Can You Freeze Waffle Batter

Can You Freeze Waffle Batter? (The Complete Guide)

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Generally, there is no time of the day that you cannot eat waffles. You can enjoy them for breakfast with blueberries, or for dessert with syrup and ice cream. If you want to have your waffles to be the warmest and freshest, the best thing is to make your waffles yourself. It is quite easy to do and you could whip your waffle batter simply, however, it is possible to make more than you need.

What we want to check out is whether you can freeze your waffle batter in case you decide to make them in advance or you have some leftovers. You can freeze your waffle batter and you will find it easier when you want to use it by freezing them in batches.

You need to select the correct freezer container when you want to freeze your waffle batter so that the quality will be kept ahead of making your delicious waffles. You will get to enjoy your waffles every morning or any time of the day without having to whip your batter from scratch again. That’s very refreshing.

How To Freeze Waffle Batter

You wouldn’t need too much preparation when you want to freeze your waffle batter. The only thing you need to do is to mix up your waffle batter. If you are mixing your waffle batter, it is not a bad idea to make a double of the portion you want to make so that you can proceed to freeze some containers that you can use later to make your waffles. Check below for how you should freeze your waffle batter:

  1. Mix up your waffle batter by using your preferred recipe.
  2. Spoon your waffle batter inside your freezer container using a good ladle.
  3. Tightly seal your container to ensure that no moisture or air enters into your batter.
  4. Proceed to label your container and date it with the recipe name and freezing date. This will enable you to remember when you should use your waffle batter.
  5. You should then put your waffle batter inside the freezer to become correctly frozen.

Other Containers for Freezing Waffle Batter

Plastic Containers

These are good options to freeze your waffle batter. Freezer-friendly plastic containers can be used to freeze a larger size of your batter, this depends on the size. You can easily label them with the recipe name and freezing date. You can reuse plastic containers but the problem is that they usually take up large space inside the freezer.

Ensure that your plastic containers have an airtight seal when you want to use them to freeze your waffle batter. If not, then you risk excess moisture and air entering into your waffle batter and end up ruining the consistency.

Your waffle batter is also likely to pick up odors and flavors from some other foods inside the freezer. You need to make sure you tightly seal them before they are placed inside the freezer.


Plastic Freezer Bags

It is also possible to use freezer bags (plastic) to freeze your waffle batter and the good thing is that they are of different sizes. This means you can select any one that is suitable for the size of waffle batter you want to freeze. You are allowed to lay your freezer bags flat and also stack some over one another when you freeze your waffle batter inside freezer bags. This will allow people with limited space or smaller freezers the opportunity to use it.

You can label your plastic freezer bags with the recipe name as well as the dates to ensure you can easily identify your batter and also track when you should use it. Plastic bags are not usually reused by most people and this means you will have to waste them after using them.

However, we have some reusable ones that you can wash and sterilize after you have used them so that you can use them again. They are quite economical.

Glass Jars

You can also use glass jars to safely freeze your waffle batter. Though you can only use them to freeze a small portion, you will enjoy it if you are not trying to make too many waffles. You can easily use a marker to label your glass jars and it will help you know the recipe inside them as well as help you note the freezing date.

The con of using the glass jars is that they are likely to take too much space inside the freezer even if you are only freezing a little. The pro of the glass jars is that you can reuse them and they are environmentally friendly.


Thawing And Cooking Waffle Batter

There are different spans of freezing for different foods. You should keep your waffle batter inside your freezer for about one month. Even though you are safe to use it after this, its quality will begin to deteriorate as time goes by.

You need to first thaw your waffle batter when you want to use it and it is not ideal to defrost it inside the microwave because it will likely get cooked. The best method to use to thaw your waffle batter most especially batter that contains eggs is to allow it to remain inside the refrigerator overnight where it will safely defrost.

If your waffle batter contains eggs, don’t allow the temperature to be at 40°F and above because you will risk bacteria growth on it. Once you allow it to defrost inside the refrigerator, you are sure the temperature will be below the stated above. It will then help to thaw it before the following day when you will use it.

You may also try to thaw it quicker by running its container under warm or cold water. This will also work, but the risk of getting bacteria to start growing on it becomes higher and may lead to food poisoning because you have exposed the batter has been to a much warmer temperature than what should be.

Can You Freeze Waffle Batter
Can You Freeze Waffle Batter

Refreezing Waffle Batter

There are times you can thaw your waffle batter and end up not using it all, you might want to refreeze the remaining but it is not a good idea. However, there are ways you can get it done. If your waffle batter has been left overnight inside the refrigerator and the temperature is still below 40°F i.e. you have not placed it at room temperature, then you can safely refreeze the batter within just 24 hours.

If your waffle batter still has ice crystals in it, you can also refreeze it. You should stir your batter once it has been defrosted because some ingredients would have separated. You should ensure that you stir it before you place it back inside the freezer.

In case you are not certain you want to refreeze your waffle batter, all you need to do is to make additional waffles and then freeze them. Ensure you allow your waffles to become cool and endeavor to use parchment paper to separate each of them before you put them inside your freezer container or freezer bag (plastic).

When you use parchment paper to separate them, you stop them from getting stuck together as they freeze and it will also allow you to remove one waffle or two per time when you want to reheat so that you will not have to thaw the entire batch. Ensure you put the frozen as well as the refrozen date on your plastic bag or freezer container containing your waffle batter for you to know you should use it within a month.

Related Questions

How do you reheat frozen waffles?

It is quite easy to reheat your frozen waffles. Put them inside a microwave until you heat them through and are ready to be eaten. You may thaw them inside the refrigerator overnight or allow them to defrost in your microwave.

Can you keep a waffle batter in the fridge overnight?

It is possible to make a waffle batter in advance and keep inside the refrigerator overnight so that you can use it the following day. If the baking powder has been added to your waffle batter, add a bit more the following day because some potency of the baking powder will be lost overnight as you keep it inside the fridge. If you want your waffle to have light consistency and be fluffy, then add some baking powders to the waffle batter before you cook it.

How long do cooked waffles last in the freezer?

You can cook your waffles and proceed to freeze them inside of freezing your batter. Usually, your cooked waffles will stay long inside your freezer than waffle batter. In case you have no plan to use your waffle batter within one month, you should try this.

The cooked waffles could be left inside your freezer for about four months if you have stored them properly in an air-tight container. You can still eat them after 4 months, however, the quality would have deteriorated. Consider this because you can only keep waffle batter inside your freezer for just one month.

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