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Best Microwave Crisping Trays And Pans (Top 5)

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Nowadays, most people are rushing to get ready for work or school that even if they wanted to have freshly cooked meals simply resort to reheating some pre-cooked food or simply cook food using the microwave ovens.

Since the invention of the microwave, a lot depended on it for quick cooking and reheating food, and because of these we also choose the best pans, trays, or microwavable food containers to suit our needs.

Let me talk about the best crisping pans for microwave ovens.

My best option is the Microhearth Grill Pan but there are other crisping pans or trays available in the market which is best for microwave cooking. This article will help you choose your best option from the list.

What is a Microwave Crisping Tray?

Microwaveable crisping tray is essentially designed to withstand high temperature while cooking in a microwave. It is also designed to evenly distribute heat on the food to get cooked therefore, the food is cooked to wellness while the tray is as sturdy to contain it.

Non-sticky microwaveable trays are best if you want to have crispy food like bacon or if you want to grill some sandwiches and other meat but to come with the best crisp, using crisping trays can do the trick.

How Microwave Crisping Pans Work

The pans we used when cooking in a microwave is heated first thus when the food is placed, the heat will transfer evenly to the food inside the microwave while cooking it.

Some available crisping pans or trays have tiny holes, grooves, or is shaped like a grill. The tray or pan also has fine air pouches that gives the food a broiling outcome while inside the microwave and cook food evenly.

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Other crisping trays have lids. The lids cover the food from the microwave heat allowing the food to be cooked by the heat directed from the crisper.

Some pans are also designed with feet so it will not be entirely placed on the microwave’s turntables.

Important things to remember when using crisping trays or pans

Make it a habit to read instructions on how to use your crisping tray or pans to avoid damaging the pan, damaging the microwave, or worst hurting yourself while cooking.

Crisping pans are intended to withstand high heat temperature, so it can become very hot. Be sure to wear your heat resistant mittens when pulling out the pan from the microwave and use pan mat to safeguard your kitchen counters.

How to Use a Microwave Crisper Plate

You are required to pre-heat crisping trays or pans before placing the food on it, so you need to be careful from burning your hands.

Every kitchen ware has a manual that tells you how  to use  and how to cook food in it but here is a simple guide for you.

  1. Pre-heat crisping pan in the microwave in less than 5 minutes or as prescribed in the manual.
  2. Place the food in one layer or spread them on your pan as needed.
  3. Check and turn the food when it reaches half the prescribed cooking time.


The 5 Best Microwave Crisper Pans and Trays

We have chosen the top 5 microwaveable crisping trays and pans available in the market.  We hope we can help you decide which one is best for you.

1. Whirlpool Microwave Crisper Pan with Handle

Your all-around crisping pan. This is designed to fit a Whirlpool microwave, but it is also a good fit to other microwaves of standard size.

You can use this to pan-fry, grill or simply reheat your favorite food.


  • It has a non-stick coat that is best for cooking or grilling.
  • It has a removable handle that makes it easier to carry around or be placed in the microwave.
  • It is dishwasher friendly and very easy to clean.


  • It can cause splatters in your microwave while cooking because it has no lid. To avoid splatters, you need to have a microwaveable splatter guard ready, or cover the food that may splatter with food wraps.
  • The non-stick plate is quite delicate and susceptible to scratches.
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2. Allstar Innovations Reheatza Microwave Crisper

Your As-Seen-On-TV crisping pan. If you have seen the Allstar crisper in TV promotions, you surely will get what you’ve see when you purchase one because the ads were true and this crisping tray is very reliable.

You can cook any kind of food or dish quickly and you need not worry about splatters in your microwave.

Like how the typical crisping tray works, it distributes the microwave heat evenly on the food you are cooking or reheating which gives you the well-cooked food with desired crispiness and taste.


  • This crisping tray has a lid to prevent splatter and retain food moisture.
  • It has a diameter of 10 inches that fits most microwaves with turntables.
  • Best for reheating your refrigerated food.
  • It is also best for making grilled meat or vegetables and many other dishes.


  • It is not dishwasher friendly.
  • Suitable only in microwaves with turntable.


3. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Bacon Grill

Your bacon mate pan. This crisping tray is designed for crisping bacons in the microwave.

Yes, it can also be used to cook or reheat other food as well but if you want that crispy cracking bacon, this is the best crispy tray for you.

Even though this is not promoted as a crisping pan or tray, this also works like any other crispers and can give your food an excellent result.



  • It features a ridged tray to contain drips from food like excess oil and water making your food crisper and healthier.
  • It also has a vented cover that prevents splatters inside your microwave.
  • It is dishwasher friendly.


  • It may easily wear after some years because of the kind of material used.
  • We should also be concerned of health issues in the future when using plastic to cook in the microwave.


4. MACONEE Microwave Sandwich Maker and Crisper

Your sandwich tray expert. This crisping pan is also designed for making your favorite sandwiches, pancakes, waffles and grilling meat, fish, and veggies effortlessly

This is very handy for preparing meals that you usually grill either manually or by electric griller.

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  • It has non-sticky aluminum plate that prevents food from sticking and you can have that perfect grilled food.
  • Its silicone detachable handle makes it easier and safer to move it.
  • The materials used are FDA and EPA approved so it is safe to use.


  • It is only available in medium size 7 x 6 dimension that fits well in your microwave so you may have to cook in batches.
  • It has no grooves so excess liquid might soak food or leaks inside the microwave.


5. Microhearth Grill Pan for Microwave Cooking

Your all-in-one pan. Unlike common or typical crisping pan that you use to cook and grill food with, it gives you the authentic taste and crisp the way the food is traditionally cooked.

This will make you work around the kitchen on other things while grilling, frying, toasting, broiling, baking, or steaming your favorite dish.

This pan simply cooks anything for you quickly and easily.


  • The pan is designed using SPS plastic with high heat resistance and low conductivity that makes it hot enough to cook any dish while the pan is cool enough for you to handle.
  • It has non-stick surface which is scratch resistant.
  • The grooved edges contain the drips from your food so it will not leak in your microwave or soak your food.
  • The ceramic-coated lid prevents retains enough moisture so your food will not dry up and prevent splatters.


  • It works by converting the microwave energy to far infrared energy to cook food and there is no evidence yet on how this might affect our health.
  • There is less review about this product online and some negative feedbacks where left answered by the manufacturer.
Crisping Trays
Crisping Trays

Related Questions

Are microwave browning plates the same as crisping trays?

Some terms like browners and browning pans were used to call crisping pans or trays. Though we might be used to calling it crisping pans or trays, if you intend to use it in your microwaves be sure to check its specifications whether it is safe on your microwave or not.


Why do Hot Pockets have sleeves?

Cardboard sleeves on your Hot Pocket and other microwaveable kitchen wares help in cooking food while inside the microwave. They are called “susceptors” and they converge heat temperature into the Hot Pocket to cook food.

Can you brown food in a microwave without a browning dish or crisping plate?

Yes, you can use any microwaveable dish or trays to brown food or even cook food in the microwave.  You can also use our microwave grilling feature to brown food or make them crispy but be sure to follow the guide or recipe to come up with your desired result.

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