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How to Cook Turkey Bacon in the Microwave

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We would all agree that almost everyone loves bacon. Bacon could be thick-cut or thinly-sliced, Applewood or hickory-smoked. It does not really matter how you want it, what is important is that almost everyone loves it. Unfortunately, due to the low-fat content of turkey bacon as compared to bacon, most people have shifted attention to eating turkey bacon because it is healthier than bacon which is not really the healthiest type of food.

Whenever you want to try a replacement for bacon, you take turkey bacon which is also quite delicious. One thing you should know though is that we do not always get the time we can use to fry our bacon and we find it more convenient to heat one or two slices most especially when we have somewhere to go.

In situations like the above, the question we may like to ask ourselves is whether or not we can cook our turkey bacon inside a microwave. It is possible to cook our turkey bacon in a microwave and we have a few ways we can go about it. The simplest method involves turkey bacon, paper towels, plate, and some minutes for it to be done.

What we want to check in this article is to see how we can microwave our turkey bacon by covering the tips and different options we can use. You have to keep reading if you want to find out more about how you can cook your turkey bacon inside a microwave.

Your Guide to Microwaving Turkey Bacon

When comparing the texture and looks to other meats, turkey bacon can be considered similar to your regular bacon (pork). They also both taste fairly similar. Turkey bacon can also be bought in various ways such as thick-cut, thinly sliced, Applewood, hickory-smoked, and others. Turkey bacon is usually made with turkey meat which got chopped, then cured, and finally smoked. One good characteristic of this type of bacon is that it has low fat. For people that do not like eating pork bacon because of their religious beliefs, this is one incredible option for them.

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Pork Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon

We already know that pork bacon and turkey bacon are different and we have both pros and cons attached to both of them. You could decide to eat a type over another, depending on your preferences which you can decide yourself.  How can we differentiate between pork bacon and turkey bacon? How are they different? The first thing we want you to know is that turkey bacon can be used in all of the ways that pork bacon can be used. Check below for some of the uses:

  • Addition to casseroles and soups
  • Dips with bacon
  • Bacon-wrapped meat
  • Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers
  • Bacon bits
  • Bacon cheeseburgers
  • Club sandwiches (any sandwich kind)
  • Breakfast side dish
  • BLT sandwiches.

There are a lot of different ways turkey bacon can be used just the same way pork bacon can be used. All you can really say is to consider your turkey bacon as a substitute to anything you can use your pork bacon for. There are no limits as to what you can use them for.

Pork bacon and turkey bacon are both heavily processed and can both contain other types of additives. Try to watch the ingredients and the processing information you have on the packages. Turkey bacon has a lower calorie and fat content as compared to pork bacon. Turkey bacon also has lesser grease when you are cooking as compared to pork bacon. Another major difference is that while turkey bacon could be uniform and straight, pork born is of various textures, lengths, and widths. Pork bacon contains fat seen as a portion of your bacon strip.

Both pork bacon and turkey bacon can be bought at any of your grocery stores that sell bacon. The unfortunate thing is that astronomically, selecting pork bacon is larger than that of turkey bacon. Both of this bacon can be cooked in several ways. You could decide to use an air dryer, your frying pan, an oven, and a microwave. Bacon is usually cooked classically by using your frying pan. The other different methods also produce the same results.

Both turkey bacon and pork bacon are gotten from animal protein and it means that they both contain various nutrients and minerals that are good for the health. The main health benefit difference between them is their content of fat and calorie.  

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Microwaving Turkey Bacon

This is a simple way to cook your turkey, so that you can cook a few at one time within a few minutes. One good thing about using a microwave is that you wouldn’t have to be beside it trying to pop grease so that the bacon can get cooked. We have several ways the turkey bacon can be cooked using a microwave. What we will share with you is the most possible practical method that will not require you to use any kind of special utensils or tools. You will find out that some turkey bacon brands have instructions on how to cook the turkey bacon on a stovetop or inside a microwave directly written on the packaging. The method we will discuss with you is just a point you can refer to. Check below for the steps you should follow to cook your turkey bacon inside a microwave: 

  1. You will use a microwave-safe pan which you will lay with some paper towels. What your paper towels do is to absorb any grease. It is preferable to lay two to three layers.
  2. Put the desired amount of slices of your turkey bacon on your paper towels, laying them singly.
  3. The normal time for cooking is between one and two minutes. You can have varying time depending on the number of slices you have. The longer your bacon stays in the microwave, the more crispy it will become.
  4. It is ideal to start the cooking for one minute and then check your bacon, proceed to turn it so that you can cook for longer minutes if you need to.
  5. In case there is grease on your bacon, use some other paper towels on it by patting it to absorb all those excess greases.
  6. You can proceed to serve it and enjoy your bacon.

Using a microwave to cook turkey bacon is regarded as the quickest method for cooking. This will allow it to be as incredibly delicious as though it was just cooked from an oven or on a stove.

We have some special dishes that you can use to cook bacon in a microwave with some containing racks and dishes to help catch grease. These types of dishes can be used for cooking bacon but you do not necessarily require them. Ensure the turkey bacon is properly stored in a fridge before cooking and after you have cooked.

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Turkey Bacon
Turkey Bacon

Alternative Cooking Methods

Let’s go a bit into the alternative methods of cooking you can use to cook your turkey bacon. We will only deal with the basic overview to have an insight. We will not be moving too deep.

Though cooking your turkey bacon on the hot frying pan is the classic method to cook any kind of bacon but it could turn messy. We want you to be aware that you could also cook the turkey bacon in the air fryer or an oven. A griddle can also be used to cook it and all these options are very easy.

You can perfectly crisp your turkey bacon within four minutes in an air fryer. This will allow it to taste just like the bacon fried on a pan.  Using an oven will take a bit longer for up to 20 minutes by laying foil on the pan before cooking. In case you don’t want to use your frying pan or microwave method, these methods above are good substitutes you can consider.

Related Questions Asked

We are sure you have been able to find the guide of the method you can use to cook your turkey bacon inside a microwave very useful and informative. It is quite a simple process that you will like to the results after trying it.

We want you to crosscheck our question and answer section to see more information that may be useful for you. Please check below:  

How Long Does Turkey Bacon Last?

Turkey bacon that is yet to be cooked can last in a fridge for about two weeks and about eight months inside a freezer. Cooked bacon should be stored in the refrigerator if there are leftovers and it can only last long for about one week in a fridge and up to six months in a freezer. To check for spoilage, try to observe by looking, touching, and smell the turkey bacon. Smelling is most times noticeable to pinpoint if it is still good or not. you will perceive a sour smell, odd or slightly fishy.


Is Turkey Bacon High in Sodium?

Turkey bacon contains sodium but the sodium level is much lower than that contained in pork bacon. Pork bacon is known largely for its bad reputation of high sodium and fat content.

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