How to Refrigerate Baked Potatoes

How to Refrigerate Baked Potatoes? Is it Safe?

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Bake potatoes, garnish it with your favorite dressing and top it with some meat can be very delicious and nutritious as well as easy to make.

Healthy eating is the best way to keep our minds and bodies healthy, but due to fast-pace life nowadays some people tend to have less time preparing their meals at home and resort to eating in restaurants or in some fast-food chains.

Baked potatoes is one of the best meals that you can prepare quickly and store in your fridge for your next meal if you are a busy body who does not have enough time to cook.


One big question is, would it be safe to store your baked potatoes in the refrigerator?

The answer is a big Yes, you can store baked potatoes in the refrigerator or fridge given that you prepared it well for storage. It should be put in a clean, dry, and closed container before putting it inside your fridge. Your fridge should also be at the right temperature to guarantee that it will not be a good breeding place for molds and other bacteria.

This article will help you how to correctly store baked potatoes in the fridge.


Safely Refrigerating Baked Potatoes

We normally refrigerate our food with the thought of keeping them for a longer time for our next consumption.  We know that how our food has been packaged and stored affects its shelf life or freshness as well the temperature where we keep our food.

If you are a baked potato lover like me, I know that you are mindful about how to keep it where it will remain best for consumption and be free from any odors.

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It is believed that potatoes are absorbents, they tend to easily absorb the smell of food near them that is why if we want it to be free from other unwanted smell and wanted to retain that creamy baked potato odor, we have to package it neatly and correctly.

It is best to use organic food wraps to ensure that it will not absorb odors inside the fridge, and this is what I often use to store my baked potatoes. Organic food wraps are easy to find nowadays because more people are going pro-green and healthy.

You can also use a zip-lock bag and be sure it is tightly sealed or store it in a clean and dry tub with lid.

  • Temperature

The temperature where we keep our food is very important, thus it is equally essential to store our baked potatoes inside our fridge within the correct temperature. It is best to keep baked potatoes at temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent any kind of bacteria to grow on it.

  • Storage

Baked potatoes like any other well-kept food will remain healthy for consumption even when left in a fridge for a few days but this will be affected by the kind of container or wrappings you used to store it.

  • Plastic storage

Plastic wrappers or container can be used to store baked potato. Be it a moisture-free container or a resealable bag can help prevent other food odor so sip in and avoid oxygen from getting in. This is the key for retaining the freshness of baked potatoes while stored in the refrigerator.

  • Reusable Food Wrap

If you are an advocate of keeping our environment clean and green, I know you will appreciate the use of recyclable food wrappers to pack your baked potatoes before putting it in the fridge. You can keep the freshness of food using organic food wraps like those made of beeswax and other variants.

Baked potatoes with butter or some paste is best kept in a container with lid so as not to make your package slicky if you chose to use food wraps or plastic bags.

  • Aluminum foil
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Using aluminum foil as food wrap is linked to botulinum toxin poisoning which is very dangerous to people.  When food is wrap in aluminum foil and stored in the refrigerator, the toxin will start to develop on the food and eating that food can make people sick.

Always remember not to use aluminum foil to store baked potatoes. If you used the foil to bake it, let it cool for a moment and transfer the cooked potatoes in a different container before putting it in the refrigerator.

How to Refrigerate Baked Potatoes
How to Refrigerate Baked Potatoes

Quick Cool Potatoes

After cooking your potatoes, you must let it cool before storing in the refrigerator. You can let it cool down for a few minutes or rinse it in cold water.  It is not good to put warm potatoes in the refrigerator as this will affect the temperature inside the fridge. If this happens, it will be a good ground for bacteria to grow on the food.


How Long Does A Baked Potato Last?

When uncooked potatoes are frozen it has a longer shelf life from three to six months. Baked potatoes which are packed in moisture-free containers and kept in the fridge can still be good for consumption only within 5 days.


Reheating A Baked Potato

  • After taking if from your fridge, be sure to remove all the plastic wrappings and have it ready for reheating.
  • Heat up your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat your baked potatoes and set the time based on how cold or frozen your baked potato is.
  • A microwave can also be used to reheat baked potatoes. Set it for reheating in one minute but be sure to check it after every 30 seconds.


How To Ensure Your Baked Potato Is Safe To Eat

  1. Store baked potatoes right after it is cooked. Baked potatoes should not be left sitting for more than 2 hours in a room with temperature at or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit as this will promote fast growth of bacteria regardless of the kind of packaging you use on it. After letting it cool, package it well and keep it in your fridge.
  2. Use the best wrap to store baked potatoes. Food wraps and containers also affect how easily some bacteria can grow on food. Always use moisture-free food containers and wraps and never use aluminum foil to store them because of the high risk of getting botulinum toxin on your food.
  3. Reheat baked potatoes only once. After cooking baked potatoes and putting it in your refrigerator, it can only be reheated once because reheating them more than once can also contribute to the fast growth of bacteria on your potatoes which may lead to illness when consumed.
  4. Consume stored baked potatoes in 5 days. If the baked potatoes are well -packed and stored in the fridge at the right temperature, it will be suitable for eating within 5 days and no more than that. However, always check your food before eating them to ensure that no other odor or color can be observed from the food.
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Related Questions about Baked Potatoes

How long can baked potatoes be left at room temperature?

Baked potatoes can be left sitting on your table at room temperature for not more than 2 hours. To ensure that it is safe to eat, do not left them at room temperature for more than two hours or you will just have to waste it away.


Can you freeze whole baked potatoes?

Cooked potatoes can be stored in the fridge though it is not the best option. Once potatoes are frozen you will need to thaw it before reheating it, it will become watery and it could affect the taste of baked potatoes and will not look unappealing to eat.


Can you freeze mashed, scalloped, or frozen potatoes?

You can freeze mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes or roasted potatoes that has been packed appropriately in a tight-closed containers or air-free resealable bags but be sure to remember its shelf life.


How long can a baked potato last in the freezer?

Frozen baked potatoes can have a shelf-life of 6 months and can still be consumed by then but remember that certain factors like how well you packed them before freezing can also affect its shelf life.


How long will a baked potato last after being frozen and thawed?

Cooked potatoes no matter the recipe can still be good for consumption within its shelf-life but after it has been thawed from your freezer and reheated, whatever is left after consumption should be thrown out.


How can you tell if a potato has gone bad?

Before reheating your cooked potatoes for consumption, check if there has been any change in color or appearance or how it smells. The physical appearance and odor can tell you whether it is still good to be eaten or should be discarded right after.


How to Refrigerate Baked Potatoes

The best way to store baked potatoes is in a refrigerator with temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to use moisture free containers or food wraps, and never use aluminum foil to store it to avoid poisonous toxins on your food.

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