Best Pie Storage Containers

Best Pie Storage Containers

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Pies are the best. If you like buying from the baker’s or baking your own pie, you will need a container to store it.

Some would simply wrap it in plastic food wraps or aluminum foil, or place it in a resealable freezer bags, but using a container designed to keep your pie will be the most convenient.

Like pies, containers were made in different sizes and with added feature so you can choose which best fit your needs.

Pies are best stored in a container that is tightly sealed to keep its own moisture and prevent air and other food moisture to sip in.

The best pie container can be used not only to store it in the fridge but can also be used to microwave it, thus saving you from the tedious work of transferring your pie from one container to another if you need to reheat it after taking it out of the fridge.

We have listed a few of the best food containers for your pie with information that will help you decide which do you really need.

The 5 Best Pie Storage Containers of 2020

Remember that the freshness and shelf life of the food we store is determined by how we package and keep it. You can pick from these top 5 food containers to help you properly store your pies.

1. Zilpoo Plastic Pie Container With Lid

Your perfect pie container. This storage container by Zilpoo is best for storing your pie because it locks in the pie’s moisture with its tightly sealed lid.

This container is 10.5 inches in diameter and is perfect for storing pies with up to 10 inches in diameter when you need to refrigerate it.

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It is also very handy during picnics and aside from being a pie storage, it can also be used to store bagels, cupcakes, and cookies.

It is made from BPA free material and is safe to be kept in your freezer. It is also microwaveable, so it is safe and easy to put it in your microwave for reheating after taking it out of your fridge.

This pie container is safe to be cleaned in your dishwasher and can also be easily hand cleaned.


2. Stay Fresh Universal Pie Container

A hinged-lid container. This pie container’s lid is attached by a hinged to ensure that the lid is in place to be tightly sealed. This prevents air and moisture from the outside from sipping in which can spoil your pie or prevent it from drying.

It is also a good container for your other pastries when you want to refrigerate or freeze them. It is not recommended for microwaving.

It is designed for durability from polypropylene material and measures 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches flexible enough to store pies of different sizes.

This pie container is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.


3. Tupperware Round Pie & Pastry Container

Freezer safe container. Tupperware brand is trusted almost internationally when it comes to durable food containers and they did it again with their freezer safe pie container.

This container is available to store pie with up to 12 inches in diameter. Not only that it can be used to store pies, it can also keep your baked goodies. You can also use it to store some liquid food like soup as it is spill-proof.

It is easy to travel with and makes a good container for food during picnics and other out of town activities.

This container’s bowl is designed so you can see through it while it has a mint-colored airtight lid.

It is easy to be clean and it is dishwasher friendly.

4. Ozeri Ready-Store Domed Food Storage Container

Your handy vacuum sealed container. This dome style container features a built-in valve that forces air out of the container when pressed. It also has a release valve that prevents splatters or spills while inside the microwave.

Note that air inside the pie storage container can cause foodborne bacteria to grow so forcing the air out or vacuum sealing the container will ensure your pie’s freshness over time.

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Do not worry as this is very easy to use. The valve located at the top of the dome-shaped cover and it is easy to thumb press it.

Another helpful feature of this storage container is the date dial designed on its lid. It helps to note the date when you started to store your pie and track its shelf life.

It is designed for freezing and microwaving, so it is very flexible to use.

You can purchase it in a set with three different sizes: 10.25, 12.25 and 14.3 inches in diameter.

It is made of BPA free material and customized to be shatterproof and stain resistant. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

5. Tupperware Round Pie Keeper

Aside for Tupperware’s pastry container, they also designed a round pie keeper which can be used to store pies of small sizes up to 12 inches in diameter.

Though it is designed as a pie storage, it can also be used to store cakes, cookies, and other types of food whether solid or liquid.

This container is 12 inches in diameter with an arched lip on its lid. The arch makes it easy for the user to close or open the container’s lid.

You can store your pie in this container as this guarantee freshness because of its airtight lid.

It looks like your typical pie container, but it is freezer safe and dishwasher friendly.

Importance of Storing Pie Using a Pie Storage Container

I think that no one will argue if we say that food should always be kept in a container.

Whether you are just waiting for  a few minutes before eating it or planning on refrigerating it, the food should always be in a clean and sealed container to prevent contaminants from getting into the food to spoil it.

It is the same with pies, pies should be kept in a clean and sealed container to ensure freshness and prevent foodborne bacteria from growing on it if you do not want to eat it right away.

Handling the pies improperly can lead to bacterial growth and this poses health risk when ingested.

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We store pies in a clean and airtight container not only to preserve its crisp and freshness, but also to make it safe from any harmful bacteria.

Others even wrap the pie in a plastic food wrap or aluminum foil before placing it inside a container to ensure its freshness and to keep bacteria from growing in it.

Remember that pies like any other food should be stored and kept properly.


Best Pie Storage Containers
Best Pie Storage Containers

Can I Freeze and Reheat Pies In the Same Pie Storage Container?

Certainly, you can freeze pies in a container and then reheat it using the same container, but you need to know what kind of container you are using.

Some containers are designed only for freezing pies and is not recommended to be used in a microwave, while other containers are good for freezing and microwaving.

To reheat frozen pie, you may leave it inside the fridge to thaw before microwaving it.

It is better to let it thaw slowly while inside the fridge than to leave it at room temperature. The changes in temperature might make it a good breeding ground for bacteria when left at room temperature.

Related Questions

Can I refrigerate hot pies?

It is never recommended to put any hot food inside the fridge, and it is the same with pies.

Let the pie cool down for an hour before refrigerating or freeze it.

Refrigerating hot pies can affect the temperature inside the fridge and may cause other food stored in your fridge to spoil.

Do pies need to be refrigerated?

If the pie is newly baked and still warm, you need to let it cool down at room temperature before placing it in the fridge. Keep in mind to never leave pies for more than 2 hours at room temperature since this may cause bacterial growth.

Refrigerating the pie after it has cooled down is the best way to store it. Place it in an airtight or vacuum sealed container to ensure freshness before keeping it in your fridge.

How long can I store a pie in the fridge?

The shelf life of pies when refrigerated is affected by how we packaged it for storage and in what filing we used to bake the pies. In general, pies are best for not more than 4 days while stored in the fridge.

Can I freeze homemade pies?

Yes. You can freeze your home-made pie but remember to follow the correct packaging or storing process to ensure its freshness.

Use vacuum sealed or airtight food containers to store your pies whether you want to freeze it for days or simply want to refrigerate it for hours.

You can also use plastic food wraps and aluminum foil to package it prior storage.

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