How To Reheat Bloomin Onion

How To Reheat Bloomin Onion (Complete Guide)

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Bloomin onion is a meal that contains a lot of calories but irrespective of that, you always need to eat it sometimes. When you talk about a meal that is deep-fried, you cannot far-fetch bloomin onion. Most of the time, you will be left with leftovers if you take this meal unless you are sharing with your friends. The meal is a big onion with numerous fried batter that makes one fill up quite quickly.

After having a lot of leftovers, you will want to store and reheat them. The question now is how you can reheat your bloomin onion. The best way or most reliable approach to reheating bloomin onion is by using an oven. There are several other methods that you can use, but they could turn the fried food to become burnt, soggy, or worse than that.

The Complete Guide to Bloomin Onions

Outback Steakhouse made the original set of bloomin onion and it has been their trademark recipe. Just like Kleenex, the meal is now a casual name for sliced opened onions that resembles blooming flowers. It is then battered and then deep-fried before it is served for dipping with your special sauce.


Onion Rings vs Bloomin Onion

Onion rings have a similar texture and taste with bloomin onion but they both have a different presentation. Each petal of your bloomin onion is considered to be a part of a larger flower while each onion ring always stands alone. For blooming onion, you may pull off all of the petals and serve it like onion wedges or chips and you may share it with some people allowing each person to pick a petal per time. Most of the full-size onion rings are bigger than a single petal of onion which is a little easier when eating.

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How To Cut an Onion for a Bloomin Onion

In case you want to make your bloomin onion yourself, you can cut it in two ways like a professional- you either cut with a handy maker for onion blossom or with a sharp knife. Check below for the direction of how to do it in details when you use a knife:

  • You will need to begin cutting from the largest white or brown onion.
  • Slice a small piece from its top (the flatter end) and peel its dry skin off.
  • Turn your onion over and slice part down accordingly.
  • Start the slices around ¼ inch from the roots and cut all through to its bottom.
  • First slice the quarters and proceed to slice in between each of the quarters three to four times. This depends on your onion’s size and also your confidence using a knife.
  • Flip back over once you have made up to 12 to 16 slices.
  • Then gently pull each of your slices back to form petals. Do not pull them too hard that the onion is yanked off entirely.
  • The onion batter should be ready, you can then deep fry it and enjoy it.

How To Store a Cooked Bloomin Onion

Whenever you are left with leftovers of bloomin onion, storing them well is the way to go so that they can be reheated well to retain their taste. You will need to put your bloomin onion inside your Tupperware glass container that you have used paper towel to line so that it will soak up excess moisture such as grease to keep the onion from becoming soggy. Fold your paper towel at the sides around the onion and use a lid to cover it, ensure it is airtight and nicely done. Your bloomin onion can be kept in the fridge for four to five days, its quality will reduce on each of those days and that means you should reheat it soon.

How To Reheat a Bloomin Onion

You could try to use a few techniques when you want to reheat your bloomin onion and this depends on how critical the texture you want to achieve and also if you are rushing or not.

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Pan Fry a Bloomin Onion

You can only achieve this well if you first de-petal the onion. Once the segments are separated individually, you can put them in single layers on your pan under medium to high heat. You must ensure to carefully monitor them so that you can turn them once they sizzle good and exhibit a fried batter signature scent. Each side should take between one and two minutes to crisp nicely as it should be.

Use the Microwave to Reheat your Bloomin Onion

Using a microwave will not allow your bloomin onion to be crispy but it will get you a quick result. However, you can follow a trick if you want to realize a better result. Get corrugated cardboard that does not have labels or stickers on it. Fold the cardboard like an accordion, you should use your knife to get thin slices so that it will be easily folded.

Ensure it gets leveled because your onion should be put on the accordion that you will later place in your microwavable dish to ensure it is kept folded and to help collect excess grease that will drip from the onion. The airflow is the reason why the tray-type is needed so that the onion is kept raised to keep it from getting soggy. It might not be the best solution, but this will make a hugely significant difference. It should take between 45 seconds and 1.5 minutes to use a microwave to reheat the onion depending on how large it is. Ensure you check it at an interval of 20 seconds to ensure it will not get too hot for your liking.

Reheat the Bloomin Onion inside your Air Fryer

You could reheat your bloomin onion if you possess your air fryer and this will make it crispy. Different models vary on the temperature as well as the time that is needed to thoroughly warm it. However, on average, preheating should be done to a temperature of 400°F. Once you have warmed it, put it inside your air fryer allowing it to get cooked for up to five to eight minutes ensuring you occasionally check it for the crispness to be assessed.

How To Reheat Bloomin Onion
How To Reheat Bloomin Onion

Warm Up your Bloomin Onion inside the Oven

You should first preheat your oven to a temperature of 425°F. As the oven warms up, put your wire rack in your large baking tray before you put the leftover on it. Using the wire rack is very important because it will allow excess grease to drip from the onion so that it will not turn soggy from sitting inside too much moisture. Furthermore, the bottom, top, and sides are helped to crisp up thanks to the airflow.

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Allow the bloomin onion to warm for up to 10 minutes before you turn the oven to broil so that the meal’s outer layer will superheat, ensure you monitor it so that it will not get burnt. The meal is probably ready once it becomes brown and begins to sizzle. It takes only about three to four minutes to broil but it depends on when the oven switched to the broil option.


Deep Fry Previous Cooked Bloomin Onions

Bloomin onion that has been previously fried can also be deep-fried but this should only be your last resort because it consumes a whole lot of oil. Heat the oil to a temperature of 350°F and put your bloomin onion. It should only take up to two minutes to get reheated since it has already been cooked. It would get burnt if you leave it for too long.

Related Questions

Why is a bloomin onion so bad for you?

Bloomin onion soaks up a lot of oils and calories because each individual is usually battered and then fried giving a whole lot of oil to soak up. According to research blooming onion has more than 800 calories, more than 1500mg of sodium, and about 60g of fats. These numbers do not include its dipping sauce and it is not considered to be a healthy meal but it shouldn’t be bad to take annually.

Who had the bloomin onion first?

In the United States in the late 1980s, Outback’s Steakhouse first served bloomin onion with a dipping sauce signature. It is an appetizer that has been added to different menus even though there is a slight variation to the name such as mum, rose, and blossom.

How do you reheat cooked onions?

To reheat your cooked onions, how they have been originally cooked determines how you will do it. If your frying pan is used to sautee your onions when it was first cooked then they can be reheated the same way. It is also possible to place them inside a microwave for about 30 seconds. For onion rings or deep-fried onions, warm them inside the oven. Put your cooling tray in your baking sheet so that airflow will be allowed and the fried onions can warm up at 450°F for up to 10 minutes. You should try to flip your onions halfway before they get done.

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