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Best Frozen Corn Dogs At Your Nearest Grocery Store

This vs That

When you want to consider meals that can trigger some childhood memories, frozen corn dogs cannot be left out. Varying from get-togethers, afterschool snacks, state fairs, and so many other important memories. We should admit that some frozen corn dogs have an edge over others considering the dog to batter ratio and how they get cooked with the right juiciness inside that complements the right outside crispiness.

Everyone may have their favorites, which could be the brand type they grew up eating. To be very factual scientifically, some corn dogs are preferable to some others. For some unique and specific reasons, the best corn dogs have to be awarded to MorningStar Farms, State Fair, and Foster Farms, provided they get properly cooked up. We understand that nostalgia may make you think the ones you used to eat are the best, but for newbies or if you would like a second favorite, you need to know some rules to have your perfect corn dogs.

  1. You must make sure the batter has the slightest sweetness which you will achieve by using honey.
  2. When they are juicy and warm inside and crispy outside, then you can enjoy your corn dogs.
  3. It is very important to use condiments and the perfect types are those you prefer.

We have put together three frozen corn dogs’ brands that taste delicious irrespective of how it is cooked or dressed up. Do you know you can purchase them on Amazon? Nobody knew. It is, however, recommended to purchase them at your local nearby grocery store.

  1. MorningStar Farms Veggie Corn Dogs

MorningStar Farms is a brand that is very good for veggies and vegetarians who are on a unique eating plan. This brand is very comfortable and healthy without getting the taste or experience of corn dogs compromised.

Key features

  • The brand is very delicious and it is now leading brands trends after they promised that by 2021, all their brand products will be completely vegan.
  • The brand is free of meat and very good for people who only eat plants and all ages of omnivores love it.
  1. Foster Farms Mini Chicken Corn Dogs

These brands are in mini and that’s why it is automatically people’s favorite. It can be served in parties and the perfect tiny and juicy frank chicken can be enjoyed in the double-dipped version of honey batter. You will pretend that you are only eating just one.

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Key features

  • The chicken that is used to prepare the sausages is steroid and hormone-free, making it a high-quality product of meat.
  • It is very healthy because it contains a protein of 7g for each serving.
  1. State Fair Corn Dogs – Beef

Let us be transparent, pork, chicken, and turkey are used to make this classic recipe. We have however decided to choose the all-beef type in order not to think so much about what is made up in the wiener. The all-beef type is a bit more conducive for people who are restricted in their diets as a result of religious beliefs.

Key features

  • This brand is classified as the most common or popular corn dogs’ brand. This means that it is readily available and that it is always easy to get whenever you want to fix it.
  • They are very easy to prepare because they contain cooking instructions which can be done by deep-frying, in an oven or a microwave.

The Best Way to Cook Frozen Corn Dogs

The traditional corn dogs are deep-fried and many people who love corn dogs will prefer to maintain that way of cooking their frozen corn dogs. We, however, will like to introduce you to an alternative method of cooking where you will lesser oil. One of the things you should take note of is that your corn dogs have all been pre-cooked, i.e. they have been previously deep-fried which means they have been previously dipped into hot oil regardless of how you want to warm them.

Traditional Deep-Fried Frozen Corn Dogs

This option is a great one, you may hate or love it depending on if you are approaching it from a healthy angle or you are trying to check the mouth-watering one.

If you have made the decision to deep-fry, allow your oil to heat up at a temperature of 350°F in the deep fryer, carefully add the corn dogs and allow them to simmer for nine minutes. Proceed to remove them and put on some paper towel so that the oil can soak up. You will want them to cool a little before you try to eat so that you will not burn your mouth.

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Microwaved Corn Dogs

If you want your corn dog done quickly, a microwave is a way to go but this method is not reliable if you want your corn dog to crisp nicely. In case you are hurriedly going somewhere, it is very easy and quick to use. Proceed by unwrapping the corn dog before placing it in your microwave-safe plate. To maintain the moisture, cover the plate with your paper towel, and set the microwave to 30 seconds, turn to the other side and place it back for another 30 seconds. You should make sure to be watchful.

Some corn dogs will require more time while other lesser time, this is dependent on the brand and size. You should also note that microwaves are in grades and some are much more powerful when compared to others, you could set the timing to 10 seconds to solve this problem.

Baking Corn Dogs in the Oven

To get the best results, you can follow the baking instruction on the package of the corn dogs because most of them come with such instructions. In case you cannot find the box or perhaps you decide not to use it, you can bake your corn dog for 17 minutes at a temperature of 350°F.

Remove the wrapping before you lay them on the baking sheet as they are frozen. Turn them over at eight minutes so that both sides can crisp nicely, you could decide to set a timer to achieve that.

Toasting Your Corn Dogs

If you have a toaster oven, it could be used to cook your frozen corn dogs. All you need to do is unwrap the corn dog and put it on the toaster oven’s rack. Allow it to cook for about eight minutes at a temperature of 350°F. Remember to flip to the other side halfway through. Ensure you use your oven mitts while you handle the stick. Be sure you are also watchful on the toaster oven so that the oven’s wood skewer does not start smoking.

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Air Fried Corn Dogs

We make this our favorite method because it is quicker than using an oven to bake and the results will be very close to decadence deep-fried than that which you can achieve by using a microwave.

The amount of oil you will use is cut down when compared to the traditional deep-frying method and this makes it a bit healthier. When you want to cook, unwrap the frozen corn dogs and place them in your air fryer for seven minutes at a temperature of 390°F before you enjoy it.

The Great Corn Dog Condiment Debate

According to research, people are divided over whether only mustard can be used as condiments for frozen corn dogs while some are willing to go with some other alternatives. If you are of the latter belief, we have some condiments you can use on your corn dogs.

One option is the addition of ketchup to your mix. For some extra nutrition, some parents love their kids to use apple sauce to eat corn dogs. For more interesting stuff, you can try some of the combinations below, only that you will need large utensils and plates:

  • Use mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut relish, bacon bits, fried onions to top it to make an all American type.
  • Dip the corn dog: honey, hot pepper jelly, marinara sauce, mayo, and anything else.
  • Go with green onion, chili, and cheddar cheese shreds for some fine quality.
  • Add your cheese sauce and steamed broccoli by making it into a meal
  • Add sour cream, jalapenos, and salsa to make some Mexican frozen corn dogs.
corn dogs
corn dogs

Related Questions

What’s the difference between a corn dog and a hot dog?

A corn dog is referred to as a wiener or sausage that is skewered over a stick and dipped into some thick cornmeal batters before it is fried. A hot dog, however, is classified as a type of wiener or sausage that is commonly served in a bun though some people may call the meat hot dog irrespective of if it is inside a bun or not.

Are corn dogs healthy?

Corn dogs are usually healthier when compared to some other fast foods such as funnel cakes or mustards usually because it is lower in calories. Generally, considering corn dogs to be healthy is dependent on what you are trying to compare it to. A nutritionist will not consider corn dogs healthy.

What are corn dogs made of?

Corn digs are types of sausages that are coated in cornmeal batters before they are deep-fried. Corn dogs are generally produced from your hot dogs that could be gotten from different types of meats and then some vegetarian options. Frozen corn dog which has been previously deep-fried is usually fully cooked. You can cook them in an air fryer, a microwave, an oven, or in a roller grill. You could fry or bake if you made yours from scratch.

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