Best Strainer Spoon Ladles

Best Strainer Spoon Ladles

This vs That

A colander or a strainer is a very handy kitchenware that makes our lives easier after boiling pasta or veggies, or when we simply need to strain our food after cooking. However, at times we need the simplest tool to help us simply strain our food while still in the pot without the hassle of transferring all the food to a colander just to drain it, or sometimes the colander is just too big.

Sometimes we just need a ladle-size strainer to do the job for us quickly and easily. So, we will look at several strainer or skimmer ladle to add to our kitchen tools and have it handy when we need it.

There are a few strainer ladles perfect for skimming and straining food. The seven best are listed here to help you take a pick.

What To Look for in a Strainer Spoon Ladle

Strainer spoons or strainer ladles are best for a particular purpose, so it is essential that we know it before buying one. Knowing the design, features, material, and size is also important.

Key Strainer Spoon Features

  1. Material

What material the strainer ladle or spoon is made of determines its quality. Prefer to buy one that is made of stainless steel so it can withstand high temperature when cooking. Silicone made is also a good option as long as it is 100% food grade and has high heat resistance. Never use plastic ladles because it may melt when subjected to high heat at longer periods and the unremovable stain on it can look very unlikely.

  1. Depth

Each strainer spoon is designed with different depth as to its purpose. If it is too wide and slightly flattened, then it is perfect for skimming. If it has a deep scoop or bowl-shaped, then it is good for scooping or transferring food from your pot to another food container or bowl.

  1. Size

These strainer ladles or spoons also come in different sizes. Consider the size of the strainer spoon because it tells you as to what size of pots or pan will it fit. The strainer spoon should be smaller in diameter than your pot or pan so you can put it in.

  1. Holes
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Like the regular strainer, strainer ladle or spoons will have holes or made of mesh, but the hole sizes can also vary. Strainer spoons with finer holes will be draining slowly than those with bigger holes. The size of the strainer’s holes should also be considered with regards to the size of food you want to strain it with.

  1. Handle

Ladles typically have long handles for easy and steady grip. Its long handle also allows you to easily scoop deeper into a pot. Handles can be made of wood, silicone or stainless steel but just be sure to take extra caution on handling it especially when using it over a very hot steam.

Best Strainer Spoon Ladles
Best Strainer Spoon Ladles

Best Strainer Spoon Ladles

1. Newness Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon

A skimmer and a scooper in one ladle. This slotted strainer spoon is perfectly designed not just for skimming but for scooping your peas and raviolis. It is made of durable stainless steel and is very easy to use.


  • Made of premium grade stainless-steel material which makes it rust-proof.
  • Has an ergonomically designed handle for easy grip and non-slip.
  • Handle is heat resistant due to its thermal insulation.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly.


  • Heavier compared to silicone made ladles because of the stainless-steel material.
  • Long handle use-up space on cupboard or utensil drawer.



2. Stainless Steel Strainer Ladle with Sanding Handle

An all-purpose strainer ladle. This is designed for variety of purpose from skimming, straining, scooping, and deep-frying chunks of food.


  • Made for a variety of purpose but best for scooping food in a pot.
  • Has heat resistant vacuum handle that is comfortable to hold and provides a steady grip.
  • Rust-proof and does not discolor overtime because it is made of high quality stainless- steel material.


  • The strainer spoon is made of lightweight stainless steel that may bend when scooping or skimming.
  • Use-up storage space due to long handle.


3. Silicone Slotted Skimmer Spatula by Chef Frog

The non-stick skimmer spatula. This is made from 100% food grade silicone material and does not stick on your pots or pans while in use. It is also pot and pan friendly because it does not scratch them even when you scoop too hard.


  • Made of BPA free silicone material.
  • Heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Colored slotted handles can make cooking lively and fun.


  • Handle is made of stainless-steel for durability but is not insulated enough to be heat resistant.
  • Handle may heat up due to prolong exposure to high heat.
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4. TENTA KITCHEN Strainer Spoon

Sleek design for ease of use and elegance. This strainer spoon is not designed with holes but has thin long slots on the ladle. It is just like a colander ladle that is effective to strain any food you are cooking.


  • Made of premium grade stainless steel material for durability.
  • Comfortable handle and easy to grip.
  • Stylish design is appealing to users.
  • Efficient for all-purpose use in the kitchen like frying, blanching, skimming, and straining.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The base of the handle has no insulation and may easily heat up so take caution when handling it while cooking.



5. Juvale 2-Piece Stainless Steel Soup and Straining Ladle Spoon Set

A two-piece strainer ladle set that is best for skimming and scooping food. Both ladles are made of high-grade stainless steel and does not rust easily. Both ladles are durable and easy to clean.


  • Available in a set with two pieces of 10 inches long ladles, one for scooping and one for skimming or straining.
  • Made of durable and rust-proof stainless-steel material.
  • Dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.
  • Handle has slots for hanging nicely.



  • 10 inches ladle can be short and small for other purposes.
  • Only good for skimming or straining morsels of food because of its size.


6. Tenta Kitchen Stainless Steel Strainer Spoon

A strainer colander ladle. This is made of stainless steel with heat resistant plastic handle. Available in various sizes from 12 to 18 centimeter to suit your kitchen need. The smallest size looks like a typical strainer spoon, but the biggest size looks like a small colander.


  • Ladles are made of high-grade stainless-steel material with handles made of heat resistant ABC plastic.
  • Handle is non-slip and provides easy grip.
  • Ladle holes are especially designed to be smooth for safety in handling.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.



  • Plastic handle maybe heat-resistant for a time but prolong exposure to high heat may cause it to heat up and deform.

7. KISEER Stainless Steel Strainer Spoon

Grooved handle strainer ladle. This strainer ladle or spoon is designed for purpose and comfort. The package includes a soup ladle and a strainer ladle which are both made from high quality stainless steel. The grooved handle makes it easy to grip.


  • Both ladles in the set are made of rust-proof stainless-steel material.
  • Designed for durability and ease of use.
  • Handle provides comfortable grip and non-slippery.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.



  • Sleek design and ladles’ sizes are well-suited for serving and straining small amount of food.



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Secret Strainer Spoon Hacks

Strainer spoons or strainer ladles are specifically designed to aid us in our kitchen activities like straining, skimming, or scooping food to be transferred to another food container to be served. We can also be imaginative and try using them for other purposes we see fit like for example, to deep-fry or broil little cuts of food.

Here is the list of creative ways to use a strainer ladle or a strainer spoon. However, remember to be cautious so as not to hurt yourself in the process.

  1. Drain water out of a pot while carefully holding in the solid food inside the pot. This is an alternative to scooping out solid food from the pot.
  2. Simmer some spices on the dish you are cooking by placing them in the strainer spoon so it will not be mixed with your dish but simply add taste or savory smell.
  3. Blanch vegetables on a strainer ladle over boiling water for about 2 minutes. Blanched veggies will retain its texture, color and flavor when put on an ice-cold water right after blanching it and you can also use the strainer ladle to do it.
  4. Use the strainer spoon like splatter screen or guard by putting it over the pot when you are deep-frying in a small pot.
  5. Skim egg yolk with the strainer spoon when you need to separate the egg white from the yolk.
  6. Remove bubbles on cakes by gently pressing on your strainer ladle on the bubbles but do so very carefully so you will not ruin your cake’s design.
  7. Use it as tea leaves or ground coffee strainer when preparing your tea or coffee. Place a clean cloth or cheese cloth on the strainer spoon, put in the tea leaves or ground coffee then pour the newly boiled water over it.
  8. Repurpose extra or old strainer ladle by lining a clean cloth over it, then put in some soil and tiny rocks. You can now use it as a pot for your succulent plants.
  9. Allocate a strainer spoon for cleaning cat’s litter box if you have a pet cat but be sure to label it and keep it away from your kitchen.
  10. Make sand art using strainer ladle. Kids can use it to create arts on sand by running or pressing it on the sand to create patterns.


Related Questions

Is there a difference between a spoon and a ladle?

Spoons are typically devised for eating and is basically smaller than ladles. Ladles are designed for serving dishes out of pots or pans, and for cooking. Spoons are also shallow compared to ladles.

What is a spider skimmer?

Spider skimmers are made of mesh basket that is shallow compared to strainers and colanders. It is designed for removing solid  or chunks of food from pots or hot liquids while draining the liquid at the same time. They can also be used to get the food cooked from deep-frying or boiling broth.

What are the most important kitchen utensils?

Each kitchen utensil is designed for specific purpose, so its importance is relative to what you want to cook or prepare in the kitchen. However, the basic kitchen utensils that are very helpful in the kitchen consists of a knife, a spatula, a strainer, a flipper, and a ladle. Spoons for mixing are also important.

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