Best Ways To Consume Matcha

Best Ways To Consume Matcha

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Do you know that matcha is traditionally a tea in many countries in East Asia and many claimed it has originated in China?

Traditional tea is prepared by soaking leaves in hot water and by doing that, we get  a tea with lots of health benefits. With matcha, we get to drink powdered tea leaves, thus we are able to get all its health benefits without tossing away anything.

Nowadays, it has become popular not just as a hot tea, but it has been added to different kinds of beverage whether hot or cold and is simply called Matcha.

Let us learn more about matcha as a traditional tea, its health benefits and how you can make a beverage or dish with matcha.

Traditional Approach to Matcha

Dried crushed tea leaves packed into little cotton bags which are put in a bowl or cup of hot water is the traditional way to prepare tea, but this is unlike preparing powdered matcha.

Since matcha is powdered green tea leaves that you can scoop and stir in hot water, it is easier to prepare. If you like to know the art of preparing matcha traditionally, you will need a bowl (preferably ceramic), scoop, and bamboo whisk.

Here are the easy steps:

  • Boil or warm desired amount of water to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pour hot water into your ceramic bowl to warm it, then pour desired amount of hot water to make tea.
  • Scoop matcha powder and put in into warm water, then stir well using the bamboo whisk. You can make a matcha paste if you like before adding more water to make tea.
  • If you are making tea from the matcha paste, just add ample amount of water, and whisk thoroughly.
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You now have a frothy matcha tea. You can also sift the matcha tea from a bowl to the cup which is how it is usually done.


Best (aka Easiest) Ways to Drink Matcha

There are different ways to enjoy matcha and you can even make your own concoction. You can purchase matcha tea at any supermarkets or health shops, but you need to check the label to be sure that it is organic.

Japan is known export 100% organic and high quality matcha so you will be lucky to purchase this kind.

Here are simple and modern methods on how to prepare your green matcha.

Make Hot Matcha

Preparing matcha into a cup or bowl of water may be difficult to dissolve. You will need to stir it well and even use a whisk to completely dissolve it in water.

One suggested technique is by mixing it in at least ¼ cup of water to dissolve it or make it creamy before adding more water to make tea.

The easiest technique however is to dissolve the matcha powder in warm water before adding the desired amount of water.

The two techniques stated above makes it easier to dissolve matcha powder in water so your tea will not have lumps or grainy.

Once you have prepared the matcha tea, you can add your desired flavors. You can add any type of milk, honey, or sugar.

Best variations to make with Matcha

Matcha Latte

After preparing the matcha paste, add warm milk, and mix it well.  It will give you a creamy and frothy green matcha we call matcha latte. You can sprinkle some tiny sweets or just a little matcha powder to make it look fancy.


Matcha Coffee

After preparing your hot matcha tea, scoop in a hot espresso and you will get the strong taste of coffee made subtle by green tea. This matcha coffee is enjoyed by almost everyone who loves the taste of caffeine with health benefits from matcha tea.


Coconut Latte with Matcha

Follow the steps in making matcha latte but tweak it by adding coconut milk instead of dairy milk. You can add a teaspoon maple syrup or honey to sweeten. Sprinkle it with cinnamon powder or even add some vanilla.

Mocha Green Tea

Prepare your matcha paste, then add ground vanilla beans and cocoa powder. Whisk it in hot water and pour some nut milk like cashew, almond or coconut. This gives you a refreshing blend of matcha mocha.

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Drink Matcha Cold

Apart from good hot matcha, you can also prepare it with chilled water especially during summer and you will get a revitalizing chilled green tea.

Iced Matcha Tea

Cold or chilled matcha can be refreshing but you can also opt to have it with ice. You can make iced matcha and enhance its flavor by adding some mint leaves.

Iced Matcha Limeade or Lemonade

After making a paste by mixing powdered matcha with a little amount of water, add chilled water and lime or lemon juice and stir well. Refrigerate or add ice in it to make it more refreshing.

Iced Matcha Latte

Prepare your matcha latte and tweak it a bit. Others like it hot but you can also have it iced. Add your cold favorite milk and blend it until bubbly.


Matcha Mojitos

Try making a matcha mojito, and here are the simple steps:

  • Dissolve sugar in boiling water and let it sit a few minutes to cool down. You now have a matcha infused sweet or simple syrup.
  • Scoop powdered matcha into a bowl and add some sugar syrup.
  • Whisk it well until completely melded.
  • Chill the concoction by refrigerating a few minutes.
  • Prepare a glass with some mint leaves.
  • Add at least two tablespoons of matcha infused syrup.
  • Add lime juice and stir it well.
  • Add some ice cubes to chill and a shot of rum.
  • Add in your favorite soda and stir well.
  • Served chilled or icy cold.


Best Ways To Consume Matcha
Best Ways To Consume Matcha

Adding Matcha to Your Food

Aside from using matcha to make refreshing beverages, you can also add it to your dish or recipe. You can also invent a new dish with powdered matcha.

Breakfast with Matcha

Most people love smoothies for breakfast and matcha can be made into a truly healthy breakfast smoothie, just blend your smoothie with a spoon of powdered matcha.

You can also cover your granolas with powdered matcha to add that green tea tang. It will not taste differently but will become really healthy.

Sprinkle some powdered matcha on your scrambled eggs is good too. You can always find creative ways to use matcha for breakfast as you see fit.

Snacks with Matcha

We always choose to eat healthy and so with our snacks. You can sprinkle some matcha powder on your chips or on your dips. You can also do the same with crackers and sandwich spreads.

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A sprinkle of matcha on your hummus, pesto, guacamole, sandwich spread, and other snacks like chips and popcorns will make them healthier.

Dinner with Matcha

Most people are used to drinking matcha tea after dinner, but you may not limit it to that if you can find ways on how to make your dinner recipe with matcha.

You can sprinkle any kind of pasta with powdered matcha or mix some matcha in your pasta sauce. You can also do the same with broths and soups.

It can also make ramen flavorful and you can add it to flavor most Japanese recipes particularly miso and sushi.

Desserts with Matcha

Powdered matcha can be sprinkled on to your favorite baked cookies, muffins, cakes, and cinnamon rolls or you can actually mix a little amount on your dough before baking them.

You can blend matcha powder with your favorite yogurt or sprinkle some powder on your ice cream.

Infusing your cream cheese or other spreads with just the right amount of powdered matcha can make it delightful and healthier.


Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is known to have excellent health benefits that is why it has become popular and has been recommended for daily consumption.

Matcha or powdered green tea is rich in antioxidants that helps fight cancer, counteract aging, aid in memory loss, reduce inflammation, reduce the chance of getting heart diseases and arthritis. It helps fight infections, promote cardiovascular health, and detoxifies the body. It also aids in weight loss as it increases the body’s metabolism.

It is also rich in a unique type of caffeine which increases stamina and boost energy but does not induce jitters as coffee does, rather it stimulates calming effects on the body.

What You Need to Know Before Consuming Matcha

Can you drink Matcha daily?

Drinking at least five cups of green tea or matcha a day is safe but not recommended because of it high caffeine content. Two to three cups daily is best.

When should you drink Matcha?

To kick start your metabolism, it is good to drink a cup after breakfast. It will also  provide you the needed energy for the day and fight stress.

Can you drink Matcha before bedtime or at night?

Drinking matcha at night can help you to destress. It also has amino acids which relax the brain, so it is good to drink it at night or even before bedtime.

Can you have Matcha on an empty stomach?

Some people experience stomachache or nausea after drinking it on an empty stomach, so it is not advisable. However, if you can feel no negative side effects, it is a good time to drink matcha so your body can absorb all its nutrients.

How long does it take for Matcha to kick in?

Normally, you can feel the benefits of drinking matcha for about two to six hours after consuming it.

Can you have too much Matcha?

It suggested to limit consumption of matcha from three to five cups a day due to its high caffeine content.

Is there lead in Matcha?

Lead in matcha comes from how it has been cultured. Always, check the labels before buying any matcha whether it’s from a health shop or a supermarket and choose only 100% organic.

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