Best Cheese Straws to Buy

Best Cheese Straws to Buy

This vs That

If you want a perfect cheese snack that can be enjoyed while watching your favorite movie or maybe you just want to have that cheesy stick readily available, cheese straws is the best option for you.

You can buy cheese straws in the grocery store but remember that different brands of cheese straw could also have a bit of different taste. So, how would you know the best one to purchase? The taste matters. It may come in different packs, but the homemade taste and crisps of cheese straws says it is the best.


The 5 Best Cheese Straws To Buy

There is no free taste when buying cheese straws, so you need to know which is best to buy. This is why we give you the best five kinds of cheese straws available in the market.


1. Kim’s Cheese Straws (5 Flavor Party Pack)

It is a delight to be able to buy cheese straws with different flavors in a single pack. You can taste five different flavors for the price of one and at an affordable cost.

Commended as The Winning Flavor of Georgia in 2016, this cheese straw pack comes in a party pack of five flavors and is manufactured and distributed by a licensed bakery in Georgia.

Enjoy its homemade flavor with either parmesan cheese, spicy habanero cheese, Pecan cheddar, tomato basil cheddar or the classic cheddar cheese. These straws are cooked and packed in a small batch for convenience. It is available in 3.5-ounce box.


2. Hot & Spicy Traditional Southern Cheese Straws

Manufactured and distributed by Savannah Grace, this cheese straw pack gives you the real spicy cheese you would like to indulge.

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It is made from natural spicy ingredients with aged cheddar of rich cheese flavor. It oozes with the homemade taste of the famous classic spiced and sizzling southern cheese that is perfect for treats and even to store at home.

It comes in pack of 12 cheese straws that remains fresh and flavorful. The package is ideal for a single serving.


3. Southern Gourmet Cheese Straws by Gourmet Unique

This cheese straws produced by Gourmet Unique is made from 100 percent cheddar cheese that was aged for that rich cheesy flavor. Each bite gives you the authentic cheese straw tastes popular to southerners.

It comes in a 2-pound pack that is best for single serving. Each package contains two resealable packets containing a pound of cheese straws. The separate packaging is best for cheese straw to be stored and remain fresh if you only want to consume half of it.

You can buy this cheese straws in five different flavors like Chesapeake Bay Spice, Hot and Spicy cheese, Rosemary cheese, Smokey bacon flavored cheese, and classic Cheddar.

This is best not only for parties but as a typical day snack.


4. Aunt Lizzie’s Cheese Straws

This cheese straw by Aunt Lizzie from Memphis Tennessee captures the taste of 100 percent real cheddar cheese with an added zing to its flavor. It is packaged in tins of 20 ounces to ensure freshness and makes it handy for storage.

This is best for parties and any time of the day snacks. It is also made with natural ingredients and guaranteed no artificial preservatives for a healthy and delicious snack.

Inspired by homemade cheese sticks, these perfect cheese straws are freshly baked in bite-size to be enjoyed by cheese sticks lovers.


5. Mama Geraldine’s Aged Cheddar Cheese Straws

Your grandma’s baked cheese straws baked to goodness. This traditional cheese straws made from the finest Wisconsin Aged Cheddar cheese is manufactured by Mama Geraldine.

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It has similar taste to homemade cheese straws and contains only the natural ingredients. It goes well with apple slices, prosciutto, or red wine. You can also serve it as appetizer.

This comes in packets which contains 3 boxes of cheese straws to ensure freshness and make it convenient for storage. You can serve it at parties or just have it when you crave for some real cheesy snacks.


Best Cheese Straws to Buy
Best Cheese Straws to Buy

How To Keep Cheese Straws Crispy

Proper storage of cheese straws retain its texture and crispiness.  It is always recommended to properly packed cheese straw for storage so you can be sure of its freshness. It should be kept in a tightly sealed container or have it vacuum sealed so that no moisture from air can sip into the package. Air makes cheese straws soft and lose its crisps.

Here are some tips on how to properly store cheese straws that you bought from the store and homemade cheese straws.

Store-Bought Cheese Straws

Commercially available cheese straws are often packed in resealable container or packets. This makes the store packaging easy for you to use if you like to store them. Leftovers can be sealed back in its original container to keep it fresh.

However, some cheese straws may not be in resealable containers and you have to re-package it for storage. Keep in mind that proper packaging will keep your cheese straws fresh and crispy.

So, be sure to package your cheese straws in an airtight food container or resealable plastic bags. Portioning cheese straws into small quantities or single servings will also be easier for you to take only what you need. It is safe to store cheese straws at room temperature.


Homemade Cheese Straws

Packaging and storing homemade cheese straws is not different from store-bought cheese straw. If you have time to bake them yourself, homemade cheese straws are the best because you can tweak the flavor the way you like it, but you also need to package them correctly if you want to store them.

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Before packing your cheese straws for storage, be sure to let it cool first. Once it has cooled, you can now place them into heavy duty resealable plastic food bags or in an airtight food container. It can remain best for about one week when kept at room temperature.

In case your stored cheese straws become soft, place them in a baking tray or sheet evenly. Reheat it in an oven at 350 degrees for not more than four minutes. It is the best way to restore its crispness.


Flavored Cheese Straws

Since cheese straws have been a classic snack, it is now made available in different flavors in the market. Different manufacturers tweaked the traditional cheese straw flavor and added some zing to it.  You can now choose which flavor suits your delicate taste or which will satisfy your craving.

You can buy traditional cheese straws packed solely or a pack that contains a variety of cheese straw flavors. These flavors will make you enjoy flavorful snacks apart from the traditional cheddar cheese straws.


The Best Cheese Straws

Each brand of cheese straws you can find in the market has its own distinct taste, but they are all delicious, crisps and flavorful. The brands we cited above are the 5 best brands you can buy which has the homemade taste and added flavors that you will surely enjoy.

It will save you time from making homemade cheese straws and still enjoy the homemade flavors. It will be always ready to serve even at parties or when you just crave for it.

Related Questions

We hope that this article has been helpful to you as what we intended to. Also, here are some more takeaways.

Can you keep cheese straws frozen?

Whether your cheese straws are store-bought or homemade, it can be kept frozen for not more than three months. However, keep in mind that it should be packaged properly to retain its freshness even when frozen. Place cheese straws in heavy duty resealable freezer bags or in an airtight food container.

When you need to serve them, let it thaw at room temperature, then warm or reheat them in an oven.


Can you heat cheese straws?

You can eat cheese straws right from its packets but if you want it crisper then warming it is the best thing to do. Place each cheese straw in the oven tray and bake it for about 3 to 4 minutes at 350 degrees F.

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