Best Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers

Best Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers

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Most burger lovers are familiar with how delicious a smash burger is, and some people do not just want their burgers bought from restaurants but also love to prepare their own. It is amazing if you can make your own burger patties from fresh ground beef and add your own choice of seasoning and other add-ons.

Smash burgers have been popular because of its flavorful taste and those who wants to make their homemade smash burgers will need the best spatula to  make them.

What is a smash burger? It is typically a burger, but it is prepared using the technique of cooking it in a flattop grill at high temperature and flattening it. This makes the meat a bit crispy on the edges and its outermost layer.

It is easy to prepare if you want it homemade, but you need the tool that will help you make a perfect smash burger like the best spatula.

A spatula can have a many uses while cooking like flip and flatten those burger patties, but you will want the spatula that can be used well when preparing your smash burger.

So, have you wondered what type of spatula is best for preparing your smash burgers? If you are thinking of something made of metal, heavy and thick, then you got it right, you need a spatula that fits the description.

Luckily, we listed the top or the 5 best spatulas you can use to make smash burgers so it will be easier for you to take your pick.

Top 5 Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers

1. Lamson Turner with Riveted Walnut Handle

A spatula that is quite expensive but definitely your money’s worth. This spatula is made of carbon stainless-steel which is tempered for extra durability. It is scratch proof and is guaranteed to last a lifetime of use. Its hard metal makes it excellent for smashing your favorite burgers.

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It has a riveted wooden handle is made from walnut and it is comfortable to grip and does not slip. The manufacturer retained the walnut’s natural wooden color for an elegant look. It also has a bevel which makes scraping easier or for flipping.

It is recommended to hand wash this spatula because it is easy to clean and will not fit well in your dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • Made of tempered and hardened stainless steel
  • Safe to use on grills and kitchens
  • Has a wider spread best for smashing, flattening, or flipping


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Dependable tool for smash burger preparations
  • Designed for hand washing


  • Not safe for your dishwasher.


2. Dexter Russell High Heat Turner

When buying your kitchen tool, it is best to get which can be used for general purpose around the kitchen. So, if you are looking for a spatula for making your smash burger you can also consider its other uses to get more of your money’s worth.

Heavy and thick spatula is the best kitchen tool to use when making smash burgers and Dexter’s is a great choice. It is not limited to be used in preparing your smash burger, but also flexible to be used around the kitchen for cooking.

It is made from carbon stainless steel that makes it sturdy and durable for lifetime use. It has sharp wedge that makes it perfect for flipping burger patties on a grill or eggs, fish, and others on a skillet. It can also be used to serve cake slices.

It has a slip-resistant handle so it will not slip your grip and it is easy to hold. It also features a finger guard that makes it comfortable to grip. It is also high-heat resistant which is up to 500 degrees F., so you need not worry of burnt hands.


Key Features:

  • Sharp and heavy spatula
  • Durable carbon stainless steel material
  • Large enough for all purpose use
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  • Stain proof spatula
  • High-heat resistant handle
  • Safety finger guard
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to hand clean



  • Size might be too large for your griddle or skillet.
  • Might not be dishwasher safe.


3. Victorinox Hamburger Turner with Wood Handle

If you are looking for something that will make it easier to turn or smash burgers, this is your best choice. It is considered to be a stylish and elegant burger turner or spatula and its quality is trusted by different restaurant chefs and cooks.

It has a wide turner of about 4 by 5 inches which makes it the best spatula for making smash burgers.  Its wooden handle is slip-proof and easy to hold.

The turner plate is exquisitely flat and durable for its carbonated stainless-steel material. It is also sharp enough which makes you easily slide under and flip a burger. The spatula surface is strong for smashing burgers of large quantity.

The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for this item, but the product is guaranteed for lifetime use as long as used appropriately.

Key Features:

  • Made from high carbon stainless steel plate
  • Wide and beveled turner is best for flipping and smashing burgers
  • Best for lifetime use
  • Has one-year warranty


  • Classic design and sturdy
  • Wide and durable turner plate
  • Size is best for grills
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to hand-clean


  • Size might be too big for pans or skillets.


4. Winco Blade Hamburger Turner

A burger turner of highest quality at a very affordable price. The Winco brand is known for more than 20 years in providing quality and affordable kitchen utensils, tabletops, and other food preparation need. Their products are trusted by hospitality industries everywhere.

Made from stainless steel, it has sharp edges that makes it easy to go under a burger or a patty on the grill for easier flipping. The turner is durable and does well in preparing smash burgers. It also has a wooden handle that is easy to grip and does not slip.

The turner is essentially flat to slide on a pan, grill, or skillet. You might not think of its flexible use, but you can be sure of its durability and reliability for smashing your burgers which it is intended.

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Key Features:

  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Suitable for all purpose use
  • Durable for lifetime use


  • Sharp and durable turner
  • Affordable but durable
  • Flexible to use on griddles and pans
  • Easy to hand-wash


  • Sharpness can scratch non-stick pans
  • Not dishwasher safe


5. Mundial Hamburger Turner

Another sleek design made from high grade stainless steel with a wooded handle that makes it look elegant. This is the perfect spatula for making smash burgers and sturdy enough to make large preparations.

This spatula is 6 inches by 5 inches wide and is specifically design for making large-sized or jumbo smash burgers. It can also be used in different purposes when you are cooking.

Its turner has a beveled design to easily slide on the grill or pan. It also has a rivetted wood handle for easy and non-slip grip.

Key Features:

  • Has wide and sturdy turner
  • Durable for lifetime use
  • Best size for smashing burgers


  • Balanced design
  • Sturdy handle
  • Safe to hand-clean


  • Wide turner is too large if you intend to use on pans
Best Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers
Best Spatulas for Making Smash Burgers

Related Questions

We hope that after reading this article it could help you choose what is the best spatula for making your smash burgers and even for other cooking purposes.

What other features should I consider when buying a spatula to make Smash Burgers?

If you love making your own smash burger and looking for the best spatula, you should look for a spatula that is sturdy enough for flipping and smashing. You need to consider the weight, thickness, and durability. You can also choose the size of the spatula based on the burger sizes that you want to prepare so it will not be too big or too small. The handle should also be heat resistant so it will be safe to use. It is also important that you check on the handle and that it is easy to grip and fits your hand perfectly for comfort.

What are the benefits of smashed burgers?

Smashed burger could look like your typical burger, but its patty is tastier, and the burger’s crust is more delicious . You can also add flavors of your choice to make it more delicious and healthier if you like making it yourself.

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