sandwiches can be cut into different sizes and shapes and they become more fun to work in this way.

Do you have the shapes you love making your sandwiches? Perhaps, you are yet to use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into different shapes, you need to try it out. Surely, the various shapes will be enjoyable for you. When you use the cookie cutters to make different sandwiches shapes for your children, you will notice them naturally smiling by being pleased with the shapes they see. Instead of having a square sandwich shape, you will have something more fun with various shapes.

The main thing we want to check out in this article is to find out the best cookie cutter for sandwiches. You will find many types of cookie cutters out there and you need to ensure you purchase those that will cut your sandwich effectively without tearing it or sticking to the cutter.

We have done all the guesswork for you and we have the best options of cookie cutters you can buy to be used to cut your sandwiches. You will then get to see the guide that you can use to know the useful tips to help you select the best set of cookie cutters out there. You need to continue reading if you want to find out all you learn about this topic to be able to enjoy your sandwiches.

Cookie Cutters and Sandwiches Tips

You might think it is simple to choose cookie cutters that you will use to cut your sandwiches, and the truth is that it is quite simple. However, you will find a lot of cookie cutters on the market and you will want to ensure you get the cookie-cutter that has the capability and size to cut the sandwiches smoothly into the correct shapes.

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Selecting cookie cutters that will be best for your sandwiches is more than choosing the shapes you love which is why we are here to help you out. We have prepared some tips that will help you to know those things to seek when you are looking for cookie cutters. In recent times, a lot of cookie cutters have been identified as sandwich cutters because it has become so popular to use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches.

Sandwich cutters are quite perfectly sized to ensure you avoid unnecessary waste. They have been made especially to help smoothly slice your sandwiches and you will be left with fun shapes. Check below for some of the things you need to consider when you want to choose cookie cutters for your sandwiches:

  1. Variety: It is sufficient to get just one shape, but to make it more fun, having various shapes will make more sense. Select a package that has multiple shapes.
  2. Cleaning: Try to see if the cookie cutters you want to buy are safe in the dishwasher or how you can clean them without any challenge. Cleaning your cookie cutters should be extremely simple. You are recommended to get cookie cutters that are safe in the dishwasher or those you can wipe easily clean without worrying about the sandwiches sticking to it.
  3. Material: Your cookie cutters should be solid and they should stand tall so you can use it to slice your bread smoothly and you should also be able to avoid any smash on the bread and sandwich as you cut.
  4. Size: You should try to select cutters that are close enough to your bread’s size. Don’t select cookie cutters that will waste your bread in a very large amount, the size should not be too large.

Excess Bread Ideas

You will always have excess pieces of bread cut off when you shape into your bread. This is why you should endeavor to select the correct sized cutter. This is an important area you must consider. What we want to find out is how you can use your excess bread so that it will not waste.

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The first thing we need to inform you about is that a lot of people like their sandwiches without crust, using a cookie cutter will help you remove the crust. Even if your main goal is to remove the crust, you will still be left with bread that you will have to throw away or use for another thing. Check below for some of the things you can use your excess bread for: 

  • Use in a variety of bread desserts or bread pudding.
  • Turn it into crust
  • Use sugar and cinnamon to coat them and then bake them to have a very sweet treat.
  • Crumble them and add them to soups as an alternative to crackers.
  • Make bread crumbs.
  • Freeze excess bread and save it for your special thanksgiving.
  • Turn to homemade croutons.

You wouldn’t have to waste your excess bread, you have a lot of options you can use.

Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches
Best Cookie Cutters for Sandwiches

The 4 (Four) Best Cookie Cutters for your Sandwiches

We want to check out the best set of cookie cutters you can use for your sandwiches:

  1. Verdant Life Co Sandwich Cutters for Kids

This particular set works well with vegetables and sandwiches. You can design your sandwiches the way you want by using these cookie cutters. You will also find vegetable and fruit cutters in the set of cutters.

Key Features:

  • 100% guarantee money-back
  • Colorful and fun shapes
  • 14 pieces in a set with varying sizes

You can use the cutter for every season and style and they are very affordable. They have a large, medium as well as small sizes that you can use for your cutting. The optimal design is enjoyable and you can easily clean them.


  • Easy and fun to use
  • Stainless steel and dishwasher safe
  • Ultra-durable design.


  • It could potentially rust
  1. Cookie Cutter for Kids, Set of 6

This set has six stainless sandwich cutters that will fit perfectly for your sandwiches. The set also has a unicorn. They are generally simple and plain but they will do the job.

Key Features:

  • The hand is protected by a roll metal top
  • 6 pieces contained in the set with a variety of shapes
  • Stainless food-grade steel

These cutters have a high level of simplicity but they work efficiently. The price is affordable and the tool is very versatile. The tools are big enough for your sandwiches but you can also use them on some other products like cookies and biscuits.

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  • Simple to use as well as clean.
  • Multipurpose cutters
  • Durable and strong


  • For almost all sandwich bread, these cutters are a bit too small, you will be left with a lot of excesses.


  1. Star Pack Kids Sandwich Cutter Set of 4

This set will offer you a very simple package providing you with the sandwich cutting of fun shapes. The cutters have been specifically designed to be used to cut your sandwiches.

Key Features:

  • FDA food-grade materials used are 100%
  • It can be easily cleaned
  • 4-shape dual cutters

The cutters have perfect sizes for cutting your sandwiches, cutting on every half of your sandwich. Included in this set are the butterfly, dinosaur, puzzle, and heart. They are versatile and fun to work with. The price tag is also very affordable.


  • Works for jelly, lunch meat, peanut butter, and some other products.
  • You could use it for a gift
  • This product is very easy to use.


  • You need to press it into your sandwich and slightly jiggle to get your slice to the base. This is according to the instructions by the seller.
  1. Tiblue Sandwich Cutters, Set of 24

This pack has a variety with five large cutters and five medium cutters for sandwiches and varieties that will work excellently well on vegetables and fruits. The shapes have a mixture of neutral designs and options for boys or girls.

Key Features:

  • Has a gift box package
  • Stainless steel sandwich cutter
  • 24 pieces of various sizes.

Using these cutters will provide you with smooth cuts and they are very easily cleaned. They cut through the bread easily and some other substances. You will also be using them for a very long time. The advantage is that the package has various sizes and shapes, including vegetable and fruit cutters.


  • Stainless steel sandwich cutter that can be detached from the grip to easily clean.
  • The larger ones have perfect sizes for your average sandwich.
  • 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction.


  • It is nearly too big to be used for some pieces of bread.


Related Questions

If I Purchase Cutters for Sandwiches Can I Use Them for Other Things Also?

The good thing about these sandwiches cutters is that they can be washed and used for anything. All you need to do is to ensure you wash them well before you use them for the next thing.

Do I Have to Purchase a Cutter That Specifically Says Sandwich?

It is not a compulsory thing to purchase a cutter that says specifically for a sandwich. Any kind of cookie-cutter can be purchased and it will work well for your sandwich.

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