How To Reheat A Calzone

How To Reheat A Calzone?

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Calzone, yes, do you eat it? Everyone loves it. This is a pizza that is folded over and it is very delicious, filling your stomach on any occasion. It is quite an achievement to devour an entire calzone and at times you might be left with several leftovers. There are other times that you might want to prepare calzone ahead of time which you can keep in your freezer for you to use later.

After freezing, when you want to eat the calzone, you will need to reheat it, how best can you reheat your calzone? The best method to use to reheat your calzone is by using an oven to get the best texture as well as taste. You can also reheat your calzone on a skillet but this method might not allow it to be heated internally up to what an oven will do. You should not use a microwave because the crust will turn soggy and the inside will be heated too quickly which will end up ruining the calzone’s quality.

What we want to achieve in this guide is to get you acquainted with how you can reheat your calzones inside an oven and also in a skillet. We will also give more explanation on why the idea of using a microwave is bad. Please continue reading to get all that we have in stock for you.

The Best Way To Reheat A Calzone – In The Oven

The best method to use to reheat your calzone is to use the oven so that you can have the same taste as when you first prepared it and for the calzone to get reheated evenly. Whether your calzone has been inside the refrigerator or freezer, an oven is still the best way to reheat a calzone to get the best of tastes. Check below for the steps of how you can reheat your calzone inside an oven:

  • Allow your oven to preheat to a temperature of 400°F.
  • Remove your calzone from your fridge and put it on the baking sheet.
  • In case the calzone has been placed inside the freezer, it can still be reheated directly from frozen though it will have to use a long time to reheat.
  • Sprinkle some oil on the calzone so that it will be golden and crispy after reheating.
  • Place the calzone that is in your baking sheet into your oven and leave it to properly bake for about 20 minutes. You should leave it for up to 30 minutes if you are baking from frozen. Try to check if it is done after this stipulated time.
  • Before you take the calzone away from the oven, try to cut it in the middle to see if it has been thoroughly heated through. You can allow it to bake in increments of five minutes if you are not satisfied.
  • When the reheating is done, remove your calzone away from your oven and leave it to cool a little before you serve it.
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Pros (upside) of using an oven: Your calzone will get best reheated by using an oven. It will give a crisp crust with a color that is golden brown when you add some oil. When you use an oven, the calzone gets heated evenly through and there won’t be any area that will be left cold. One other good thing about reheating your calzone is that it can be reheated from frozen, which means you don’t have to be concerned about thawing it before you reheat it. You will have to leave it in the oven for a longer time if it is from frozen but the time is very little as compared to the time it will use to thaw in the refrigerator.

Cons (downside) of using the oven: We only have one downside of reheating your calzone in an oven and it is that it will take longer than when you use a skillet to reheat it. You must first wait for your oven to be heated up and you will also wait for about 20 to 30 minutes to get it reheated. It might not look like it’s long to you, but if you are really hungry, you will take notice.


Reheating your Calzone in the Skillet

You can also reheat your calzone in your skillet, this will be quicker than the oven and you will also successfully heat it up but you need to know the required skills and also pay attention so that the crust will not end up being burnt or the filling may not get warmed up. Check below for the steps:

  • Heat your skillet (non-stick) on a stove under medium heat.
  • Put the calzone on your skillet and leave it for about two minutes to cook or check until you have a crispy bottom-side.
  • Proceed to flip your calzone to the second side and also leave it for another two minutes to cook.
  • Reduce the heat to low heat.
  • You should then add four drops of water to the skillet.
  • Use a lid to cover your skillet.
  • Let the water you just dropped to steam so that the filling will be reheated.
  • Then remove your calzone from heat and leave it to cool for about a minute so that the heat will distribute.
  • Proceed to serve the calzone immediately to enjoy a well-heated calzone.
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Pros (upsides) of using a skillet: This is a quicker method than an oven to reheat your calzone though you may need to be watchful so that you can ensure that it will not burn the calzone and note that there are some extra steps to be taken. When you add a little water and you use a lid to cover it to allow it to steam so that the filling inside will get reheated and the crust will also become crispy.

Cons (downsides) of using a skillet: The calzone’s crust may get burnt and become too hard as well as not tasty if you leave either of the sides for too long, a minute can also make a difference. You also have to note that you should not add too much water in your skillet and it should not be too close to your calzone because it could turn the crust soggy, which means you will have to check it regularly to make sure the filling gets reheated. Another con is that a skillet cannot reheat calzone directly from frozen, you must take it out from your freezer to thaw for a few hours before you use your skillet to reheat it.

How To Reheat A Calzone
How To Reheat A Calzone

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Microwave

Using a microwave to reheat foods can be very convenient and it can be used to reheat foods both from frozen and those inside the fridge without taken much time. However, you cannot use it to reheat calzones because the crust will turn very soggy and will also result in the loss of the crispness contained in the calzone. If you want your reheated calzone to be edible, stick to using either an oven or a skillet, do not use a microwave.

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Reheating Your Frozen Calzone

If you want to use an oven, it is very easy to reheat calzone from frozen. As we have earlier stated, all you need to do is to allow your frozen calzone to bake in your oven for about 30 minutes. The thawing of the calzone will be done as it gets reheated.

If, however, you are using a skillet, you need to allow the calzone to thaw through before you reheat it. You can do this the safest way by leaving it on your fridge to thaw overnight. You will need to plan it and it is not the best situation for an instant fix. You can best thaw your calzone inside the fridge for some hours or overnight so that it will stay at a temperature below 40°F where the growth of bacteria will not thrive and will not risk getting food poisoning.

Related Questions Asked

How to Reheat a Calzone

To reheat your calzone, use an oven or a skillet and you can keep the crust golden and crispy and the filling will not dry out. Ensure you do not place your calzone inside a microwave if you want to enjoy a delicious calzone because your microwave will turn the calzone soggy and also allow it to lose its crispness.


What is best served with a calzone?

You can serve the calzone with a simple green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette or light ranch dressing. Because calzone has a filling with very strong flavors, only the above-mentioned side dish will go well with it.

Can you reheat a calzone in the air fryer?

Your calzone can be reheated in an air fryer and it is incredibly quick. To do it correctly, turn on your air fryer to 400°F and put the calzone inside for about three or four minutes. The calzone will get reheated with both a crispy crust and a well-reheated filling.


How do you store cooked calzone?

To store your cooked calzone inside the fridge, place it inside an airtight container or bag and you must ensure to eat the calzone within three days. To store in your freezer, it is either you place it inside a freezer bag or an airtight container that is wrapped in a plastic wrap and foil. Ensure the airtight container is freezer safe. Your calzone that is placed inside the freezer will last up to three months when the best quality will be retained.

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