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Best Spatulas for Cast Iron (Top 5)

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Many individuals use cast iron cooking utensils with different types of spatulas when cooking. People come across a series of problems varying from melting and others such as not being particularly sturdy enough in making smashed burgers.

In case you have been searching around for the spatulas you can use for cast iron cookware, we have compiled five best top utensils you can use to meet what you want. The top five we’ve been able to gather are Earlywood, Sabatier, HIC Harold Import Co., Anmarko, and Mannkitchen. The best option you could get whether it is a metal spatula or wooden utensil that you want.

Why is it Important to Use the Right Spatula for Cast Iron?

Cast-iron cookware needs special attention, it would not take an individual a long time to fully understand this need. In comparison with regular pan, cast iron material is classified as a durable material of exceptional capacity that absorbs heat for longer periods and it is could be of use when cooking at a very high temperature. If seasoned properly, cast iron material is considered non-stick when leveled due to its porous surface. The process of seasoning cast iron involves applying oil on its surface and heating until there is a coating on the uneven pan surface. The seasoning of cast iron also prevents it from rusting when exposed to water and other liquids containing acids even in its slightest amount.

The problem, however, is that seasoning might not be enough. The right set of spatula has to be used daily to get cast iron that will be even over time. Improving your cooking area will get you to get a non-stick pan by leveling the high spot if a sturdy and well-shaped spatula is used for cast iron skillet. When you use square-shaped spatulas that have sharpened edges, you will be spending less time in seasoning the cast iron as well as more time in cooking. The pan’s surface will become smooth over time and the surface irregularities improve.


How to Choose the Best Spatula for Cast Iron

You need to consider some certain areas of utensils when you are searching to get the best set of spatulas for cast iron kitchen utensils.

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Flexibility is mainly dependent on those things you will use your spatula for. Delicate foods like pancakes, eggs, or fish are mostly done on more flexible spatulas. In comparison with sturdy spatulas, more flexible spatulas can be maneuvered under food quite easily. You can use the inflexible spatulas if you want to make dishes like a stake or smashed burgers.


The best spatula edges are beveled edges because they are very easy to slide under your food and also allow you to scrap off. Beveled edges that are slightly sharp are also used in chopping food. You can use a spatula whose edges are non-beveled in case you won’t be dealing with flipping and scraping.


It is very important to note your spatula’s shape to have an improvement to the cast iron’s surface. The best you can consider is the spatula with a square shape. Cooking with spatulas of rounded edges makes the pan and utensil’s touching point minimal and it will not allow the surface to level out.


The type of materials used for your spatula is very important to get a leveled cast iron surface. To get a sturdy spatula that you will use to scrap, the best you can use is hardened stainless steel. Your pan’s surface will not get benefits from unhardened steel because it is softer than your cast iron and the edge of the unhardened spatula steel will eventually get damaged as you use.

You cannot use plastic spatulas for cast iron cookware because when it gets too hot in the process of cooking, it will eventually melt. You can use sturdy wooden spatulas for your cast iron but you should not expect it to level on the pan’s surface. Use wooden spatulas mostly to cook delicate foods.


Debunking the Myth about Cast Iron and Metal Spatulas

It is generally believed that the pan’s seasoned surface will get damaged if metal utensils are used on the cast iron. People have the belief that seasoning can easily be removed and may be too delicate for pressure to be added to the pan’s surface by the use of metal utensils.

The truth, however, is that when oil is added to the cast iron’s uneven surface and thereafter heated until it is dry, the seasoning and the cast iron material become one by filling the pores on the surface until it smoothes out. You will not experience any problem when you use metal utensils except you aren’t deliberately scraping the pan with sharp metal spatulas. If you want to keep the cast iron pan in proper shape, you have to wash it, dry it, and also oil it in a proper manner before every time you want to use it.

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Top 5 Best Spatulas for Cast Iron 

Check below for the top five best sets of spatulas for cast iron cookware:

S/N Product Material Contained
1. Earlywood Hard Wood Scraper Wood Handle Spatula
2. Sabatier Triple Rivet Wide Turner Stainless Steel, Plastic Handle Spatula
3. The HIC Harold Import Co. Stainless Steel Pancake Turner Stainless Steel, Wood Handle Spatula
4. Anmarko Metal Spatula Set Stainless Steel, Wood Handle Spatula
5. Mannkitchen Stainless Steel Stainless Steel, Wood Handle Spatula


Cast Iron
Cast Iron
  1. Earlywood Hard Wood Scraper

Earlywood spatula is classified as a wooden spatula that is suitable to use with cast iron cookware. It has a sharp end with square shape and can be used as a scraper for cast iron skillet or pancake flipper. The spatula is durable and alternative uses can be found to it including chopping beef to crashing garlic.

Earlywood spatula has a thickness of 0.5 inches making it surprisingly sturdy with a rounded tale that ensures easy grip while cooking. It also has a symmetric design that makes it exceptional as it can be used either by a right or left-handed person.

Earlywood is also a sustainable brand and offers a lifetime warranty which can be a major point for many amateur and professional cooks.

  1. Sabatier Triple Rivet Wide Turner

Sabatier spatulas are of different shapes and sizes that are very suitable for turning and flipping different kinds of foods from the delicate and lightweight to the heavier ones. Depending on what you want to do, you can select either, flex, wide, narrow, or jumbo turner. The Spatula has professional quality with the head made of sturdy stainless steel. It has slightly beveled and rounded edges that allow sliding of the spatula under your food when cooking.

Sabatier spatula has a handle made up of durable plastic that attaches to the head through three different rivets of stainless steel. The plastic handle may be distorted if the spatula is left on a hot pan. You can safely use a dishwasher to clean and it has a lifetime warranty, telling about its quality.

  1. HIC Harold Import Co. Stainless Steel Pancake Turner

Cast iron cookware pair very well with Dexter-Russel pancake turner made by HIC Harold Import Co. The spatula can be used to turn anything. Because it is made up of constituent of stainless steel, it is used for heavy tasks rather than the flipping of pancakes because it is very sturdy.

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Dexter-Russel spatula is made from walnuts and will most probably last for a lifetime which makes it stand out among all other spatulas because it has three rivets where it is attached to the tang. It is recommended to get the largest type of 5 inches though three sizes are available. The bigger it is, the heavier the works it can do. The cast iron becomes leveled over time thanks to its squared-shape. The only con of the spatula may be that it has a non-beveled edge and this makes the process of turning less precise.

  1. Anmarko Metal Spatula Set

This steel spatula includes a griddle scraper, a cooking turner, and a grill spatula. Anmarko spatula set has varieties of utensils as listed above with the price very cheap. The spatula is mainly used by professional cooks for commercial cooking but they can also be used at a backyard barbeque or home. The spatulas are gotten from non-reactive stainless steel. They have a thickness of 1/25 and they slide easily under fish, pancakes, or any other meals. It has a griddle turner with beveled edges that helps to cut food and easily flip while cooking. It has a rounded-edge larger flipper that can be used to flip eggs or other delicate food.

It has wooden handles that are very comfortable to handle thanks to their ergonomic shape. The handles have hole and that makes it very easy to store by hanging off the wall. A good advantage of this spatula could be that it is safe to put inside a dishwasher. 

  1. Mannkitchen Stainless Steel Spatula

This spatula is very perfect for your cast iron cookware. Mannkitchen spatula is a tool of heavy-duty that is very perfect for inexperienced cooks at home. It is perfectly fitted for a large or big cast-irons skillet with the dimensions of 11.5×2.9×1.5 inches. You can use this spatula in heavy scraping and cook smashed burgers because it is strong and heavy enough with weight 1.12 ounces. The spatula is not flexible due to the heaviness. The spatula is made up of hardened stainless steel and it takes a longer period to wear out. The edge is sharp but non-flexible and it ensures that it is evenly distributed, making it easier to flip foods like some heavy foods such as a big piece of meat.

Mannkichen spatula is made of a single hardwood handle that does not melt as compared to plastic handles and the heat can be to a high temperature. The handle is also very comfortable to grip because it is tapered. A precaution is that it should only be hand-washed.

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