What Are Ground Oats?

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For over 4000 years, people have been taking oats as a staple for human diets irrespective of if they are used to make beer or they are consumed as porridge. This does not mean that there are no questions concerning this grain most especially when you consider the modern methods used for processing as well as packaging, and then selling.

Oats are very small kernels, they have similarities with rice grains in general look, size, and shape. A hull protects them on their stalk. The oats themselves are then cleaned and used as they are when this has been removed. However, most times, they are processed further to cut oats or create a ground.

Ground oats could be classified as to be ground raw oats varying in shapes and sizes. Ground oats can be used in baking or steamed to ensure they are easier to consume. We have written this article to help you answer every question you might have concerning ground oats.

General Questions about Ground Oats

The most popular oat cuts?

Processing oats is divided into several stages, the most popular are:

  • Oat flour: Powdered form of oats after grounding is considered to be flour. Oat flour can be made directly from the entire grains by a commercial processor. Oat flour can, however, be made by using rolled oats and a very standard food processed.
  • Instant oats or quick rolled oats are those that are steamed longer and rolled thinner.
  • Rolled oats: steamed hulled oat kernels could be flattened when your roll. This way, they become a bit quicker for you to cook partly because you have steamed them and also partly as a result of being much thinner, the time they will use to cook will be lesser.
  • Ground oats: these are sometimes regarded as milled oat, white oats, and at times Scottish oatmeal. They have been milled or stone-ground rather than cut and the pieces will be left more varied or uneven. You could end up having a powder or creamy porridge, depending on the duration you have ground the oats.
  • Steel-cut oats: if you want the oats to be quicker when cooked and slightly easier to be digested, these are chopped with sharp and steel blades into two or three pieces.
  • Whole oat grains: they are kernels or berries that come directly from wheat husk immediately after it is harvested.
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What is the best oatmeal brand?

The most famous in the USA is Quaker brand oats, however, there are brands such as 365 Everyday Value, Bob’s Red Mill, or Nature’s Path. Some of them put more effort into quality by creating more organic options.

Are ground oats the same as oat flour?

The reply to this question is yes and also no. Ground oats can be referred to as oats that are milled to get chunks. It is very common in Scotland where it is sold as Scottish oatmeal. This is not the best way to process it efficiently, so they are not very popular. You can make oat flour by processing or blending oats or using your food processor to grind them. The outcome of grinding oats for a long time is oat flour. You will need ground oats chunks if you want to make your porridge while you will need oat flour for baking.

Are oats a grain?

Oats are grains; legumes or cereal grains are the most popular edible grains. Legumes have been considered to be on their own these days. Cereals are seeds gotten from grasses like rice, barley, corn, oats, wheat, and some other ones.

Oats and Dieting

Let’s check out how oats relate to dieting:

Are oats good for diabetics?

Oats help the body to regulate insulin and glucose activity thanks to the presents of soluble fiber. Adding oats to your eating plan could manage and also prevent Type 2 diabetes. Note that your eating plan must be well-balanced. If you want your eating oats to work effectively, monitor what you are eating with it. When you add ingredients like milk, sugar, and some other, you will counteract the benefits contained in the entire grain.

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Are oats Vegan?

Oats are vegan-friendly because they are fully plant-based.

Are oats Paleo?

Oats are grains but the Paleo diet will not allow grains.

Are ground oats Keto?

Oats contain about 70% carbohydrate and eating just a tiny will absorb the whole daily carb quota you are supposed to take.

Ground Oats Nutrition

It is good to check out some basic facts about the nutrition of ground oats:

Can you use ground oats for skincare?

If you want to maximize moisture and reduce oil, oats will work for your natural skincare routine. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power that helps to improve acne and skin tone. You could also put oat into a cheesecloth packet and then add this to your warm bath to create pastes you can use as masks.

Ground oats for babies – are they safe?

One of those foods first introduced to a 6-month-old baby is oats. Choose the organic variety if you want your baby to be safe as much as possible and grind it into powder, a very fine one to reduce choking hazard. Add some water and then whisk it until it is naturally creamy and smooth.

Can oats cause bloating, gas, or constipation?

You could have digestive distress if your body is not accustomed to foods that are rich in fiber and you are taking oatmeal every blessed day. This will happen until you get your body used to it. Begin with smaller portions and adapt the bacteria present inside your digestive gut to it over time most especially if it is your first time eating whole grains or vegetables. Digestive enzymes are other things you can try.

Ground Oats
Ground Oats

Is oat flour healthy?

Oat flour has been considered to be healthy. It contains more nutrients, protein, and fiber than the all-purpose regular flour. It also has lower carbs content and it is gluten-free naturally. Oat flour contains all the essential nutrients found in the entire grain oats and that means it is a wonderful source of very important minerals such as magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese.

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Are oats wheat or are they gluten-free?

Oats are gluten-free and they are different from wheat. If you cannot tolerate gluten or you are celiac, you should use oat flour for your baked goods which are made traditionally with wheat. Oats are popularly processed in some of the facilities where wheat products are also processed, you should sensitively search for oats with the label “gluten-free” on them so that you will avoid any cross-contamination.

Are oats fattening?

They are a wonderful addition to your well-balanced diet that helps people to maintain healthy weights and also controls appetite and hunger. However, oatmeal products that have been processed and packaged conveniently are not as healthy. They are usually coated with refined and processed additives, sugars, and some other ingredients that may lead you to general unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. If you are watching your weight, eat only 100% oats that you are sure and the portion sizes should be given attention.

Are oats carbohydrates?

Oats are carb-heavy. As an entire grain, they also contain fiber in a huge amount and fiber is a kind of carb and does not have sugar. Oats also contain protein and some fats. In your 100 gram raw oats serving, you will get:

  • 17 grams of protein
  • 66 grams of carbs, 11 grams of this is fiber
  • 7 grams of fat
  • 390 calories

How to Use Ground Oats

Let’s check out how ground oats can be used in our daily eating plan:

How do you cook ground oats?

Let’s assume you want to make Scottish oatmeal, begin by adding the ground oats into boiling water. The ratio should be about ¾ water to ¼ cup of oats per serving. Then reduce it to very low heat so that it can simmer for about 10 minutes just before you serve it with nuts, fruits, spices, milk, or any of your other toppings.

If you are using oat flour to replace all-purpose regular wheat flour for baking, you could face some challenges because oat flour is gluten-free naturally and that means it does not have the ability and elasticity to rise as seen in wheat flour. You may have to add extra yeast or use a stabilizer such as Xanthan gum depending on the recipe you want to make. You may need to add additional flour. People who are novices in baking should just stick to the recipes that need exactly oat flour in them.

How do you make ground oat flour?

It is quite easy to make oat flour, all you need is to add the oats to your food mill before you blend it until you achieve a very fine powder. To save the blades of the processor, depending on how powerful it is, make use of rolled oats. However, use whole grain oats or steel-cut to retain more nutrition because they are yet to be steamed, use this if you are using a food processor or a high-end blender.

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