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Burgers are classified to be great because they can be made any way we wish to. Mustard or ketchup can be added to it, likewise cheese, onions, and pickles. Burger can be eaten with the bun or without it. Different kinds of meats can be used including chicken, bison, and turkey. They can also be made without using meat but by using some other substitutes. It all depends on your choices, preferences and what you want, you can grill your burger to certain doneness.

The main question here is how to grill your burger and how long it should take for you to do such. It varies greatly depending on if you will prefer it well or rare done. You are recommended to grill your burger between two to six minutes on each side. We’ve gathered together the needed information with charts for you to perfectly grill your burger, please follow this post. You can endeavor to get yourself a digital thermometer of high quality before you start grilling.

Burger Grill Times Reference Charts

Like previously said, we have some charts to show you how you can perfectly grill any type of burger. Let’s start from this below: 

Veggie Burgers

These are burgers that are made with other ingredients than meat. This type of burger is made for those that do not eat meat large consumption or those that do not eat meat at all. Vegetables and other fillers are mixed to make this type of burger. Ingredients could include nuts, seeds, mushrooms, grains, tofu, and soybeans. You are allowed to make any recipe of your choice and it is overly packed with several nutrients like vitamins, proteins, fibers, and many others. Veggie burgers have saturated fats that are very little and little or no cholesterol. Check below for the grill time:

Veggie BurgersTime for First Side Time for Second Side
FrozenSeven minutesEight minutes
FreshFive minutesSeven minutes

Veggie burgers can easily fall apart, it is thus advisable only to flip sides once and it doesn’t have to get to a particular temperature to confirm it is done. All you need is to have a perfectly cooked burger.

Bison Burgers Grill Time

Bison meat has a rich flavor, it has low fat, has a lot of omega 3 acids and proteins. It could be used to make the best burger and other additional benefits to the health more than when you use beef meat for your burger. The best flavor for bison burgers is gotten when the doneness is made to be rare-medium. Check out the chart below to check the grill time recommended:

DonenessTime for First Side Time for Second Side
Well DoneSix minutesSix minutes
MediumFive minutesSix minutes
Medium-RareFive minutesFive minutes
RareFour minutesFive minutes

The recommended temperature is between 140°F and 160°F. Rare is 140°F while medium, as well as well done, is 160°F+

Chicken Burgers Grill Time

When you use meats that are not beef for burgers, grilling them is the only thing you can do so that the flavor can be brought out. Meats from ground chicken are used to make chicken burgers. Bread crumbs and eggs are most times used to hold the patties together and give it shape. Allow the meat to be well done when you are making chicken burgers because it could cause foodborne illness and food poisoning if undercooked. Use your grill thermometer to check the temperature with the recommended being 165°F. Check the chart below for the cooking time:

Chicken BurgersTime for First Side Time for Second Side
FreshFive minutesFour to five minutes
FrozenEight minutesSeven minutes


Turkey Burger Grill Times

You have only one particular temperature you can cook to when you use meats like bison, chicken, or turkey to make your burgers. You should endeavor to cook your turkey meat to well-done due to safety and health reasons. You are recommended to grill your turkey to an internal temperature of 165°F. Check the chart below for the cooking time:

Turkey BurgersTime for First SideTime for Second Side
FrozenEight minutesSeven minutes
FreshFive minutesFour to five minutes

Remember that the well-done stage is the safe way, it’s the only way. You can flip to the other side when you start to see the grill mark forming on the meat’s side.  It is the same with chicken burgers because they have similar types of meats and they both get cooked to the temperature 165°F.

Fresh Beef Burger Grill Times

The charts will be shared based on patties because some patties have different thickness levels, while some are ¾-inch thick, others could be ½ -inch thick. Using ¾-inch thickness patty will make each of your burgers about six ounces.

DonenessTime for First Side Time for Second Side
Well DoneFour minutesSix minutes
Medium-WellFour minutesFive minutes
MediumThree minutesFive minutes
Medium-RareThree minutesFour minutes
RareTwo minutesThree minutes

Burgers are most times not cooked at the same time on either side, it is common that the first side has a reduced time so that the burger’s natural juices can be maintained. You can use your grill thermometer to monitor the temperature as you grill.

Frozen Beef Burger Grill Times

This will take longer than the normal time because it is frozen meat. Beef burgers are only flipped once halfway, but for frozen burgers, you will have to flip every three to five minutes. Check the chart below for the time to use in grilling:

DonenessFirst Flip TimeSecond Flip TimeThird Flip TimeFourth Flip TimeTotal Time
Well DoneFive minutesFive minutesFour minutesSix minutes20 minutes
Medium-WellFive minutesFive minutesFour minutesFive minutes19 minutes
MediumFive minutesFive minutesThree minutesFive minutes18 minutes
Medium-RareFour minutesFour minutesThree minutesFive minutes16 minutes
RareFour minutesFour minutesThree minutesFour minutes15 minutes

The timing is not stereotyped, they are only suggestions. In as much you get to use the total time, it is not compulsory to use the exact time per flip. You should also use your grill thermometer to check the temperature before you consume your burger.


Tips for Grilling the Perfect Burger

There are several steps you should take if you want to ensure delicious burgers. Always remember you need a grill thermometer of high quality to check the temperature. Check the list below for those things that will help you get a good flavor:

  • Sizing, Shape and Miscellaneous
  • Heat
  • Flip times
  • Cheese
  • Natural juices
  • Burger Seasoning

It does not matter whether you use charcoal or gas grills to prepare your grilled burgers, all that matters is that the important ingredients are available.

Sizing, Shape, and Miscellaneous Tips

Make an indention in the center of your patty if you want to keep the shape of your burger so that it will not bulge or shrink. Use a spoon or your thumb to press the center slightly so that the shape and size can be kept. The most popular patty size is the ¾-inch thick, others could be ½-inch.

Turn Up the Heat! 

The best method to grill your burger is to allow the heat to turn up, this is the key to get a juicy burger with the best flavor. Whether with gas or charcoal, make the heat hot and nice before you place your burger on it. You can only cook slowly if you are trying to use your pellet-style or smoker grill. Grill temperature has the best range between 325°F and 350°F. If you are not measuring, just turn the grill to heat up to medium-high heat.

Flip Times

Most times, you should allow one side to finish cooking before moving to the next side, this makes you only flip once. The only time you can disobey this rule is when you are trying to grill a frozen ground beef burger where you will need to flip four times. Allow it to cook excessively without too much cooking.

Adding Cheese

Add your cheese in the last minutes just before you finish grilling and allow it to melt over your burger. You could also add the cheese when you are putting your burger together, but it is better when you do it in the last minutes, about one to two minutes to the end, try it and see.

Cheese can also be mixed into patties, it also results in delicious delicacy. Don’t forget you can also enjoy your burger deliciously without your cheese. If you will use cheese, it is better to do it the right way.

Let the Burger Juices Do the Work

Grilled burgers have several natural juices which give the burgers the delicious character and flavor that cannot be beaten. Allow your burgers to get cooked, you don’t need to press them down with a spatula so that the natural juices can remain inside and the flavor can be retained. This also keeps the burger from getting dried.

Burger Seasoning

Burgers can be seasoned as you want. However, because the grilled meat itself has its natural flavor, you wouldn’t need to add much. Pepper and light salt are recommended with seasoned salt or season all to give an extra flavor. It’s preferable to make it light because the grill itself will bring out the natural flavor.

Check out the common mistake people make that could affect their grilled burger:

  • Don’t press the burger patties when cooking.
  • Always remember to pre-heat your grill.
  • To prepare for shrinkage, make a larger patties shape.
  • Select meats that have the correct makeup, they will lose flavor if they are too lean.
  • Don’t use pre-made patties because they are not always fresh.
  • Do not over-handle your meat, neither should you flip the burger severally.
  • Put your hands in water so that the meat will not stick to your hands.
  • Rely on your time to ensure they are rightly cooked and don’t forget to use a thermometer to check the temperature.

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Should I Spray the Grill with Cooking Spray?

If your grill is appropriately pre-heated, you may not need a cooking spray, but you can spray your grill before you heat because some people believe the cooking spray makes its flavor better.

Is It Better to Thaw Frozen Burgers?

It does not matter whether you thaw the meat or not because you can grill it as it is frozen. People often say that you could get juicier burgers if you allow it to defrost first.

How Long Would an 8 Ounce Beef Burger Cook?

Having eight ounces means more meats with the cook times to be raised. Budget a total time estimate of 10 minutes. Four minutes should be for the first side, two to three minutes for well done.

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