Green Vs Red Apples

Green Vs Red Apples – What’s The Difference?

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Apples are so great that they can be added to any kind of dish ranging from breakfast to lunch and even dinner. Apples can also be taken as desserts and snacks and you can also do several things with them. You can take your apple in different ways, they could be sliced, eaten whole, or made into decadent apple dishes. Taking apples has a lot of benefits attached to it and we have so many types of apples with a different method to use them.

There are differences between various apple types out there and this is one of those things people have refused to understand, particularly the difference between red and green apples. The most noticeable difference between green and red apples apart from their colors are that the green variety combines both sour and sweet flavor while the red variety is simply sweet without having any sour flavor attached to them.

What we want to check out in this article is the differences between the green and red apples and if the differences matters or it does not. We will also check out the aspects that differentiate both of them from each other so that you can have an understanding of how similar and different they are. You need to continue reading to get all we have in place for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Red vs. Green Apples

Every color and every flavor of an apple has attached to it its unique characteristics. When you notice very well, you will realize that those that have the same colors but different flavors are also different in their qualities. For instance, gala apples vs. red delicious apples, they both belong to the red variety but they are different in their flavor, size, shape, and color when compared with each other.

When you want to compare apples, you have to put several things into consideration so that you will get to know the things that differentiate an apple from the other. Hopefully, when you finish reading this article, you will get to understand those basic things that differentiate green apples from red apples.

What we will do in this article is to firstly cover each of the apples individually and it will make us understand the differences. After then, we will check out the general summary that will help you understand our points.

Red Apples

People have classified red apples to be in their category and they most times get credit for apples while the green apples get overlooked. Red apples have several more flavor than their green variety. The red apples have a sweeter and juicer than the sour green apples. Check below for some of the best known red apple flavors:

  • McIntosh
  • Cameo
  • Rome
  • Jonagold
  • Braeburn
  • Honeycrisp
  • Fuji
  • Gala
  • Red delicious

One of those things you will take note of your red apples just a few among them is red. There are red delicious apples that are bright and dark red and we have other red varieties that are a mixture of yellow and red, varying by the flavor and type of apple. You can do a whole lot of things with your red apples and their uses are also similarly associated with that of green apples with the addition of apple juice or applesauce. Just note that most times, you can do anything with red apples that you can do with green apples and it works like that in vice versa directions too.

Health Benefits of Red Apples

Red apples and green apples both offer different benefits to the health but they are also quite healthy when you use them in their regard. An apple is not healthier than the other thought they might be different slightly. When you consider red apples, they have been found to have a higher content of carbohydrates and fiber than the green apples. Check below for some of the health benefits associated with red apples:

  • It is very good for the brain
  • It promotes very healthy bones
  • It promotes the health of a good gut
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • It promotes the health of the heart
  • It is great for weight loss and dieting
  • It is a great source of Potassium as well as Vitamin K and C
  • It has low calories of nutritional content

We have several health benefits associated with red apples that are usually overlooked.

Green Apples

People often take green apples for granted. Green apples are most times pushed to the back instead of being at the front. There is a lot of beauty and health benefits attached to green apples and the various things that green apples can be made with. A slight sour flavor is associated with green apples but you will still find them delicious and juicy if you try to eat them. We have several green apple varieties just like the red one. Check out some of the varieties below that could help you:

  • Pippin
  • Shizuka
  • Crispin
  • Granny Smith

We have four most popular varieties of green apples and the Granny Smith is the most popular. The most likely green apple variety you will get to see at your grocery store is the Granny Smith apple though it depends on your store and the options they have. Meanwhile, we have yellow apples and they have their different category. You can consider them as having their unique characteristics. Most of the yellow apples we have around has more similarities to the red variety of apples than the green apple varieties.

You can consider green apples to be limited in their categories and options but they have plenty of other things to offer.  These offers can be considered both in their health benefits and the things they can be made with. That aspect is part of what we will discuss in the summary section.

Cooking Uses for Green Apples

We need to first check out the best manners in which your green apples can be enjoyed as your food dish. Your green apples can be enjoyed fresh and you will find them good in that regard. You may simply bite them whole, core them, or peel them. Apart from that, you can also do some other things to with your green apples, check below for some of the ideas:

  • Sangria
  • Top salad, oatmeal, or quinoa
  • Apple cinnamon muffins
  • Apple cider
  • Apple turnovers
  • Caramel apples
  • Green apple crisp
  • Apple cobbler
  • Apple salad
  • Apple and mango salsa.

Typically, anything can be made with your green apples and this is much more than what you can make with red apples.

Health Benefits of Green Apples

When compared with red apples, green apples have a slightly lower content of fiber and they also have very low sugar and natural carbohydrate contents. Both the green and red apples have a series of beauty and health benefits that can be gotten from them.

Typically, green apples work to increase the metabolism of the body and this is a result of the high content of fiber. You will further improve this when you eat the green apples together with their peels because even the peels have several different values offered to the apple. Green apples work to detoxify your digestive system and liver.

You can also consider green apples to be very low in the content of calories and fat. They help in the promotion of blood flow and healthy circulation. They at times even work to aid the healing of blood clots. Green apples are very high in vitamins A as well as vitamins C. They also help to reduce fight signs and wrinkles as concerned with age and they have also been found for the promotion of some healthy bones.


Green Vs Red Apples
Green Vs Red Apples

Overview Summary

You will realize from all our provided information that the green and red apples are both great and have so much to offer. Both of them are healthy and they also offer some other benefits that we usually take for granted.

One notable difference is that you have several red apple varieties to select from than you can with green apples. If you consider the health benefits they give, both of them provide high health benefits while some are slightly different, others are the same.

Related Questions

You must have learned a lot through this guide and that will be in the aspect of knowing the similarities and the differences between these sets of apples. Please check out some of the questions and answers that might broaden your knowledge.

What Makes the Colors Different in Apples?

You will notice a difference in the color of apples because there is a difference in the chlorophyll constituent by each peel of an apple. Usually, contained in red apples are anthocyanins that allow the red color of the peel.

Is There One Apple Healthier Than the Rest? 

Usually, all the types of apples we have are similar in the aspect of health but the best to use is the natural apples instead of the created or cross-bred. There are a lot of phytonutrients present in Granny Smith apple that will not be seen in other types of green apples.

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