Best Pie Servers

Best Pie Servers

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Even if you don’t have a very sweet tooth, there is definitely a pie for you. A major part of what you will enjoy is getting your pie on the plate to look spectacular irrespective of if it is a cheesecake or meringue. If you want your pie to have a nice presentation, using an excellent pie server will serve that purpose.

You need to take getting the best sets of pie servers seriously even though you might feel it shouldn’t be something so serious. Your pie will arrive on your dessert plate beautifully and well intact when you use the correct pie serve to serve the slice. If you want to achieve this, you need to use a tool that can be easily maneuvered and feels good to use.

The pie server you should use should be the right shape and size that can be easily slid into your dish to pick the slices without allowing them to fall or crumble. You will need to go through some stress if you want to get it right and this is why we have made a list that contains the best seven pie servers that you will find on the market.

Best Pie Servers
Best Pie Servers

The 7 (Seven) Best Pie Servers

  1. Cake & Pie Cutter Set Bundle

You should use this brand for serious pie and cake aficionados. It is a collection that can be used to cover every dessert occasion. The collection ensures that the dessert is delicious and also professional when presented.

Key features:

  • The set can be used for almost anything. You can use it to cut in a motion to mark and then use the server or a knife to finish off the job. It will give all your guests the perfect slices.
  • You could select the number of slices you want to accommodate.
  1. Peleg Design CakeDozer Cool Pie and Cake Server With a Small Equipped Bulldozer

Use this particular brand of pie server to delight and impress your guests. It is very practical to use and has been designed to be fun to use.

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Key features:

  • This brand works well for sticky desserts which you may need to scrape off the server that could turn to a mess when you serve on a plate.
  • The server is kitschy and heavy-duty. You can also use it to serve heavy slices of pie and cake.


  1. Mud Pie Vintage Inspired Cake Just Dessert Server

When you want a very practical and fun to use pie server, go for this particular brand. This brand can be used at your dinner parties ensuring you use it excellently to serve your pie.

Key features:

  • You will feel retro when you hand-wash this tool.
  • It is perfect for your layered cake and it is vintage-inspired.
  1. The Pioneer Woman Celia Linen Pie Server

Talk of a gorgeous pie server, this particular pie server has a floral design that makes it look like a tool of art that is handy.

Key features:

  • The brand produces products that are collector’s items that make them a conversation starter.
  • This tool is produced from stoneware that is very durable and of high quality. It is also safe to be washed in the dishwasher.


  1. Debbie Meyer’s Kake Kut’r Cake & Pie Slicer Cutter Stainless Steel White Handle

When you use this tool, it will cut and grip your pie or cake in a motion, allowing you to pull it smoothly and put it inside the plate. You will not need to cut and scoop it in multiple times. This particular brand is likely to work better when used for cake than for pie but the tool will make you look impressive.

Key features:

  • It has well sturdy blades that cut through pies and cakes but it is not that sharp to cut the skin. This means a younger member of the family can conveniently use it.
  • When you use this tool, you will serve your last piece as easy as you have served your first piece.
  1. ORBLUE Flatware Pie Server Stainless Steel Cake Cutter

This particular brand allows you to use the pie server to cut your pie as well. It is very sharp and stable to get into the pie cleanly. It only has a disadvantage in that it is not so flexible so it may be a bit difficult to use it to carry your first slice of pie.

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Key features:

  • This pie server is resistant to rust and it means it is safe to be washed in a dishwasher.
  • The tool is very attractive, having a brushed steel handle and a very smooth blade.
  1. OXO Good Grips Black Nylon Flexible Pie Server

When you are looking for a pie server that can be used in almost all kitchens, this particular brand is a great option. The pie server is flexible and this makes it very easy to use it to serve into plates without ending up scratching them. The only disadvantage is that it is not too good for cutting slices, you will need a knife to cut tougher pieces of pie.

Key features:

  • This is one of the OXO Good Grips line’s products and that makes it easy for the user to handle. You don’t need to be concerned about it getting slipped from the hand when trying to serve your perfect slice pie.
  • The pie server is serrated on each of the sides making it very easy for both left and right-handed servers.

Top Tips For Cutting and Serving Pie

You have only solved half of your battle by having the right set of tools, you will also have to know the correct way to properly use them. Remember these tips you should use to cut and then serve your pie before you begin to slice:

  • Use a very clean damp cloth to help occasionally wipe the knife blade so that your sticky sweet will not mess with the perfect slices.
  • To score your pie, use serrated knives but it will be caused to crumble by sawing motions, you need to be careful. Use a paring knife to get a nice clean and sharp cut if there are chunks of fruit in the pie.
  • Endeavor to cut a minimum of half of your pie before you try to remove your first slice. Select the middle piece because it will be cleaner.
  • It is best when a very flexible server is used for your first slice because it is always the hardest and you need to ensure to cut it clean.
  • The pies will remain intact better when they are cooled. In case you want the pie to be warm, first, cool it, slice it, and then warm individual slice. When you do it like this, you will get a less crumbled and cleaner outcome.
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How To Slice And Serve your Decorative Pies

If you follow the tips discussed above, you can use them for almost all standard pies. However, if you a piece of art, ensure the beauty is not only on the finished pie you have left untouched but also on your plate. The main trick is how you set up the slices. You need to ensure a more clear section of your design is on each of the plates.

Line the slices to have a whole shape for each slice if you have already made different shapes from the crust to help in decorating the edge. Try to appropriately space and size the decorations to make it easier before you proceed to bake your pie.

In case you have decorative trim irrespective of it is scalloped, braided, or fluted, space the slices for the decoration to be cut at the start of each of the new shapes instead of through the middle. To cut out the pie crust, slice a honeycomb or lattice, begin with a sharp knife that will be a bit easier when cold, however, the slices are going to be depended on individual patterns.

Related Questions

What is a dough scraper or bench knife?

A pastry or dough scraper is the same thing as a bench knife that has a flat sheet whose metal is rectangular. It has a cutting edge that is somewhat sharp and straight though the sharpness may not be like that of a knife. The handle is large and is primarily used to scrape the dough off the counter and to cut them into very small pieces that make it easier for the user to use without using flour on the surfaces that much which could alter your dough recipe.

Is a cake knife the same as a pie server?

A pie server and cake server are considered the same though some chef cut cakes with separate knives. You are likely to sometimes see them in a set. You will notice the server being triangular that is perfect to pick your slice of pie or cake. Your cake knife is likely to be serrated and long just like your bread knife.

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