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Can You Freeze Chocolate? – The Amazing Guide

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Some people fancy chocolate and crave even just a bite every day to energize them, so they keep it handy in their fridge.  Some who has got chocolate but does not really like it will also stock it up until they feel like eating it. Either of the two types of people will need to store chocolates till it is best to eat either by refrigerating or freezing the chocolate.

Therefore, can you freeze chocolates? Certainly, if you need to stock it for months to a year then you can freeze it, but you must place it in an airtight food container or freezer bags.

We like to give you more details about chocolates and how to store them correctly just keep reading on.


Freezing Chocolate – Right or Wrong?

There is no harm freezing chocolates as the ingredients of this sweet delight are aimed to be stored for years provided it is handled or kept properly.

You must note that when chocolates are frozen the fat and sugar ingredients in them are crystalized and chocolates could have a different texture.

However, even if the texture can be slightly changed, it will not affect its state.

How to Properly Freeze and Defrost Chocolate

There are simple ways on freezing chocolates, and it could be a lot easier if you will consider how it is packaged by the store.

Chocolate candies or bars are usually individually wrapped in an airtight packaging like foil and plastics when you buy them.

You need not removed their store packaging if you want to freeze it because it is already packaged well, but you can enhance the layer of protection for your chocolates by placing them in a tightly sealed freezer bags or airtight food containers before putting them in the freezer.

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Chocolates are absorbent, so it is best to double-wrap them before freezing to ensure less chance of air and other food odors from sipping in your chocolates.

If you need to thaw your frozen chocolate, it recommended that you leave it to thaw in the fridge and not at room temperature.

Frozen chocolates will thaw well inside the fridge or chiller instead of abruptly thawing it at room temperature. If there is an abrupt temperature change, the chocolate can have a soggy outer layer while it is still frozen in the core.

If you will cook a recipe with chocolates, then it could be okay to leave it at room temperature but be sure that you will cook it right after it is thawed and do not re-freeze it.

What Types of Chocolate Can You Freeze?

Chocolates come in various types and add on ingredients like nuts, raisins, caramel, and others. These add-ons may differ the freezing time, but it will freeze just as well, and will still be safe to eat.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates which are purely cocoa is what we call dark chocolate. It does not contain milk and other forms of emulsifier unlike the other kinds of chocolates in the market.

This kind of chocolate can be stored for up to two years provided it is tightly wrapped or sealed tightly in a container and stored at temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Milk Chocolate

When cocoa is processed with milk and sugar, we get white chocolate. It is rich in dairy and sugar unlike dark chocolate. It will be good after freezing but always remember that good packaging can prolong or shorten its shelf life. In case you need to store it for months to a year, package it in an airtight food wraps or containers.

Chocolate Chips

Though we do not really keep food for years in our fridge nor freeze it that long, still there are food like chocolate chips and dark chocolates that can be stored that long.  Even at room temperature, chocolate chips can be edible for up to two years.

It could be a chocolate cookie you bought from the store or homemade, if it is stored properly, you can have it for at least one year.

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Chocolate Bar

Chocolate candies and chocolate bars can be stored in the fridge or refrigerated and will remain best for a year.

Chocolates are made for longer shelf life, if packaged properly and kept frozen it will remain consumable for more than year though in reality we do not stock up on chocolates for years in our fridge.

How Long Does Chocolate Last in the Fridge and in the Freezer?

Chocolates are sturdy food for storage because it has longer shelf life whether frozen or even left at room temperature.

Untouched chocolate retains its state for at least a year even when left at room temperature. You can leave it on the table to take apiece each time you crave, and it will remain edible for up to nine months. You will be amazed too that it will remain good to eat even when kept frozen for more than a year in your fridge.

For your reference on chocolates’ shelf life at storage:

  • Chocolates left at room temperature will be good up to nine months.
  • Refrigerated chocolates remain best for up to one year.
  • Frozen chocolates remain best for up to two years.


Remember that dark chocolates, milk chocolates and chocolates with add on ingredients may freeze differently. Also, the shelf life we listed above are just for reference. You can also check the label on chocolates you bought to know it has an expiration.

Freeze Chocolate
Freeze Chocolate

Why Does Chocolate Turn White in the Freezer?

When you open your frozen or refrigerated chocolates, you will see a whitish coating. Do not fret because it is not spoiled, and it is safe to eat.

Why do chocolates create this white coat? The white coating on the chocolate is the result of the process called “fat bloom”. This happens when the fat and sugar crystals on the chocolate is moisturized because it is placed in a very cold or very hot temperature.

Interestingly, molds do not grow on chocolates because chocolates are dehydrated solid food made from sugar and cacao. Food-borne molds usually grow on wet or watery food.

So, if you see any white coating or somewhat grayish it is due to the fat but not due to molds thus it is safe to eat.

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Does Chocolate Taste Better Frozen?

You could have eaten frozen chocolates or chocolates stored at normal temperature and you might think that its taste changes but in fact they are not. However, due to the temperature which affects the state of the chocolate they somehow taste a bit differently.

When chocolate is stored at room temperature, it tends to be a bit soft or chewy while if you freeze it, it becomes hard or brittle that you can snap it to pieces.

Some chocolates have undergone the tempering process. It is a process where chocolates are heated and chilled over again to get the desired firmness. Freezing chocolates though different from tempering gives the same solid form to chocolates that you can snap.

Some reasons why frozen chocolate may taste better to some people:

  1. Chocolate candies may have little amount of chocolate in it and have lots of sugar. When these sweets are frozen, they taste better because lightly sweetened candies become a bit tasteless.
  2. Frozen chocolates get a waxy texture due to fat blooming which others find to be of best texture when eaten.
  3. Dark chocolates are a bit bitter as it is, when frozen it seems to somehow lose bitterness.
  4. Sometimes chocolates left at room temperature becomes soft and mushy which other people do not like so they prefer it chilled or frozen.

The texture of the chocolate and the temperature it is at before eating it affects how it taste in our mouth. Also, each of us really has a unique taste that is incomparable to others.


Is Freezing the Best Way to Store Chocolate?

Freezing chocolates is not the only best way to keep it. Though freezing is good, it is also safe to just keep it refrigerated or chilled. Here are other tips for you.

  • You can preserve chocolates in your pantry or cupboard if it is cool and dry.
  • Your chocolates can be best stored at temperature between 65 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wrapped chocolates tightly or have it vacuum sealed before storing.


Related Questions

Can You Freeze Chocolate Mousse?

Freezing chocolate mousse is fine however if you used raw or fresh eggs in it, there might be risks of bacterial growth due to exposure to different temperatures, otherwise it is safe for freezing.

Remember that mousse inflates when frozen so leave an extra space on your container or freezer bags where it could expand.


Can You Freeze Chocolate Pudding?

You can freeze chocolate pudding and since it is gelatinous, it will never freeze hard like ice. It will only turn frosty and you might enjoy frosty chocolate pudding, and it will remain best to eat within three days.

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