How To Reheat a KFC Pot Pie

How To Reheat a KFC Pot Pie?

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If you are looking for a balance between homemade meals and unhealthy fast food, KFC pot pie is your way to go. Everyone sometimes loves to indulge, right? You will still get a delicious and satisfying meal and it will not be too bad for the body as other options. Whenever you are left with KFC pot pie leftovers, you might need to store them and later reheat them. This is why we have put together a guide that will help you to reheat your meal properly.

How exactly should you reheat your pot pie from KFC? If you throw it into your microwave, it will become soggy and will also be less delicious. You are recommended to use an oven at a temperature of 350°F so that the original flavor and crispness will be maintained. You are encouraged to continue reading to get all you need to know about reheating your KFC pot pie.

To start with, you should ensure to use a container that is safe in the oven such as the disposable ones. We love this meal and that’s why we have reheated it so many times, if any question is in your mind, we will provide answers to them in this article. You can reheat your one-day-old KFC’s pot pie to give you similar taste just like when you just purchased it, but you need to know how to properly reheat the pot pie.


How To Reheat Your KFC Pot Pie

Almost all fast foods are considered unhealthy but KFC pot pie could still be considered healthier than any of the other popular fast foods that you can take at joints. Generally, pot pies are lovely dishes and there are a lot of varieties with chicken pot pies being one of them. You may also have previously cooked one by yourself at home of which you loved the outcome. This may not make you consider going to take them at the fast-food restaurants any longer.

It is not wrong to sometimes indulge, everyone loves to go out in the night to pick up takeout and then relax. The good thing about takeout is usually that it has a portion that is often large and you might end up having two meals after only paying for one. This happens in the case of KFC pot pie.

One problem concerning pot pies could be considered to be that they do not usually reheat well, most especially inside the microwave. The outside will turn soggy and also loses the taste when reheated because pot pies contain fillings, you wouldn’t want that, right? This is the reason why you are recommended to reheat pot pies in an oven so that it will have the best taste just like the one it had when you just purchased it. When considering KFC pot pie, we have another reason you should not consider using the microwave to reheat it. KFC pot pie is usually sold in an aluminum foil pan and you cannot use the microwave to reheat it if you want it to remain in the original container. It is possible to move it from the aluminum foil pan into a microwavable dish or pan, but you are likely to end up with a messed or ruined pot pie.

The best method to use to reheat your KFC pot pie is to use an oven so that you will get the same taste as when you just purchased it. Check below for how you can use the oven to reheat it:

  • Allow the oven to preheat to a temperature of 350°F, use aluminum foil to cover the meal in the later stage of the reheating process. Leave it in the oven so it can be reheated for about 20 minutes.

In-Depth Guide To Reheat your KFC Pot Pie

Whenever you want to reheat KFC pot pies, you now know you should only consider using the oven. We will like to ensure that you are accustomed to the steps you are supposed to follow to get you your excellent meal. If you reheat properly, your leftovers will taste exactly like those you just purchased. Check below for the steps to use to reheat your pie:

  1. Allow the oven to preheat to a temperature of 350°F.
  2. It is not recommended that you should move the meal from the original container. In case you wish to, you have to take precaution and it is preferable to scoop it out with a spatula.
  3. If you will like, put the container in a separate oven-safe container.
  4. Start to reheat it without the lid.
  5. You should use aluminum foil to cover your pot pie immediately the crust begins to become dark.
  6. Allow it to heat for about 20 minutes.
  7. You could sprinkle some cheddar on your pot pie at the end of the process of reheating. This is optional.
  8. Serve and enjoy the meal.

We are sure that you will like the taste of the pot pie if you can fully follow the method we have displayed above. This method will also preserve the texture and it is very safe to do. All the nutrients will remain intact even after the process of reheating.

The most important thing you need to know is that irrespective of the type of KFC pot pie you are heating, using an oven is the best method to properly do it. You may think 20 minutes is much most especially if you are already accustomed to reheating inside the microwave, but truly, the best method you can use is the oven because using the microwave will not be suitable for the container as well as many other reasons. Generally, you are not supposed to use a microwave to reheat any pot pie.

Check below for the reasons you should resist reheating pot pie inside the microwave:

  • For KFC pot pie, the aluminum foil pan is not suitable for a microwave.
  • The crust of your pot pie will become gummy as against being crispy.
  • The filling of the pot pie may become a mess by falling out.
  • The pot pie could end up being cold inside and warm outside.
  • The crust may become soggy if you use a microwave to reheat your pot pie.

Another thing that may be lingering in your mind is how you can properly store your pot pie and also how long you are supposed to store them for. We are also going to cover that because we want to ensure you enjoy your meal and your health is also not affected.

Firstly, you need to be aware that fast foods do not store very well. Some fast foods may last for years, but they usually lose their taste after one or two days. You should try to eat the KFC pot pie within one or two days of the purchase if it is possible for you. This will allow you to enjoy the best taste when you reheat, a taste that will be just like the first day.

You can also freeze pot pies, but KFC pot pie has already been cooked and the result may not leave you satisfied when you freeze it. The crust could dry out or become soggy. You can try it, but normally, pot pie should not be stored inside the freezer when you are reheating the following day.

If you make your pot pie yourself from scratch, they can be frozen if you have not cooked the crust. This will best preserve the pot pie and the taste will still remain intact. Another thing you can do is to freeze the filling and unformed crust separately. This is the best way to freeze pot pies properly.

How To Reheat a KFC Pot Pie
How To Reheat a KFC Pot Pie

How To Preserve A KFC Pot Pie

You can store your pot pie leftovers or those you intentionally bought to be eaten later for some days before you eventually use them, check out how you can do it below:

  • Allow the pot pie to completely cool.
  • Put it in an airtight container or use foil to cover it. We recommend that the foil pan s allowed to stay on it, don’t remove it.
  • Put it inside your fridge.
  • Ensure you eat the stored pot pie within two days if you want it to have the best of tastes.

Related Questions

How to freeze KFC pot pie?

In case you wish to try it, though it is not advisable. Freeze the pie by putting it inside an air-tight container and this should only be done once it has cooled down completely. If you do it properly, it should last one or two weeks in the freezer. It is better that the crust is yet to be cooked because a cooked crust will not keep as good as an uncooked one.


Can you reheat your KFC pot pie multiple times?

You can reheat your KFC pot pie more than once, but note that the taste will become worse each time it is reheated and the crispy qualities of the crust will also be lost. The best thing is to cut a portion of your pot pie and scoop it out if you know you will not finish a whole portion. Use a spatula to do the scooping so that it will not turn to a mess.

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