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Coconut Water Powder – What is it?

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Water from young coconuts is usually slightly sweet, it is a surprisingly refreshed beverage. Different supplement companies are now freeze-drying this treat and then packaging it to be used for consumption. Medical scientists and nutritionists have been studying coconuts for a long time but what we know that is still relatively fresh for studies is coconut water powder.

You are likely not to know anything about it and that is why we are here. Ranging from the use, nutritional benefits, as well as convenience for people living in non-tropical areas, coconut water powder can be used as a substitute for freshly tapped coconut water.

Everything You Need To Know About Coconut Water Powder

All parts of coconuts are very useful, from the outer fibrous shell through to the water within the fruit. People who live in tropical areas would have taste coconut water fresh usually using a straw to suck from the seed. In areas of North America, they have more familiarity with the oil, milk, and flesh of coconut just because they can be more kept in storage than the water.

It has also been discovered that those in areas of North America tend to harvest more mature coconuts. However, a green young coconut fruit will produce the best ever coconut water, preferably those that are less than 6 (six) months. Coconut water is mainly water, in fact, about 96% of it is water. The remainder is composed of top-quality nutrients such as fiber, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, natural sugars, minerals, vitamins, and others.

You will get coconut water powder when you evaporate and then freeze-dry the liquid to become a powder. The powder can then become rehydrated when liquid or plain water is added to it.

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Is Coconut Water Powder Good For You?

You don’t need to study or seek approval before you take this food supplement. It has been accepted generally that the powder contains the same benefits as found in freshly tapped coconut water. This may not be 100 percent accurate but because there is no further information about it, we will take it that they both have the same benefits. For different reasons, coconut water has plenty of benefits for you.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Since the outer, hard shell can be cracked, coconut has been used for hydration in most tropical countries. It has been used to fight against very high temperatures that are seen in the tropics. Vitamin D, iron, and calcium are all found richly in coconut water and they are all considered to be essential parts of diets.

Coconut water does not have any added cholesterol or fat that will be gotten from animal products. Coconut water is a great antioxidant source that helps to neutralize the body’s free radicals. This serves as protection from any damaged cell that may cause cancer, aging, and other types of chronic diseases. Generally, coconuts are very good for the heart because they help to balance the level of cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

The regular consumption of coconut water will allow you to remain regular digestively. Despite being a liquid, you will greatly get fiber from it. When you are well hydrated, it will help to better maintain your muscles, give you a higher energy level, clear skin, and improved focus mentally. Those on strict diets like vegetarians and vegans can stick to it because it is Paleo and Keto-friendly.

Coconut Water Powder
Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Water for Athletic Performance

Coconut water serves as a great benefit for athletes that are recovering from very hard workouts or to help them go through endurance exercises. The liquid is rich in anti-oxidant, and it teams up with electrolytes and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. This helps to balance the hydration levels better when compared to plain water.

Rather than consuming sports beverages that have been compounded with fillers, sugar, and artificial flavors, coconut water will help the muscles to recover without much soreness. It can be taken before and after your workout.

Risks Of Coconut Water Powder

Contained in coconut water is a high content of potassium, so it is not too good for those that have kidney diseases because they will not be process potassium properly. If you over-consume coconut water, despite our healthy body, you will have issues with an overdose of potassium.

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Coconut water could be very useful for those who have kidney stones, it helps to prevent, or manage their condition. Whenever calcium and some other minerals combine to form crystals, eventually turning into a small set of stones within the kidney, this is the condition called kidney stones. There is evidence that suggests that it helps to prevent these crystals from getting stuck to the kidneys, helping to reduce the size and number of possible stones.

Coconut water has its limitation despite that you can use it to substitute for sports beverages. You should not use it blindly by dangerously exercising yourself to exhaustion.

How To Use Coconut Water Powder

Coconut water powders can be used by adding to smoothies and shakes according to instructions on the package. Some powders can perfectly dissolve inside plain water while others could retain some clumps or chalky textures. You could blend it with some other textures and flavors to disguise the consistency that is not desirable.

Serving Size of Coconut Water Powder

The daily dosage of coconut water powders recommended ranges between 1 and 1.5 tsp. per 8 ounces of the glass of water. You can also add it to any volume, variety, and liquid you are convenient with.

The Best Coconut Water Powder You Can Buy

Choosing fresh coconut water from the coconut fruit is better than coconut water powders. If you, however, select powder over the canned beverage, you will end up with fewer contaminants and preservatives, and a higher content of nutrition. Many of the canned coconut water contains aluminum which has different risks attached to it. Enjoy the benefits of organic and high-quality coconut powder that is without pasteurization, sugars, or preservatives.

  1. Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder

The product helps to propagate some healthy bacteria within the soil. It cares more for the plant. However, because it was basically designed for that does not mean it cannot be consumed. The product is great for consumption.

Key Features

  • Stated on the package is that there are no humanure or bio-solids, it is made with no fertilization methods.
  • No GMOs, fillers, or preservatives.
  • Raw organic, freeze-dried coconut water.
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Biggest drawbacks:

The package does not have any instructions for use. You will need to log on to the website of the manufacturer to get the details concerning how you can apply it to plants.

  1. Coconut Water Powder by Bulksupplements

You will reduce waste when you buy in bulk and this brand provides large volumes of high-quality coconut water powders. You can use the 1kg supply for months.

Key Features

  • Tested in the lab for purity and quality,
  • Great when added to creamy sauces, smoothies, and yogurts because it works excellently by emulsifying.
  • It tastes like coconut without overwhelming the juice or smoothie completely when added to some other flavored beverages.

Biggest drawbacks:

Indicated on its nutritional label is that fat is contained in it that is likely to be associated with coconut milk powders. It could be a bit difficult to know what you are buying. However, it is healthy for the heart and it is rich in antioxidants.


  1. Earth Circle Organics Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder

The manufacturer works with sustainable organic (uncertified) farmers. This product is gotten from young coconuts from some family farms of southern India. The process of proprietary dehydration ensures that there are maximum flavor and nutrition with the environmental impact very minimal.

Key Features

  • One package equals 12 bottles of water.
  • Each of the servings has about 446mg of potassium that helps to keep hydrated for as long as possible.
  • No added additive, preservatives, colors, flavorings, or sugars. The powder is fully made from coconut water.

Biggest drawbacks:

The product does not taste exactly like fresh coconut water, however, it is a general case for all supplements that are compared to the fresh ingredients.

Can you use coconut water powder for plants?

Coconut water powders have been found to be a nutrition source for plants. They are rich in minerals and vitamins which are used to enhance the growth of plants by providing the correct ingredients to help healthy bacteria flourish during the propagation of plants. It enhances root growth as well as boosts the cloning of some developing plants in hydroponic.

This is as a result of some specific cytokinins that allow the rapid uptake of nutrients and water from within the soil into a coconut palm tree. This is very essential in a competitive, tropical, hot environment. The cytokinins also help the plant to grow noticeably sturdier and taller in some controlled gardens. The seeds will undergo cell division faster leading to the growth of more shoots. Coconut water powders are very beneficial for plants irrespective of the way you want to use them.

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