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Best Ramen Bowls You Can Buy (Top 7)

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Ramen is very delicious, imagine using the right ramen bowl, it makes it more enjoyable. The design and shape of your ramen bowl could go a long way for your meal to visually appeal to you, not neglecting the aesthetics. You need to have a perfect ramen bowl with the proper shape, it must not be too small because the toppings will not spread and they will get piled up on each other. It also must not be too shallow because it will allow the liquid to spill out.

With this in your mind, which of the ramen bowls we have around is considered the best? You have to consider those that are both elegant and beautiful, those perfectly suited for ramen, and those that have practical designs. If you can get a perfect ramen bowl, you can enjoy your noodles, toppings, and broth. You should also remember that chopsticks and spoons are very important when considering to purchase ramen bowls.

The 7 Best Ramen Bowls You Can Buy

Check out the top seven ramen bowls you can buy below:

  1. Vallenwood 10 Piece Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set

This contains a 10 (ten) piece set. The bowls are constructed to last and are produced with restaurant-grade, sturdy, and durable ceramic that is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The bowls have a fluid capacity of 32 oz. The ramen contained inside is kept warm thanks to its design of the insulation layer. The set consists of two handkerchiefs, two fork holders, two chopsticks, two forks, and two bowls. The color is ombre-like making the appearance elegant and traditional.

  1. Ceramic Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowls

This set of ceramic bowls has a stunning white and blue hue, making the ramen colors to pop, not also neglecting the toppings. The bowls are handcrafted from durable, thick, and restaurant-grade ceramic. They are very resistant to cracking and they last the daily use which does not wear. The bowl has a fluid capacity of 60 oz. that will allow a large quantity of ramen. The set also contains two pairs each of spoons and chopsticks.

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The utensils and bowls are safe in the dishwasher and are easily cleaned. They can be used severally noticing only littler tear and wear.

  1. Vallenwood 4 Ramen Bowl Set

This set is a modern-looking one with four neat bowls, spoons, chopsticks, and silicone lids over the bowl that ensure that the meal stays fresh inside the refrigerator and there won’t be any mess during the storage process. The bowls also act sometimes as Tupperware thanks to the lids, ensuring different dishes can be stored in a refrigerator for a very long time.

The bowls are durable and unbreakable, produced with restaurant-grade melamine. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, very useful to be used at home. The bowls can hold ramen in large portions thanks to its capacity of 46 oz. The set has four lids, four spoons, four chopsticks, and four bowls, making it perfect for a family of small size or it could be good to entertain guests.

  1. Black Melamine Ramen Bowl Set

The bowl contains a six-piece set with two chopsticks, two bowls, and a ladle through which you can enjoy the ramen. The set is also suited for udon, noodles, pho, and some other soup meals. The large size holds 37 oz. The bowls are designed lightweight but difficult to break, this is because it was produced with food-grade melamine. The bowl has a traditional design (black) where two pieces are cut on the bowl that will safely hold the chopsticks whenever it is not in use.

  1. Ceramic Ramen Bowls

This type of ramen bowl has a diameter of seven inches and a height of three inches making it fit for a large quantity of ramen. It has a bright blue vibrant design printed with a unique pattern on each of the plates. The bowls, however, are resistant to very high temperatures making them safe in the oven and a microwave. They are also safe in a freezer and even in dishwashers. This set can also be used as gifts for housewarming thanks to the beautifully designed patterns.


  1. World Market Japanese Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set

There are two bowls in this set that are perfectly shaped to contain noodles, toppings, and broth without spilling. The set also contains two sets of spoons and two chopsticks. The set is made from BPA-free and lead-free materials of high quality. The bowls have been approved by the FDA and can be used for both cold and hot meals. You can use the dishwasher to wash the spoons, bowls, and chopsticks and they are also safe to be put in the microwave.

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The ramen is warm inside for longer because the ceramic is insulated and non-absorbent, making the ramen taste great every time. The bowl will appear new every time because the ceramic has been treated to withstand staining, fading, and chipping. The set contains one red bowl and one green bowl with the utensils also matching in color. This will allow each person to have each of her ramen bowls.


  1. NJ Charms Large Japanese Ramen Soup Bowls

They are an authentic and traditional Japanese style of ramen bowls that are hand-crafted from thick and durable ceramic material. The bowl has a fluid capacity of 51 oz. and can hold the noodles, toppings, and soup without them spilling. The set also contains chopsticks and spoons which completes the two bowls that each has a pair of utensils. The bowl set can easily be cleaned by using a dishwasher and can also be properly stored.

Ramen Bowls
Ramen Bowls

The Different Types of Ramen Bowls

If you want to have full enjoyment of your ramen, you will not only pay attention to the broth, noodles, or fresh ingredients but also your bowl in which the ramen is being served. There are many types of bowls for ramen, they are of different types and also of different sizes and shapes. The bowls have their unique curvatures, shapes, and weights. Check below for the different types and shapes of bowls for ramen:

Marukoudaidon: This bowl is almost the same with Koudaidon that will be discussed below, it is a rounded version that has a larger rim and a wider shape.

Koudaidon: The bowl is designed with a tall bottom that prevents a user from burning his or her hands when he or she holds a hot bowl of ramen. The user can see the contents inside the bowl at one glance thanks to the lip being slightly bent backward. It is popularly used by budget restaurants because it is quite convenient.

Tamadon: This bowl is ball-shaped with a rounded shape having a round thick mouth. This thick lip allows the bowl to be harder to chip, making it more durable. It is the type of bowl that is perfect for ramen with a lot of toppings.

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Hira Tayoudon: This bowl is tayoudon bowl’s flat cousin that can hold a larger capacity of noodles. It is commonly used in restaurants that offer ramen of high volumes at very low prices. Check below for the tayoudon bowl.

Tayoudon: The bowls are multipurpose and are usually used in modern restaurants. The bowls are not only used for ramen but also soba, soup, or udon. The bowls also have a shape that makes it useful for rice cuisine.

Ohgigatadon: The bowl is fan-shaped with a straight and sheer exterior. It is usually used in the commercial kitchen because it is user-friendly. The bowl doesn’t take much space, it is quite easy when holding, and it also stacks well. However, because it is angled-shape, it cannot fit as many noodles as possible as compared to some other bowls. This type of bowl is not usually used when eating a large quantity of noodles.

Menbachi: The name menbachi is considered to mean “noodle bowl”. The bowl is bigger and deeper than other types of bowls with a very wide opening that makes it easy to use.


The Golden Proportion

According to research, the Japanese people believe that we have a sort of golden proportion that is between the contents within a dish and your ramen bowl. The noodles, toppings, and soups are to take between 70 and 80% of the ramen bowl and the rest of the bowl should be left empty. Following this will allow for easy use of the spoon on the soup and will allow the chopstick to easily pick the noodles or toppings without any mess or spillage. Ensure you check out the capacity of ramen bowls before you purchase them in order to allow enough space to easily eat.

Related Questions

How do you eat ramen?

Use a spoon and a chopstick to enjoy your ramen served traditionally in a ramen bowl. You can use a fork if you don’t know how to use chopsticks. Use the fork or chopsticks to eat the noodles and toppings while you use the spoon to eat the broth.

What is included in a ramen dish?

There are four major parts in the ramen meal, the toppings, tare, broth, and noodles itself. The toppings and broth could be of several different things such as vegetables, meats, or any other thing of your choice. Your ramen bowl is also important and that is what will complete the four major parts, holding the ingredients together.

What are ramen bowls commonly made from?

The ramen bowls made from Japan are traditionally from ceramic. They could also be produced using melamine or plastic. Ceramic is considered the best type of material they can be made from because it is sturdy and durable and it also allows the meal to stay warm longer because of the insulation within. Ramen bowls are also used to hold several other dishes at home because of their sizes.

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