Can You Freeze Bread Pudding

Can You Freeze Bread Pudding?

Cooking Tips

In case you have a baguette or loaves of bread that you cannot finish, you can make yourself bread pudding out of it. It is easy to make bread pudding and it is a dessert that is very delicious that will help you to use stale bread helping to bake a few good servings.

You might not want to use your stale bread to make pudding whenever you want to waste it because you cannot finish an entire dessert. However, when you bake the bread, you are presented with the opportunity to use it in a whole new way and once you have cooked it, you can freeze it exceedingly well to help it stay fresh.

Best Tips For Freezing Bread Pudding

If your bread pudding was made from scratch, of course by you, you first need to know that before you freeze it, you need it to be cooled completely at room temperature because you are not advised to place anything hot inside the freezer, most especially bread. Endeavor to keep the sauce separate if you have already made the sauce along with the pudding. You can freeze the sauce inside any freezer-friendly container, all you need to do is to allow enough room because it will expand a little.

For you to properly freeze and evenly defrost it, you should endeavor to store the pudding individually so that it will become frozen faster and you will also find it a bit easier to use it in single portions whenever you want to treat yourself to something good. All you have to do is to use plastic wrap to wrap them in individual portions and in case you are quite concerned with the bread pudding being good, use aluminum foil to further wrap it.

You may then place it inside the freezer this way or you may gather together all your individual parcels and then put them in one freezer-friendly Tupperware container. It will help them from becoming crushed inside the freezer. You can also easily label Tupperware containers, unlike aluminum foil. It is usually good when you write the date on whatever you are freezing. The bread pudding is going to stay frozen fresh for about three months if it has been carefully stored.

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A Caveat About Store-Bought Bread Pudding

Whenever you have leftovers from bread pudding that you have purchased, you will have to ask yourself the question of if it has sauce in it or it does not. If there is no sauce, then you can follow the steps outlined above.

If the sauce has been poured over it, then freezing and then thawing it will likely not give you the desired result because it would turn soggy and it will be better to finish that kind of bread pudding within a few days.

Thawing and Reheating your Frozen Bread Pudding

It is not good to try heating the bread pudding directly from frozen, you will need to allow it to thaw overnight inside your fridge before you can eat it. You will notice that it is a bit harder than how you left it and that’s a normal scenario. It will become soften when you warm it up most especially when you pour over it your delicious sauce as you warm it.

You should either use an oven or a microwave to warm it in the best way. When using a microwave, you will want to do it slowly with an interval of 10 seconds because it will most probably become hard if you try to cook it at once for too long.

When using an oven, you can nicely reheat it at a temperature of 350°F for up to 10 minutes. Put it inside your baking sheet before you drizzle your sauce over it and then warm it up. In case it seems dry a bit even though you are careful or in case you do not have sauce to add, the best thing to do is to add ice cream to help you best fix it.

More Options Used for Storing Bread Pudding

You don’t only have the option of freezing the bread pudding to store it even though it is still your best bet when you want to store it for a long time. If you just want to store it for some days or in case there is no more space inside the freezer, you may store it in some other ways.

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Storing Bread Pudding In the Fridge

When you have a wonderful sauce or maybe you want to use ice cream along with it, you can keep it inside the fridge for an extra one or two days. It is quite sweet and simple, your pudding can be kept inside the fridge for one to two days but it will begin to become dry after that.

Upcycling Bread Pudding 

This works when you are left with leftovers of bread pudding and you wish to eat a different dessert, you can proceed to change it in some ways and it will feel like a whole new dessert, check below for some of the ideas you can use:

  • Deep fry the bread pudding even though it is not the option that is healthiest but getting yourself something of a total hit will be short of nothing but delicious.
  • You can grill it by grilling the slices until they become toasty and then you may top it with ice cream or jam.
  • You can also use it to make some cake pops by mushing it with some buttercream frosting and you will only need a little if the pudding still has moisture in it. Mold them in form of balls and seal it with chocolate dip to enjoy.
  • You can use it to make yourself French toast and the moist left in it determines how you can cook it. Use normal egg dip to fry it. In case it is a bit custardy, have some leniency with the number of eggs used. Moreover, do not forget that it is already spiced and sweet and that means you will not need more inside the egg dip.

How To Make Delicious, Easy Bread Pudding

It is quite simple to make bread pudding and you will only need little ingredients and you might also add some creativity by adding some extra change to the flavor to get a completely new dessert each time you try to make one.

Basic Ingredients

  • Pinch of salt
  • Two beaten eggs
  • 1/3 C sugar
  • Half loaf of your stale bread
  • Two tablespoons of melted butter
  • Two C milk.

Ideas for Bonus Flavor

  • Use some cheese or bacon grease to turn it savory
  • Liquors such as Bourbon, Kahlua, or Rum
  • Treat like chunks of your chocolate bars or like butterscotch chips
  • Spices like allspice, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg.
  • Fresh, dried, or canned fruit.
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Can You Freeze Bread Pudding
Can You Freeze Bread Pudding



  • Prepare yourself a baking dish of size 9 x 13 by using butter to coat it or using cooking spray to spray it.
  • Allow the oven to preheat to a temperature of 350°F
  • Pull or cut the bread into pieces of bite sizes of about one to two inches and then put it inside your large bowl.
  • Proceed to mix all the ingredients except your bread and other extra solids or fruit you will like to add.
  • You may then pour the mix on the bread and allow it to soak into it for about 10 minutes.
  • You may then add the fruit or some other treats by mixing it well, it will look doughy and soggy.
  • Place the pudding inside a baking pan and allow it to bake for about 30 to 455 minutes ensuring you check it to ensure it is set and it becomes brown but it does not burn or become dry.
  • You should then allow the bread pudding to become cool before you serve to enjoy it.

Make A Sauce For the Pudding

You could make a variety of sauces for the bread pudding, however, we prefer to use cream cheese styled sauce that allows the bread pudding to be like cinnamon-bun, check below for how to make it:


  • ½ teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ C sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 8 ounces cream cheese


  • Mix all your ingredients inside a microwavable bowl except your vanilla
  • Allow it to warm inside your microwave until your cream cheese becomes melted completely in an interval of 30 seconds and ensuring you mix in between.
  • Stir in your vanilla when it has melted completely.
  • Drizzle it on the bread pudding to enjoy.

Related Questions

What is the difference between bread pudding and bread and butter pudding?

You can get bread pudding as a dessert that is made with stale bread that is soaked inside eggs and sweet milk. When you bake, it will turn to something delicious. Bread and butter pudding, however, is a kind of bread pudding that is common in the United Kingdom that usually layer buttered bread slices inside your baking dish where you decorate it with raisins before soaking inside your mixture of egg custard.

What kind of bread pudding can you make?

Bread pudding can be made from anything that is available for you. You can use any type of bread as well as any fruits or perhaps sweet treats for extra flavoring. Brioche is used to make some common bread puddings and it has its natural sweetness or puddings that is spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, it could be some raisins and nuts tossed into it for some good measure. You can actually experiment with anything, depending on what you want to achieve.

Where does bread pudding come from?

Bread pudding originated from England in the 11th century and it was known as “poor man’s pudding”.

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