Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer

Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

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Coffee creamer is a delicious meal that almost all of us cannot do without taking regularly, irrespective of if you take it often or if you wait until the release of the festive flavors of coffee creamer. There are times where you might be left with leftovers of coffee creamer and you don’t know what you can do with it.

Can coffee creamer be frozen? Coffee creamer can be frozen. You can freeze the non-dairy variety of coffee creamer because most brands recommend that the dairy variety of the coffee creamer should not be frozen. The non-dairy variety can freeze and thaw successfully still retaining its texture and taste.

You are now aware that you can freeze your coffee creamer and get some good results, you should try to find out further exactly how you can do it so that you will get to keep it fresher for a longer time enabling you to save the festive flavors for the rest of the year.

Freezing Creamer In The Bottle

You will want to allow your coffee creamer to remain inside its original bottle, this is a part of the easiest methods to use to freeze it. Some people believe that you should pour out a little quantity of creamer from the original bottle before you freeze because the creamer has the tendency to expand and could result in the explosion of the bottle. However, we believe it is not necessary and you don’t have to remove your creamer before freezing because the coffee creamer is not going to expand and will not lead to an explosion inside the freezer.

Label The Bottles

Always remember to put labels on the containers of your coffee creamers most especially if you want to freeze more than just one. All you have to do is to write the freezing date on the bottle so that you can use them just before they start to deteriorate. In case you have been freezing coffee creamer for a while, move your older bottles to the front and put your newer bottles behind. This is to make sure that you first use your oldest bottles and you will get to know which one you need to use next.


Use-by Date

Because most brands don’t recommend freezing coffee creamers, it is always difficult to know a definite use-by date if you freeze your coffee creamer. We recommend that your coffee creamer should be used within six months that you placed it inside the freezer. You may leave it inside your freezer after six months but the creamer might have its quality deteriorated.

Rules for the Thawing Process

When you want to defrost your coffee creamer, the best and safest method to use is to allow it to be inside your fridge for some hours or overnight so that it can be turned back to liquid. When you thaw inside the fridge, you can be assured that you are not exposing your coffee creamer to a temperature that will encourage the growth of bacteria or result in it getting spoilt.

Shake Well

You will have to shake your coffee creamer once you have fully thawed it because it is likely to separate when you freeze and thaw it. Giving it a very good shake will allow it to mix well before you use it.

Use Within A Week

You are to use your coffee creamer within one week once you have thawed it, you are not recommended to refreeze it after you have thawed it because it will allow it to lose its taste and quality and also lead to it further deteriorating, thus, eventually getting spoilt. If your coffee creamer is yet to completely thaw, you may refreeze it, but we do not recommend it.

Freezing Single Portions Of Coffee Creamer

If you freeze the coffee creamer as a whole, you might not use it just before it expires and you might not finish the entire bottle before the coffee creamer spoils if you don’t have any other person to share it with. However, you can easily freeze your coffee creamer in individual portions and you can use singly every morning and you wouldn’t need to thaw an entire bottle. Check below for some of the steps you can follow to freeze your coffee creamer singly:

  • The first thing to do is to clean an ice tray
  • Proceed to pour your coffee creamer in the tray’s small cubes
  • Put your ice tray inside your freezer and once it has been completely frozen solid, you can take it out of the freezer.
  • You can then remove the cubes and then put them inside a freezer bag (sealable).
  • You may then label your freezer bag by writing the freezing date so that you can ensure to use it at the appropriate time.
  • When you want to use your coffee creamer, one to two ice cubes creamers can be used in your coffee.
  • You may place your ice cubes inside your mug and place them in a microwave to defrost to liquid and then heated to be added to the coffee if you don’t want your ice cubes to cool the coffee.

You will get to keep several single creamer portions when you use this method and when you freeze your creamers in the ice tray just before you place them inside your freezer bag, it will be easy for you to remove your single creamer portion singly as you need them without thawing more than the amount you can use.

You can even use your frozen cubes of creamer in an iced coffee, a smoothie, or a milkshake. You may add it to many treats or drinks.

What Is Coffee Creamer Made From?

If you want to get to know how you can freeze your coffee creamer, you should know those things the coffee creamer is made with. Usually, many of the common coffee creamers we have around claim they are dairy-free, while they don’t have any lactose, some of them have casein that is a protein derived from milk. If you have dietary restrictions, it is good to check out the list of ingredients before you buy your coffee creamer.

Most of the time, creamers are often used as a substitute for milk and we have some advantages creamer has over milk. The first thing is that both liquid and powdered creamers can store for long and you wouldn’t need to refrigerate powdered creamers and you will not also need to freeze liquid creamer until you have opened it.

The deciding factor that many people linger on is the creamy and rich taste that is offered by coffee creamers even if fresh milk is available. The good thing is that it is also possible for you to get some great festive and seasonal coffee creamers flavors that will make your holiday much more tasty and enjoyable.

You must note that because most coffee creamers have been classified to be free of lactose, freezing it might lead to separation. A lot of people successfully freeze their coffee creamer even though they must shake it really good before they use it once it has defrosted so you can ensure that it mixes up properly before you pour it to your coffee for enjoyment.

Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer
Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer

Consider The Shelf Life

The powdered variety of coffee creamer is considered to have a very exceptional shelf life that is long enough for you to consider before you decide to freeze your creamer. The shelf life of liquid coffee is a bit shorter than the powdered and it usually varies between some days and two weeks if you keep them inside the fridge. You don’t need to freeze it if you can use it within this time, however, freeze it if you can’t meet the time.


Related Questions

Freezing Coffee Creamer

Even though you are recommended by brands of coffee creamers not to freeze it, it is still possible to get them frozen. You can do it either by freezing a whole bottle or in portions out into your ice tray before placing them in your plastic bag and then you can use them as you want without thawing your entire creamer at once.


Can you freeze half and half cream?

You can freeze half and half cream but you can only freeze it if it is going to be used for cooking rather than in a coffee. You will need to shake it very well before you use it in our drinks or coffee because it will separate when you freeze and thaw it.


Can you freeze coconut creamer?

You may want to freeze your coconut creamer because it is used in a similar way that you use coffee creamer. Coconut creamer can be frozen, but the texture will change even though you can still use it in a coffee. Coconut creamer can also be frozen in your ice tray before you put them inside your plastic bag (sealable) so that you can remove the ones you need without needing to thaw a batch as a whole.

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