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Pinto Beans Vs Red Beans – What’s the difference?

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There are various varieties of beans, you must come across or eaten a lot of them. The truth is that, as you eat, you should be able to tell the difference between the varieties and their different benefits. Most legumes are considered to be similar in their looks and tastes, most of them also have closely related nutritional benefits, but they are all different and these differences are worth knowing.

What we want to show you in this guide is to show you the differences that are between the popular red beans and pinto beans. The major worth knowing difference between red beans and pinto beans type is that red beans are very common in Asia cuisines while pinto beans are very common in cuisines of Latin America. When you consider nutrition, you can say that they are both similar but they are slightly different in minerals and vitamins. You have to continue reading if you want more insights into what you are supposed to know.

What Are Red Beans?

Consider the name “red beans” as a name given to the beans that are small and have a red color. You can also refer them to as Adzuki beans even though you may find it very hard to remember. Red beans are grown traditionally in East Asia. When you consider the South, you will most commonly find red beans in delicious and rich Cajun cuisine or the Caribbean inspired like the common Louisiana Beans and Rice. Because red beans are very small in size, people tend to love them easily most especially if they are trying legumes in their diets for the first time. Red beans are slightly sweet and have a flavor that is somewhat nutty.

What Are Pinto Beans?

You can regard pinto beans as a dietary meal in almost all the countries in Latin America and they are also considered to be the most popularly grown and used dried beans in the United States. “Pinto” in Spanish means painted. This is because of the speckled light brown color making them dry beans. After cooking, they usually turn to solid pinkish-brown color and they are very popular because they are prepared and eaten easily either mashed or whole.

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Pinto Beans
Pinto Beans


Health Comparison of Pinto Beans to Red Beans

Red beans and pinto beans are both full of nutrients and they can be added to salads, pasta, stews, and soups. You may have the question of the comparison of their nutritional contents considering vitamins and grams.

Per One Cup, Cooked Red Beans    

Pinto Beans

Calories 294 245
Grams Percentage Daily Value Grams Percentage Daily Value
Carbohydrates 57 44.8
Fat 0.2 1.1
Sugar 0 .06
Fiber 16.8 15.4
Protein 17.3 15.4
(Thiamin) Vitamin B1 18% 22%
Vitamin B6 11% 20%
(Folate) Vitamin B9 70% 74%
Calcium 6% 8%
Iron 26% 20%
Magnesium 30% 21%
Phosphorous 39% 25%
Potassium 35% 21%
Zinc 27% 11%
Copper 34% 19%
Manganese 66% 39%
Selenium 4% 15%
The chart displayed above does not contain all the nutritional information but it still shows clearly the minerals and vitamins that are in high concentration in the two beans. You will notice that pinto beans have lower carbohydrates and calories, but red beans contain more fiber and protein. Red beans contain more minerals while pinto beans are more concentrated with vitamins. They are both overall very healthy, but they both have where their superpowers lie.

The fiber contains in them is very essential for health as it helps to control the blood sugar level, helps in making sure the heart is healthy, and also helps to maintain a healthy digestive gut. According to research, up to 95% of the citizens of America are not meeting their necessary daily fiber requirements. Red beans and pinto beans also have high folate content that is important most especially for pregnant women, helping to protect the growing fetuses against defects of birth.

Both of these beans also have high constituents of antioxidants though we didn’t include them in the chart displayed above. What antioxidant does is to protect the body against some damages done internally by some free radicals that may lead to chronic diseases such as cancer. According to some studies, red beans may contain about 29 different varieties of antioxidants. This is one of the richest antioxidants supplies of all foods that are being eaten.

Popular Uses of Pinto Beans and Red Beans

There is this kind of transition going on across the world with most people trying to reduce their consumption of meat and starting to integrate beans into their diet so that the transition can be easy, safe, and healthy. In case you wish to stop taking meats on Mondays, the star attraction you may end up with might be beans and you necessarily do not have to totally stop eating meat before you can add beans as part of your meal.

It is quite easy and inexpensive to prepare both red beans and pinto beans. All you need to do is to soak the beans overnight and you will simmer them inside broth or herbed water for about two to four hours. After you are done cooking, you could consider using them in a variety of ways in your dish. To get a great gluten-free and protein-rich option, you can grind your dried beans into flour.

Soaking, Sprouting, and Fermenting Beans

You need to soak all of your dried beans before you eat them because when they are dry, beans usually have anti-nutrients that make sure it is very difficult for minerals in the beans to be absorbed by the body. When you ferment, sprout, or soak, you will reduce the anti-nutrients in the beans and each of its nutrients will become available and also very easy for the body to digest properly.

To sprout beans:

  • The first step is to soak the beans for a minimum of eight hours but you could make it 12 hours or even for longer hours.
  • Rinse your beans and proceed to add them into a jar like a Wick jar that has a very wide mouth.
  • Cover the jar at the top using a sprouting mesh or cheesecloth and secure it with rubber bands.
  • Prop or turn the jar so that the mouth will face downwards, making all the left out moisture to easily drain out.
  • You have to rinse them and as well drain them at least twice a day with the jar being propped this way for up to three to four days until your beans have been nicely sprouted.
  • You can consider rinsing them and draining them for the last time at this point, storing them inside a well-sealed container inside the refrigerator.
  • Eat or use them within some days to get the best out of them.

Common Red Bean Preparations

  1. Authentic Louisiana red rice and beans are regarded as a savory, classic Cajun stew of this celery, onions, bell peppers, Andouille sausage, red beans, and they are usually served on Tobasco spiced rice.
  2. Natto is made traditionally by fermenting soybeans and they could also be prepared from using red beans of lighter flavor.
  3. Traditionally, red beans are usually boiled using sugar, then they are mashed to get a very sweet red paste that is commonly used to fill various deserts of East Asia.

Dishes Traditionally Made With Pinto Beans

  1. Refried beans are made when you mash cooked beans into hot fat before you fry them until they are consistently perfect. Many Mexican dishes have refried beans as a standard companion.
  2. Southern pinto beans get prepared like a stew though they are flavored with smoked turkey or ham hocks and also chicken stock, onion, and garlic.
  3. Mexican pinto beans get prepared by cooking them in a stew of vegetable broth, chili powder, onion, garlic, spicy peppers, and tomatoes.

Dishes Suited To Any Bean

  1. Chickpeas are, however, traditionally used to make them but you can also use any bean.
  2. Veggie burgers
  3. Salads, pasta, stews, and soups
  4. Bean dip
  5. Chili

Frequently Asked Questions about Beans

Are beans good for losing weight?

If you are on a weight-loss diet, beans are great for you due to their high constituent of protein and fiber that will help you satiate for a longer time and also help to curb overeating and cravings. The fiber also helps to regulate the digestive system so that waste is not being carried longer than they should be. The protein helps the body to repair after the weight loss workouts.

Do beans make you fart? (and how to avoid this?)

As a result of the high amount of oligosaccharide (sugar) and fiber in beans, they are known to cause gas. The sugar does not usually break down in the process of normal digestion with the gut bacteria at the extreme end of the large intestine needed to digest it and the result may be undesirable. If you want to reduce this effect, you need to soak them for a minimum of eight hours and you should also frequently change the water. You may also get digestive enzymes that will help to digest the fiber and sugar without causing any gaseous consequence.

Which beans have the most flavor?

You should consider chickpeas for the distinct texture and flavor. It is quite easy to tell the difference even with the eyes closed. Fava beans could also be considered to have substantial flavors.

Which beans are the healthiest?

It is a bit difficult to select the beans that are the healthiest because they all have healthy nutrients. They, however, have their specific areas where they edge one another. There is soy, navy, black, kidney, or mung. It all depends on what you want to achieve by eating the beans.

Are red beans the same as kidney beans?

Red beans are different from kidney beans in that they have a flavor and nutrition that are slightly different and they are also much smaller. Kidney beans have lower calories and they are not as high in mineral and vitamin concentration as red beans. Kidney beans, however, have higher Vitamin K contents. They could replace each other in meals considering their similar flavor, but their cook time might slightly vary.

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