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Can You Freeze Sweet Potato Fries? How To Freeze Sweet Potato Fries?

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Talk of wonderful addition to nearly any meal, sweet potato fries are one of them. They can also be used to replace white potato fries in dishes. This is because sweet potato fries are considered to be much healthier than the normal ones.

Can You Freeze Sweet Potato Fries?

Fries can be frozen. We have compiled some methods below that will help you to get your crisp fries back even after storing and cooking them. This is irrespective of how long you have stored them or the method of cooking.


How And Why To Freeze Sweet Potato Fries

You can always make extra fries to freeze them and eat them later whenever you are making yourself some certain fries. This is because you can prepare them easily, up to 10 or 20 pounds of fries, and store them in batches in portion bags which you can later use.

Frozen fries can last for several months, they also come out from frozen just like what they tasted just as when they were first made. It is also cheaper to do and you can also save yourself a lot of time by freezing them. Whenever you are trying to make fries, preparations take almost all the time. You can scrub some extra potatoes easily if you are already preparing some fries, you can then chop them and later store them so that you can use them later.

You will save yourself a lot of time by cooking your sweet potato fries and storing them in the freezer. They do not take too much space in the freezer and that means you can store them in batches without a problem. The advantage of having your homemade fries is that it is cheaper per serving more than the ones bought from the store. You will save yourself a lot of money by just working extra minutes on making your fries yourself.

The Best Way To Freeze Sweet Potato Fries

Freezing your fries immediately you have prepared them is the best way for you to freeze them so that you will have the best result after you thaw and then cook them. Check below for how you can best prepare your fries before you freeze them:

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

Step 1 (One): Make Your Fries

It is quite simple to make the fries, though it could be time-consuming. You can start the preparation process by peeling your potatoes using any method you prefer; you can also use a peeler which is the easiest. It has also been reported the peeling process is considered a great means of getting the whole family involved with your kids helping you with the peeler.

Once you have completely peeled them, cut them into fries. You can simply do this by using the crinkle cutter, perhaps you can also use any other device for fry cutting. In case you do not have any of those things, use your knife. After your fries are ready, put them inside your colander and proceed to rinse the fries under your cold tap. This is because you need to wash any excess starch from them and it will leave them delicious and crisp and it will also make them less likely to stick together after you cook or store. Dive the fries into different bowls after preparations. If you can have two large sets of potato fries inside each of the bowl, it should be enough for serving and it should also be easy to store inside freezable bags in the freezer.

Step 2 (Two): Blanche Your Fries

It is easy to blanch your fries and blanching makes a very big difference by the time you will cook them. You will get the outside of your fries crisp and the inside fluffy and tender if you pre-blanch them. All you need to do is to drop your fries for two minutes in boiling water, one bowl after the other. Once the stipulated time is over, take them out and immediately drop them in ice-cold water leaving them in the ice-cold water for a very long time for about 20 minutes. Remove them after and put them on kitchen towels or dry tea towels.

It is not essential to blanch your sweet potato fries, it is a step that can be skipped if you don’t want to do it. However, if you blanch your fries, you are sure that the reactions of enzymes that allow food to lose their texture and flavor when you store them will move a bit much slower. This means that your fries will be more delicious when you want to get them cooked.

Step 3 (Three): Dry Your Fries, And Prepare Them For Storage

Use kitchen towels to dry your fries. This may not be perfect, but in as much as you don’t have any water seen on them. You can season your fries if you love seasoning. You can add cumin, pepper, paprika, salt, or any other thing you wish to add.

Step 4 (Four). Freeze Your Fries

Put each of the portions of your fries inside your freezer bag if you have been following the guide or you can divide them into portions and then put them in your freezer. You can store your fries safely in the freezer for about six months. Please note that they will lose their texture and flavor slowly when frozen but if you follow our method, you will get the best possible delicious fries. You should endeavor to write the date in which you have frozen the fries on the freezer bag or on a paper sticker that you stick on the bags so that you can remember when they were frozen.

How To Cook Your Frozen Fries

It is very simple to cool your frozen fries when you are ready to serve them, check below for the best methods:

Cooking The Sweet Potato Fries Inside Your Oven

Remove the number of fries your need from the freezer and directly arrange them from frozen on your oven tray. You can add a drizzle or drop of olive oil or vegetable so that the fries can crisp up, though, this is not necessary. If you did not pre-season your fries, then you can season them at this moment. Season them with anything of your choice and you will still get the great taste that you want. Ensure there is an even coating if you add seasoning or oil to the fries, you will need to mix them by using your hands. Put them directly in your oven that has been preheated to a temperature of 425°F and allow it to bake for about 40 or 45 minutes, occasionally shaking or turning them so that they are not allowed to get stuck to the baking tray and that they may evenly cook.

Cooking The Sweet Potato Fries Inside the Deep Fat Fryer

The deep fat fryer can be used to cook frozen fries directly from frozen. Follow the steps below to successfully use this method:

  • Turn the fryer on and hold on until it gets to the accurate temperature before you fry the fries directly from frozen.
  • Be careful as you add frozen fries into the hot oil because it could spit for the first few seconds.
  • The cooking should be done within three to five minutes.
  • The fries will give a golden brown color once cooked though the inside will be lighter. You can check by using tongs or a fork to remove a fry and cut it open to see if it is done or you can even try to eat it.

Cooking Frozen Sweet Potato Fries On a Stove

You can use your stove to cook your fries by placing them on a pan, all you have to do is to pour vegetable oil around ½ or ¼ inch of the pan. Follow the instructions below:

  • Allow your vegetable oil to preheat on medium-high.
  • Proceed by adding the fries until they cover the whole bottom of your pan. The fries are not supposed to be clump and you should not add so many. They should be in single layers with space that is enough for each to move freely when you stir them.
  • You should be careful when adding the frozen fries into the oil because it could spit for the first few seconds.
  • You can allow them to fry for three to five minutes and occasionally turn them so that they can evenly cook.

Related Questions

What’s the best seasoning for my sweet potato fries?

Sweet potato fries are very versatile and you can season them with anything. Check the following for your popular choices:

  • Cayenne
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Garlic Powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Cumin
  • Paprika

You can perform various experiments, they are not expensive, and experimenting will help you discover new flavors.


How long do sweet potatoes last before I have to use them?

Your sweet potatoes can last for a long time before using them from storage. Just like all other potatoes, you need to store your sweet potatoes inside a dark cool place. They will last up to one or two weeks when stored this way. You should not freeze or refrigerate raw sweet potatoes because the potatoes will get frozen internally and this will allow them to have bad taste and also become tough. The sweet potatoes will last up to six months inside a freezer before they should be used. However, cooked potatoes can be kept inside the freezer forever but they will begin to break down after six months and their texture and taste start to degrade.

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