Cook Frozen Pizza in the Microwave

Can You Cook Frozen Pizza in the Microwave

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Everyone loves pizza, right? Or who doesn’t? It is a meal that is taken almost in every household. Pizza is simple and quick to eat and it serves as a fast solution for people when hungry. It is easy to get microwave pizza within some minutes that can be heated in situations of quick solutions.

There are multitudes of products of frozen pizzas that can be bought varying from toppings, crusts, and sizes. Pizza products that are gluten-free, keto-friendly, and those that meet diets can now be purchased. You could also make frozen pizza on your own from scratch before proceeding to store it. There is always a need to find a solution to cook the frozen pizzas.

Can it be cooked in a microwave in case that is the only option you are left with? Frozen pizza can be microwaved but the cooking time is dependent on your microwave’s wattage. You should, however, note that your crust will not be crisp as the pizza baked in the oven.

We have put a guide together that will help you to have the needed knowledge to cook frozen pizza by using your microwave. Many of the packages contain instructions that you can use for a process like this, but we cannot guaranty it. We have here explained the best of tools you can use for any pizza type. You should have in mind that you will need to purchase the microwave crisper pan in the future. The pan helps to absorb the microwaves as well as give the pizza a crispy crust by heating up like the frying pan. You have to continue reading if you want to know how you can microwave your frozen pizza.

Your Guide to Microwaving Frozen Pizza

There are several choices of frozen pizza you can buy, there are many brands and they all come in different variations, shapes, and sizes. Check below for some examples:

  • Chicago-style
  • Gluten-free crust
  • Cauliflower crust
  • Pan crust
  • Stuffed crust
  • Self-rising crust
  • Thin crust
  • Brick oven

The mentioned above only covers the crust options, there are varieties of other brands that can be chosen from. You will also decide on toppings and flavors. There are some pizzas made by using natural ingredients that are designed majorly for health benefits. Due to the crust’s texture, most individuals tend to have their choices of frozen pizza because they have tried several types and have been able to have their preference.

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To be very honest, we do not have two brands of frozen pizzas that are the same after breaking down. We also have a variation in the option of serving. There is family size pizza and there is a single-serving pizza. Apart from all of the mentioned above, you can also make your pizza and later freeze it for use to achieve your purpose as you wish.

The Process of Making Frozen Pizzas

The first thing we will like to do is to show you how you can make your frozen pizza, the general idea that will cover the whole process. After that, we will see the process by which you can cook frozen pizzas in a microwave and those things that might be expected when undergoing the process.

Check below for a simple guideline for you to make your pizza that could be frozen so that you can have a frozen pizza:

  1. Gather your ingredients and select the toppings needed for the pizza.
  2. Mix your pizza dough yourself or you can purchase it.
  3. Allow the pizza dough to settle at room temperature and don’t try rolling it cold.
  4. In the choices of your preferred portion or size, roll out the pizza dough.
  5. Proceed to par-bake the dough so that the dough will be set and there won’t be any problem with your dough flattening or getting soggy inside the freezer. The frozen pizzas bought from the store have undergone the same processes.
  6. If you want to par-bake, you need to heat the oven to a temperature of 450°F, allow it to bake for three to five minutes. The dough will be dry and puffy on the top but should have a pale color.
  7. Add toppings, sauce, and cheese to the pizza crust as you like. You can as well freeze your crust and proceed with the addition of toppings at a later time.
  8. Pre-freeze your pizza on an uncovered baking sheet for up to three hours.
  9. You should then wrap the pizzas inside plastic wrap before you use aluminum foil to further wrap it.
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You can see that it is quite easy to make frozen pizzas in your house ahead of when you will need them. You can remove them from your freezer and cook them whenever you prefer. You would not require the process of defrosting and that is part of the interesting things concerning frozen pizzas.

Microwaving Frozen Pizza

You can cook frozen pizzas in so many ways, check out a few of the options below:

  • Griddle
  • Skillet
  • Microwave
  • Microwave oven
  • Oven

Using an oven is the most popular method for a frozen pizza to be heated. Microwave, however, is still a good solution. Most of the pizza brands we have around come with one or two guidelines to heat them.

It is quite easy to microwave frozen pizzas which only take some minutes. It might take about eight to 10 minutes in case the crust is very thick. A microwave will not turn your crust into brown and it will result in the crust becoming soft instead of crisp and it will seem soggy. You can use microwave-safe stoneware or browning dish which will ideally help the crust to properly microwave. There are specially made microwave crisper pans you can also buy from Amazon to use.

Instead of giving you steps to microwave your pizza, it could be a bit more beneficial for us to show you reference guidelines for different types of pizza with their accurate microwave time.

Make sure you remove plastic wraps or any kind of packaging on the pizza before you begin to microwave on the dish. Check below for a reference chart showing the size and the time interval to microwave your frozen pizza. We assume that you will use high settings or 1100 average wattage.

Cook Frozen Pizza in the Microwave
Cook Frozen Pizza in the Microwave
Size of your Pizza Time to Microwave
Mini pizzas Five to seven minutes
Thick crust or French bread pizza Seven to eight minutes
11-12 inches pizza Seven to 11 minutes
10-11 inches pizza Five to seven minutes
8-9 inches pizza Four to six minutes


Don’t forget that for frozen pizzas that you bought in the store, there are most times instructions on how to microwave them on it. To get the best result, follow the specified instructions on the package.

Cooking Frozen Pizzas through Other Methods

We have several other methods that you can use to cook your frozen pizza, but they are too many for us to cover in this article. We solely want to put our focus on cooking your frozen pizza inside a microwave.

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We, however, want to be sure you know that this method isn’t the only method to cook frozen pizzas. If you want to use other methods, you will also spend the same time to cook your pizza.

The oven is the best way to heat frozen pizzas because it helps to properly cook the crust and crisps. You can also use a microwave oven and air fryers too, they work excellently. It is, however, fully understanding that these options are not too good for those that do not possess these tools, an alternative might be their best bet, which is the reason we have deemed it fit to share with you the instructions in using the microwave method to successfully cook your frozen pizzas. If you eat pizzas a lot, we are sure this method has helped you a lot.


Related Questions Asked

Hope you have found the guide useful? We are sure you now know how you can cook your frozen pizzas in your microwave without stress. It is certain that if you go through and follow the steps as provided above, cooking your pizzas will not be difficult.

We have compiled some questions that might be lingering in your heart and we have provided answers to them. Check them out to see if they will be helpful to you.

What Are Some Popular Frozen Pizza Brands?

We have different brand types with most stores having their generic brands. Just to name a few, the popular ones include; Amy’s, California Kitchen, Freschetta, Totinos, Tombstone, DiGiorgio, and Red Baron. There are several others as well.

Can You Eat a Frozen Pizza Uncooked?

Frozen pizzas can be eaten uncooked or cold. They sure taste better when you heat them, but they are surely not bad to be taken cold. One good thing is that the toppings ingredients are cooked already and the dough used for your crust is slightly par-baked, making sure it is not completely raw.


Is it Bad to Thaw Frozen Pizza before Cooking it?

Your frozen pizza is designed to get cooked as it is frozen. It is, however, not necessarily bad to thaw before you cook it. If you proceed with thawing your pizza before you cook it, make sure you do not refreeze it. Furthermore, when you thaw your pizza, there is a probability that the pizza will turn soggy and the dough’s texture might get compromised during the process. Thawing your pizza before cooking will not hurt it, but you need to be aware that the result may not be nice.

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