How To Reheat Tacos? – The Ultimate Guide

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Eating tacos can lead you to get greedy by encouraging you to make five times the meals you can eat or probably order about 10 times more when you buy from a Mexican restaurant. Tacos are supposed to have their food group because they are so delicious.

How can you reheat them? The softshell tacos can best be reheated wrapped with aluminum foil on a grill while the hardshell tacos can best be reheated in an oven. It is recommended that you deconstruct your taco for the fresh ingredients including tomato and lettuce to stay crisp and cold.

If you want to know how you can best reheat tacos using the best method, you are in the right place because this is what we want to discuss in this article. After reading, you can then select your best option.

How To Reheat Homemade Tacos

There are a lot of variations and what we want to accomplish in this article is to get how tacos can be reheated. We will present it in a style format of frequently asked questions so that it will be easy to get the answers to your lingering question(s).

How To Store Your Leftover Tacos for Reheating

One good thing about making your tacos in your house is considered that you will have the control of how you want the leftovers to be stored and that means you will get to prepare the ground on how you can best reheat your taco. Irrespective of whether you are making the taco for a whole family or one, it is recommended that the tacos are made one per time in order not to fix more than will be eaten. You will get to store the leftover fixings freshly and neatly in their separate containers this way and you will have total control when you want to reheat. For storage, ensure you use high-quality airtight containers.

When you are dealing with sour cream and salsa, ensure you do not place it back into its normal container after you have put some of it out inside a bowl. Instead, you should wrap it separately or perhaps, place them in a different Tupperware container but ensure to eat it within the following one or two days. You may contaminate the original source if you pour it back because it has been exposed to other food and air.


How to Store and Reheat Taco Meat

Whenever you have leftovers of taco meat, put it inside your tight-fit lid Tupperware container and place it in the refrigerator for about three days. You can also freeze it by putting it in your right-sized freezer-safe bag with one inch of space left in your bag after you have tightly packed the meat. Ensure you allow it to be at room temperature before you place it either in your freezer or fridge. Whenever you want to reheat, do it on medium heat. You should use a lid to keep the level of the moisture if you are warming it from frozen. Add one drizzle of your fresh olive oil or one teaspoon of water for the meat to be kept from drying out if you are heating from your fridge.

How to Store and Reheat Corn Tortillas

Using your corn tortillas to make soft tacos that are gluten-free will make them stiffen up quite quickly and they could be a bit difficult to do. They are, however, pliable and nice whenever they are warm. Reheating in a griddle or a pan is the best method to heat your corn tortillas by warming up for about 30 secs to one minute on each side under medium heat. If there are leftovers after, allow it to cool completely and seal them inside your Ziploc bag. They will not last as long as your flour tortillas in the refrigerator because they are stiff, use them within one or two days or, perhaps, freeze them. Dampen your tortilla with water when you are set to use them before you allow them to warm up. It will not become gooey or mushy but it will make it a bit more flexible by rehydrating the corn.

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How to Store and Reheat Flour Tortillas or Soft Taco Shells

Use a microwave to reheat your tacos if they are made with tortillas or flour shells. It is better to originally warm the tacos with a bit of steam. You will have to put a damp paper towel between each of the shells for the retention of the moisture. Then you should heat them for up to 30 seconds for them to be lovely, soft, and warm. If you are dealing with a huge batch, you have to heat them a bit longer.

You must ensure that you allow your leftover tacos to cool completely before you put them in your Ziploc bag. Seal the bag to remove the air as possible as you can. You can keep them in the refrigerator for up to one week. If you are not going to eat them within the timeframe, you should freeze them. All you need to do to reheat again is to follow the same process just like the first time.

How to Store and Reheat Hard Taco Shells

You may struggle with warming up your taco shells for the very first time but it is more serious when you store them and heat them again for the second time. You have to help keep the opening of taco shells wide and nice as you warm. For the shells to keep standing in the oven, there are some stainless steel taco racks that may be of help. If you do not have those, you can try to lay the taco shells on the sides and use aluminum to prop up their top side. There will be a lot of space to stuff the tacos for your first time and it means you could save the aluminum foil balls until the following heating round.

Put your hard taco shells inside a Ziploc bag if you think you will eat the leftovers within one or two days. Ensure you layer them in each other such as found in their original package. If you want them to be kept together, toss all the foil balls inside the last one. The shells can be stored in the refrigerator for some days and then warmed back in an oven when you want it.

In case you will not be eating the tacos for some weeks, it is better to place them in a freezer. There is no need to defrost them when you are ready to consume them, all you need is to warm in an oven.


How To Dissect Your Leftover Tacos for Reheating

When you have leftover tacos, you may need to separate the fillings just before you reheat them in the future. Though you are safe to carefully reheat your sour cream, it is not typically ideal. Same with guacamole and lettuce, if the taco is of a deluxe variety. There are some foods that are better eaten cold most especially when you pair them with warm taco meat and taco shells.

To reheat the leftovers, unwrap the taco and remove all of the toppings. The fresh product should be kept in a separate pile as well as any of the toppings such as guacamole and sour cream that should be left cold. If you have beans or meat, remove them and they should be kept inside another separate bowl where you can warm them.

How to Reheat a Burrito or a Soft Taco on the Grill

You can use a grill such as a sandwich press or George Foreman to warm up your burritos and soft tacos, but it is not ideal for hard taco shells. Turn the grill on and allow your food to warm. Ensure that the burrito or taco is nicely wrapped in foil as it warms so that the grill will be kept clean and also ensure that the fillings stay in the taco. Place the taco on your grill and use the lid to close the top so that all the sides will be evenly heated and the warmth can directly soak through. It will warm thoroughly under high heat for about five to eight minutes.

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How to Reheat Premade Soft Tacos in the Oven

It is quite easy to reheat soft tacos inside an oven but it would take up to 10 or 15 minutes. All you have to do is to allow the oven to preheat to a temperature of 375°F and place the soft taco that is tightly wrapped with foil directly on the oven’s rack. After about 10 minutes, use a long toothpick to check the middle of the soft taco to see if it is warm enough. You will have to pull it out after poking the toothpick inside the taco and quickly touch the wood to check if it is warm enough. In case it is not warm enough, allow it to heat up for another five minutes. If you notice steam, then the taco is done.

How to Reheat Premade Soft Tacos in the Microwave

There are two options to reheat premade soft tacos inside a microwave. The first is for you to empty all the filling into your microwave-safe dish. Removing any filling that should remain cold before covering your bowl using a paper towel. Place the soft taco shells or tortillas on your paper towel and warm everything within 30 seconds. The other alternative you have is to warm everything together and it means the sour cream and lettuce will also warm up.

How to Reheat Premade Hard Tacos in a Stovetop or Oven

Allow your oven to preheat to a temperature of 350°F and put the shells on your baking sheet that has been laid with baking mat allow them to warm up to regain their crisp. This should be done within 10 minutes. It could be longer if they are placed inside your oven before it is heated completely. Place the shells on a hot frying pan to warm for between 45 seconds and one minute on each of the sides. You can also warm the beans and meat inside the frying pan by adding a little oil for the ingredients to freshen up and to keep them from getting stuck to your pan. You can warm for up to three minutes. After you have warmed everything, add your cold ingredients to enjoy.


How to Reheat Premade Hard Tacos in the Microwave

Place the beans and meat in the bottom of your microwave-safe dish. Ensure the shell is upside down to carefully hang off the edge of the bowl. Turn on the microwave for up to 30 seconds and place them inside to ensure that it is warm enough. If it is not, put them back for 10 seconds per time until it reaches your satisfaction. Refill the tacos and add your cold ingredients.


How To Reheat Leftovers from A Fast Food Restaurant

Most of the above steps that apply to homemade tacos are also applicable to tacos that ordered from restaurants though there are some specialties that have their reheating instructions. If you want to warm traditional tacos, warm them like your homemade tacos just have we have outlined.


How to Reheat a Burrito from Chipotle

Burritos from Chipotle are very famous thanks to their size that will leave you unable to finish a whole portion at a sitting. Chipotle burritos are great to be warmed the following day if there are any leftovers. In case there is any ingredient in the burrito that you will like to stay cols, open up the leftovers, and remove all of the cold ingredients before you rewrap them for heating. If you own a toaster oven, it could be a favorite way for reheating your chipotle burrito. Use aluminum foil to wrap the burritos and leave one edge of the wrap open to allow steam and moisture to escape. Proceed to set the toaster oven to a temperature of 375°F and allow the burrito to stay for about 10 minutes.

However, if you do not have any toaster oven, use an oven to achieve equal results, heat them at the same temperature. It will take a longer time for the burrito to warm up because of the larger space, you might want to allow it to stay inside for about 15 minutes at a temperature of 375°F. The downside of this method is that it will take a longer time for the oven to first warm-up but if you have a toaster oven, you can avoid this. After you are done, any ingredient kept out can be added back to the main burrito.


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How to Reheat a Quesadilla from Taco Bell

You can reheat quesadillas by using two premium methods:

  1. If you have a toaster oven, use it to reheat the quesadilla by allowing it to bake for three minutes at a temperature of 350°F so that it can be warmed up throughout. After that, crank up the heat to the toast setting and allow the outside to crisp for up to one minute.
  2. To get the best results, use a grill. Put the quesadilla leftover on a George Foreman or Sandwich press grill before you close the cover or lid for up to three minutes. You might end up with a bit of leakage and this depends on the kind of quesadilla you are working with. However, be rest assured that the result is worth the stress to clean up.

How to Reheat a Bean Burrito from Taco Bell

It is quite difficult to reheat bean burritos because when done in the microwave for three minutes, they could get soggy, and when done in your oven, they may take about 30 minutes to be perfect. The best method you can use is to reheat your bean burrito by combining the forces from the oven or toaster oven and the microwave. You have to first turn the oven up to 350°F and ensure that there is no aluminum foil wrapping on the burrito. You will instead need to use a paper towel to wrap it. Put the burrito in the microwave for about one minute by allowing the inside of the burrito to warm up. After that, remove your paper towel from it and place it in the oven. You may have to allow it to heat for about 10 minutes depending on how fast the oven will get warmed up. After 10 minutes, the burrito should get an outside that is nicely crisped and the inside will also be warm.

In case you possess a toaster oven, place the half-warmed microwave burrito inside instead and ensure that the heat gets to the range of 350°F and allow the burrito to heat for up to two minutes. Try to monitor it, if there is a need for more time, flip over to the other side for another one or two minutes.

How to Store and Reheat Homemade Nachos

It could be thicker to get nachos reheated than the hard tacos. It is, however, possible. What you should do is to separate the toppings before you reheat the nachos. Remove all the wet ingredients like guacamole, tomatoes, or sour cream before you engage them in the process of storage so that the chips will be protected from being soggy as it is easier for you to take the ingredients off it before your store than after it has been refrigerated. It is also better when you add sour cream or fresh chopped tomato to the nacho after reheating.

If you want to get an excellent result when you warm them, toast them in an oven. Allow the oven to preheat to a temperature of 250°F and use aluminum foil to cover the baking sheet. You have to be patient with nachos to be evenly done. Put the nachos in the baking sheet and allow them to warm in your oven for up to 15 minutes. To get a double-baked nacho, add fresh layers of grated cheese after 12 minutes before you turn up your broiler for the final three minutes. After you are done reheating, allow the nachos to cool down for one or two minutes before you add the cold toppings as you wish.

How to Reheat a Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell

The gordita crunch is wrapped in flatbread gordita style as a traditional hard shell taco with a refried beans layer to keep hold of the two shells together. They can be warmed using the instructions of a regular gordita, but your crunch will be dissatisfying. You will have to use a traditional oven or toaster oven to get your crunch back by first removing the fillings such as the beans and meat. Allow your oven or toaster oven to preheat to a temperature of 375°F and place the merged shells inside for five minutes. You will have to occasionally check to ensure that the outer shell does not get too dry or dark for taste and that the inside is not collapsing. You can warm your beans and meat in a microwave or a frying pan while the shells are trying to re-crisp. You can then refill the taco immediately the inner shell has gotten warm.

How to Reheat a Chalupa or Gordita from Taco Bell

You will get a satisfying taco filling when you take a Gordita that is gotten from taco bell which is traditional wrapped up taco fillings in a flatbread style shell. A Chalupa is also considered similar but only its flatbread shells are deep-fried. You are unlikely to have leftovers from these two, if you have, then you should reheat in a microwave if you are hurrying. Your flatbread can hold up the tendency of the microwave to decrease the lesser shell into a soggy mess instead of being soft and not being crispy. You will not need the oven’s air-drying effect. To get the best result, remove all the ingredients that you want to remain cold-like guacamole and sour cream and wrap the chalupa or gordita in your paper towel. Allow it to warm over high heat in the microwave for one minute. You should then allow it to release the steam for one minute before you eat it because it can burn your mouth.

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