Egg Rolls vs Spring Rolls

Egg Rolls vs Spring Rolls – What is The Difference?

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Traditional items you are likely to see in Asian and American Asian settings or restaurants include lo mein, spring rolls, egg rolls, sushi rolls, sesame chicken, fried rice, and many more. Every meal has its uniqueness, if you are familiar with these dishes, you will know this fact.

Whether you have made these items on your own or you visited a buffet, you will find these items. The good thing is that if you can stay in the category, you can make everything uniquely to taste. If you want to take appetizers, what will you prefer, spring rolls or egg rolls?

You might be wondering if spring rolls and egg rolls are not the same. Spring roll and egg roll are different and the major difference between them is that the outer layers and the shells are different. An egg roll is larger and thicker than a spring roll and it is always deep-fried. An egg roll is thickened to have some extra texture by coating in beaten egg mixtures.

What we want to check out in this article is to find out everything you need to know about the difference between spring rolls and egg rolls. They are very similar but they are also very different which is what we want to find out. You should continue reading if you want to get what is in stock for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Rolls and Egg Rolls

Spring rolls and egg rolls are both known to be taken in an Asian or American Asian setting. They are both decadent rolls having their unique fillings with all deliciousness. Typically, spring rolls and egg rolls have the standard ingredients that are rolled up, however, it is not certainly required. Your rolls can be quite easily made to your taste and preference and if you prefer, they can be made with the regular traditional ingredients.

In this article, we will check out the two items individually by pointing out all the characteristics and properties that make them different as well as unique. We will talk about each of them separately before we then check out a general overview that will look like a summary. We will then check their similarities as well as difference by summarizing the points for you to easily understand.

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Egg Rolls

These are considered to be an American Chinese dish that can be found in lots of restaurants. You can also make them on your own. The constituent of egg roll includes a finely chopped assortment of different ingredients. Traditionally, an egg roll is filled with cabbage, pork sausage, and some other fillings. Usually, a carrot is added as an ingredient, but it depends on what you want.

The ingredients are rolled into thick wrappers made with flour shells. To perfect them, they are deep-fried. You can serve egg rolls warm or chilled but you should always serve them cooked. You will most times eat them with your fingers. The delicious egg rolls can be dipped into any kind of sauce and if you wish, you could eat them without any sauce. Check below for some of the things you can try egg rolls with:

  • Duck sauce
  • Spicy mustard sauce
  • Spicy mango sauce
  • Spicy peanut sauce
  • Hot sauce
  • Ginger sauce
  • A sour and sweet sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Sweet chili sauce

The listed above are only a few ideas of sauce you can use to eat your egg rolls. You could change your egg rolls overall by changing the sauce. It is easy to prepare egg rolls in very large portions and then store them. They can be frozen and fried when you want to eat or you may even freeze already cooked egg rolls and just reheat them when you are ready to enjoy them. Your options are not limited.

How Egg Rolls Are Made

In case you want to make your egg roll, you need to understand how it can be made. This will give you a better understanding of how to differentiate between spring rolls and egg rolls when we get to that side. What we will check out below is a very simple traditional recipe for making egg roll. Don’t forget that you can make egg roll in a variety of ways, what we will share with you is just to primarily give you an idea of what making egg roll is all about and it will help you to differentiate spring rolls from it.

  1. The ingredients you will need include pepper and salt to taste, beaten eggs, sesame oil, shredded carrots, coleslaw mix or chopped cabbage, minced garlic, ground pork, and vegetable oil. Egg roll wrappers will also be needed. You can easily purchase them but you could also make them yourself if you want to.
  2. Put the frying pan on medium to high heat and heat your oil. Proceed to add the ground pork, seasoning it to taste. Ensure you cook it until it has become appropriately browned and then stir in your minced garlic thereafter.
  3. Continue by stirring in coleslaw mix or shredded vegetables and ensure you sauté until it is soft.
  4. You will now need to add sesame oil and soy sauce and then slightly heat it.
  5. Remove the frying pan from heat and spoon the constituent into your egg roll wrappers in the appropriate way.
  6. Wrap them and fold them appropriately and then proceed to coat each of the wrapped rolls inside the mixture of the beaten egg.
  7. You can then deep fry until it is goldenly perfect.
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It is quite easy to make egg rolls with the only challenge being the process of wrapping and deep-frying.

Spring Rolls

Usually, spring rolls are different from egg rolls when you consider their constituent. You can change them up significantly more, however, the main notable difference will be noticed in the texture used in wrapping them. These particular appetizers are commonly taken in Asian cuisine.

If you put your basis on what is made up in spring rolls and those things that are put in them, they vary in different areas of the world. You will even find out that the wrappers could be a bit different. One thing you should take note will be that the spring roll wrappers are always light and could sometimes be translucent.

Spring rolls can also be dipped in similar sauces that egg rolls can be dipped in and similar ingredients can also be used. Usually, meat is not always found in spring rolls, they are most times constituted of combinations of spring vegetables. You can, however, add meat to it if you wish to. Ground pork is the most popular meat that is added to it. Spring rolls traditionally consist of a few vegetables, bean sprouts, and shredded carrots. Shredded pork could also be found.

How Spring Rolls Are Made

Let us check out how you can make spring rolls so that you will know exactly what you want to work with. You should not forget that you can make spring rolls in numerous ways, the recipe we want to share is only to give you a reference point.

  1. The ingredients needed include oil, then meat and vegetables you prefer. Our recommendations are shredded carrots, sliced bamboo shoots or bean sprouts, and shredded cabbage. To add extra flavor, add ground pork.
  2. Use a skillet to heat oil on medium to high heat and first cook the meat in the hot oil in case you want to use meat. Then add the cabbage by sautéing until it is soft.
  3. Proceed to add bean or bamboo sprouts, carrot, and then cook lightly. Proceed to add sesame oil and soy sauce and make sure you stir it well and heat it slightly.
  4. You should then remove the skillet from the heat and allow it to become completely cooled.
  5. You will then use spring roll wrappers by spoon filling appropriately into the wrappers.
  6. Proceed to wrap and then fold them so that you can prepare them for cooking.
  7. Use oil to fry them lightly or bake them inside the oven.
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Spring rolls can also be prepared and frozen to be cooked or fried later.

Egg Rolls vs Spring Rolls
Egg Rolls vs Spring Rolls

Overview Summary

You will notice that spring rolls and egg rolls are very similar, however, they have the traits that make them individually unique. Traditionally, they are both filled with similar ingredients even though you can easily adjust and alter the ingredients to suit your tastes. The most traditionally listed ingredients include shredded carrots, ground pork, and shredded cabbage.

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