Beef Consomme Vs Beef Brot

Beef Consomme Vs Beef Broth – What is The Difference?

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Beef consomme and beef broth are both similar and it is quite difficult for an average person to know the differences between the two. How then do we differentiate beef broth from beef consomme? You could classify beef broth as a liquid that is made from simmering vegetables and beef under low heat while beef consomme is classified as a beef broth version that has been purified, it is known to have a richer beef flavor and texture and also to be free of impurities.

Please follow this post to have more understanding of what we are talking about and to know how to differentiate between beef consomme and beef broth.


What Is Beef Broth?

Generally, you can classify beef broth as a liquid that is made from simmering bones, meats, or vegetables. It is traditionally known that beef broth results only from bones and meats but vegetables are now being added to it to give it more richness and flavor. You should please note that broth is interchangeably used with the word bouillon. Carrots, onions, and celery are the vegetables used for making your beef broth. Peppers and parsley could also be added to it. If you want to make broth using vegetables and animal bones, you will extract all of the nutrients from your ingredients.

Though you could buy your beef broth at the store, it is quite better to have beef broth made at home because it is more aromatic than the one from the store (some are available on Amazon). The one from the store could be easy and convenient to use, but you need much effort if you want to make it at your home.

People often confuse stock with beef broth, whereas, they are quite different. While the stock is a result of simmering bones, broth is a result of simmering part of the bones that still contains some meats.


What is Beef Broth Used for?

You can use beef broth for various things. It is most times not used alone. Beef broth has widespread use to make soups but its use is much more than that. It could help to improve the richness of the taste of simple polenta, you can use it to braise your vegetables and meats, you can also use it to make one-pot meals including casseroles and stews.


What is Beef Consomme?

Beef Consomme has a history that is dated back to Medieval Europe where consomme was initially referred to as the process and technique of cooking. It wasn’t referred to be named as an actual dish back then. Consomme became a dish eaten only by the elite of the then society as several years passed. Consomme is nowadays referred to as purified broth or stock. Consomme is precisely a clear liquid that has an amber color that is gotten by simmering cloudy broth or stock.

Stock and broth are turned to consomme by purifying them with thickness and richness and by adding other ingredients such as minced meat and egg whites to it. The broth is purified and turned to form a translucent consomme from its cloudy liquid thanks to the egg whites which rises to the stock’s surface. To put it simply, you get your beef consomme from the beef broth that has fewer impurities but is more flavored. The term ‘consomme’ in French means ‘to make complete or perfect’ or simply put it as ‘perfect’.


How is Beef Consomme Made?

You could feel intimidated in case you are getting to make your consomme for the very first time. Adding egg whites makes it seem difficult to many despite that it is not too hard to make, all you need is patience with several practices. All recipes of beef consomme require the use of egg whites, vegetables, ground or minced beef, and seasonings, so there are not many ways to make them. Tomatoes, celery, carrots, and minced onions can also be added to it, and do not forget you will use some stock or beef broth. Check below to see how you can make your beef consomme:

  • Separate your egg whites away from your yolks and properly whisk by hand so that you will aerate them for few seconds.
  • Mix your egg whites with beef and minced vegetables, then proceed to put any addition to the stock or broth that you wish to clarify. Add your seasonings like the bay leaf or black pepper.
  • Allow the stock or broth to be simmering under low heat, continue to stir until the heat gets to 120°F.
  • Your vegetables, meat, and egg whites will help draw out impurities from the stock and also clarify it, making it as clear as glass. This happens while simmering the stock or broth goes on under low heat.
  • Allow the stock to simmer up to an hour until it gets clarified.
  • You can get your beef consomme from the stock or beef broth by using cheesecloth for straining the liquid that has been clarified.


How Do You Serve Beef Consomme?

Beef consomme is most times used as appetizers despite being considered as a wholesome of a meal when eaten alone. You can also use consomme to make aspic (savory jelly) and soups.


What Is the Difference Between Beef Consomme and Beef Broth?

Beef consomme is different from beef broth because beef consomme is made by purifying beef broth or stock. That’s the major difference between them. Beef broth is just a cloudy brown liquid that is made from simmering vegetables and beef under low heat. It is however not compulsory to add vegetables to make your beef broth.

Considering consistency, there is also a difference between your beef broth and beef consomme. Beef consomme is thicker in consistency than the thinner beef broth. Beef consomme is much referred to as double broth though richer and purified.

If you also consider flavor, beef broth differs from beef consomme. While beef broth is of mild flavor, beef consomme has a flavor that is strongly present making it more concentrated.

Beef consomme can also be differentiated from beef broth by looking or observing it. The color of beef broth is light brown while beef consomme has a darker color without impurities, making sure it very clear of the cloud.

Both beef consomme and beef broth differ in how they are both cooked. Consomme tends to be more refined as an elegant meal that you can serve alone as appetizers. Consomme is also used to prepare various dishes though with technique and effort to make the clearest one. Beef broth however is used in making gravies and soups and to add some richness to various dishes.

Beef Consomme Vs Beef Brot
Beef Consomme Vs Beef Brot

Beef Broth Vs Beef Consomme: Nutritional Value

Beef consomme and beef broth both contain a very high level of beneficial nutrients which is useful in the body. Beef broth contains a lower level of calories as against beef consomme that is higher. Beef broth, however, has a higher level of sodium when you compare it to consomme. Beef broth could be useful to reduce the risks of heart disease and also high blood pressure. Beef consomme has more concentration than beef broth, thus, it has richer calcium, potassium, and iron. Consomme also has higher calories as earlier stated.

One Cup in 240gBeef Consomme  Beef Broth
Daily ValueDaily Value
Total Fat0.2g0%0.5g1%
Vitamin A0%0%
Vitamin C0%0%


Beef Consomme Substitutes: Is Beef Broth an Option?

There are different recipes of beef consomme. While it can be used in soups, casseroles, stews, and other dishes, it can also be served alone. You may happen to come across beef consomme in several recipes which you will also like to try at home but in case you don’t have consomme, can you use beef broth?

The best variant you can use is to turn your beef broth or stock to amber liquid and you should add ground or minced beef as well as egg whites. In case you do not want to go through this stress, you could use beef broth or beef stock as replacements but do not expect your result to taste the same way as when you add consomme, consomme as we all know gives a richer flavor. If you are on a plant-based diet, consider using mushroom consomme which will give you the same flavor as would beef.


Can You Substitute Beef Consomme for Condensed Beef Broth? 

Regular or normal beef broth is not as thick as a condensed type of broth and has a lesser pronounced flavor of beef. Because beef consomme is thicker in consistency and richer in flavor than normal beef broth, beef consomme can be used as a substitute for the condensed type of broth. It is better to use the fancy consomme than to use the store condensed broth.

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