Best Onions for Onion Rings

Best Onions for Onion Rings

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Eating onion ring made at home is the best bliss, you cannot compare anything to it. Onion ring will give you a crispy crunchy meal most especially the homemade type. Even fast food or store-bought onion rings cannot be complained about. Some people do not like to eat onions but they enjoy eating onion rings. The dish has something in particular that draws us close.

There are different methods to make onion rings and different kinds of onions can also be used. The bone of contention is to find out the best set of onions used for making onion rings. Any kind of onion of your choice can be used to make your onion rings but some of them work better when compared to others. Yellow and white onions are the most popular onions. Yellow onions are usually preferred for making onion rings.

What we want to find out in this article is to check out the best kinds of onions that you can use to make the best homemade onion rings. We will try to check out the reasons behind our choices and why they are unique when used for making onion rings. There are lots of information you need to find out about onion rings. You are encouraged to continue reading to find out all that we have in stock for you.

Your Guide to the Best Onions for Onion Rings

Used as side dishes and appetizers across the globe, onion rings are a very popular American dish and they have now being served in some other countries. It is very simple and easy to make onion rings and it is a perfect vegetable and fried flavors combination that makes a very tasty treat.

It’s a very simple concept to make onion rings because it is onions cut into rings. After then, you will now bread the rings and then fry them to perfection. Tools such as an air fryer can be used in frying them without any grease. This will give you a healthy substitute. Onion rings can also be dipped into the dipping sauce. Ranch and ketchup are both common dipping sauces where onion rings are usually dipped, however, there are several other types that you can use.

How Onion Rings Are Made

We will like to show you how to make onion rings so that you will know what we are working with. When you understand the process, you can then know how to decide the best onion you want to use to make onion rings. This is just a simple instruction to help you understand the process, you will find many other methods of making onion rings out there:

  1. The ingredients you need include oil for the frying, seasoning for the taste, dry bread crumbs, milk, egg, salt, baking powder, all-purpose flour, and any onion you prefer.
  2. Begin the process by cutting the onion. Cut them in rings, you should cut them in sizes of 1/4-inch.
  3. Proceed to mix your baking powder, flour, and salt.
  4. In your flour mixture, coat the onion rings.
  5. Get another bowl to whisk milk and egg together.
  6. Then dip your coated onions inside the mixture of the egg and then set or tap them aside until they no longer drip.
  7. You should then coat your dipped onion in the bread crumbs, ensuring it is fully coated. You may then tap it to remove any excess crumb.
  8. You can then start frying once all the onion rings have been coated as outlined above. The frying process should take between just two to three minutes per onion ring if you have preheated the oil. Fry them until they become golden brown. This is the standard.
  9. You should then set them aside to help drain any excess grease from it.
  10. You can now season it with any seasoning you prefer, such as salt.

The process is quite simple and it does not take too long before you can make your onion rings.

Choosing The Best Onion for Onion Rings

You are likely to be overwhelmed by the different types of onions at a grocery store. There is a need to know the exact ones you should use to make onion rings. The first option you have is to select them by size, choosing those that will likely cut nicely into rings. This, however, is not a promise that you will have the best set of onions for the onion rings. Every onion has its different flavors.

Check below for the common kinds of onions that you are likely to find at a grocery store:

  • Potato onions
  • Pearl onions
  • Leeks
  • White onions
  • Red onion
  • Sweet onion
  • Yellow onions
  • Shallots
  • Green onions

These are just the simple common ones, the list is endless, there are several other options including Maui onions, Cipollini onions, Vidalia onions, and many more. It could be quite overwhelming to properly select the best onions for your onion rings. This is why we are here to show you how you need to go about the selection of the best onion for onion rings that will be satisfying to the taste buds. What we will do is to start with each onion and we will give you the basic information you need to know about each of them.

White Onions

These onions offer you a less sweet option that is not overly pungent in flavor. Any type of white onions can be used because they all have similarities and they will work well to make your onion rings. However, you need to be aware that there is a stronger flavor associated with white onions than yellow onions. Some people usually like strong flavors over sweet flavors.


Walla Walla Onion

This is a special onion, a type of sweet yellow onion. Walla Walla onions have a very mild flavor, offering a flavor that is sweet enough for your onion. Because of the low content of sulfur, they possess a sweeter flavor. They contain about less than half the sulfur content of some more pungent types of onions.

The onion’s shape is nice and round though it could be a bit smaller in total size. Selecting sweet onions or yellow onions can never fail. If every other onion fails, just go for yellow or sweet onions instead of selecting just any kind of onions.

Vidalia Onion

These onions are grown in locations such as Vidalia in Georgia where the soil is low in the content of sulfur. The onions end up having a sweet and nice flavor instead of the pungent and strong flavor. They are a great option of onions to be used for making your onion rings. They are very commonly used to make onion rings because they are sweet and large offering the wonderful flavor that attracts people.

Vidalia onion is a type of yellow onion, it has been found that nearly all yellow onions are great for making onion rings. Vidalia onions can also be used to make things such as onion blossoms thanks to their large sizes and sweet flavor. They can be sliced nicely and you will get your cravings satisfied with their savory flavor.


Maui Onion

This is a wonderful onion option to be used for your onion rings. Maui onions are juicy and sweet, allowing you to have a perfect interior for your onion rings. They are the best when you buy them during the spring. This is because it is the season they are typically best grown, but they can be bought almost at any time.

Maui onions have an all sweetness flavor and this is one of their benefits. They do not possess any super-strong potent flavor that usually turns people away from onions. The onions are cultivated in Maui where they get their different flavor thanks to the richness of the soil. The onions are a little bit small in size, however, their shape is nicely round, perfect to be cut into rings.

Onions Not Recommended for Onion Rings

We feel like you will find it easier to select the onions for your onion rings when you know the types you should not pick. We have made a list of the types of onions you are not supposed to use to make onion rings. They could be included in this list because of their flavor or they simply do not get cut excellently into rings.

  • Leeks
  • Shallots
  • Green onions
  • Potato onions
  • Red onion varieties
Best Onions for Onion Rings
Best Onions for Onion Rings

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How Can I Keep My Batter from Falling Off?

If you want to prevent the batter on your rings from falling off, apply it when it is cold. Coat the rings and chill them a bit before you fry them or you should simple cool the batter. You may also use a method where you double coat just like our above example.


Should You Soak Onions in Ice Water Before Making Onion Rings?

This is dependent on the kind of onion you want to use. You don’t need to soak your onions in ice water if you want to use sweet onions. If, however, you have chosen one of those pungent options, soaking them will help remove the harsh flavors.

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