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Can You Freeze Buttermilk Pie?

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If you love yogurt then you will probably also love buttermilk drink. Others believe that drinking buttermilk is only for those who get used to its taste because some people do not like it. However, buttermilk is a popular ingredient to Southern recipes like buttermilk pie.

Buttermilk drink is cultured or pasteurized milk that is similar to kefir or yogurt. It is rich in probiotics that is why it is considered a very healthy drink.

Apart from being a healthy drink, buttermilk also makes delicious recipes and one of these is the buttermilk pie. It is easy to be creative with your buttermilk excess by baking it into a pie. Some likes to bake buttermilk pies in advance for an occasion or simply to satisfy craving.

So, after making buttermilk pies in advance, how do you keep it? Can you keep it frozen for a later meal or to store if for days? Definitely, you can. Buttermilk pies can be frozen for storage just remember the tips we will give you later in this article on how to properly prepare it for storage so your pies will remain as good as fresh even after thawing and reheating.

What Is Buttermilk Pie

Southerner’s love buttermilk pie and it is considered one of their classic or good ole’ comfort food which is perfect for dessert. Traditionally, it is baked from ingredients one can typically find at home like sugar, eggs, butter, flour, and buttermilk. It is also added with vanilla and fresh lemon juice for a delightful taste.

Buttermilk pies are easy to make and will only take you about five minutes to prepare the filling. To a real Southerner, this is served perfectly no matter what the weather is. It can be eaten as a dessert or a delicious snack shared with family and friends. It can be served warm or chilled. It can also be packed for picnics.

These pies have a textured layer with thick crust, the bottom filling looks a bit sturdy while the topmost filling appears like cheesecake. A caramelized sugar forms on its surface and it resembles a crème brulee. It does not stick on your teeth after biting but oozes with a soft fuzzy feeling that almost melts in your mouth.

You can make your own variety of buttermilk pie but adding creamy cheese to your mix. It will not become a cheesecake but a buttermilk pie with that cheesy taste. However, if you want it to be more like cheesecake, you can blend 8 ounces of creamy cheese before baking. If you do not like the typical pie crust, then layer the crust with graham biscuits or crackers.

Can You Freeze Buttermilk Pie – The Complete Guide

You can keep buttermilk frozen though its consistency changes after thawing it. Thawed buttermilk does not appeal as a drink, but it still goes well when used for baking. If you chose to freeze buttermilk filling, you need to know some techniques and you can follow any of these two options on how to freeze them so it will still remain best.

Here are your options for keeping buttermilk pies frozen.

Option 1: Freeze fully baked pie.

Freezing baked pie is not the best option but it will still keep your pie edible. When fully baked pies are frozen, the filling will taste just like a custard and it can become crumbly. Small pockets with water can also form on the pie once thawed, so it is best to eat it right away after thawing and reheating.

If you like it cold, you can eat it right after it has been thawed. Keep in mind that after thawing, the water formed into tiny pockets will remain and at times can make your pie soggy or as they call it, weepy pie which is not appealing.

Remember not to overcook the filling of your fully baked pie if you want to keep it frozen.  Here are some tips and the steps on freezing bully baked pies:

  • Be sure to cool down baked buttermilk pies completely at room temperature before refrigerating it.
  • Cover the pie’s surface tightly enough with a plastic food wrap.
  • Wrap it completely with an aluminum foil as tightly as possible.
  • Label your pie with dates to remind you of its shelf-life.
  • Keep it in your freezer for up to 3 months.
  • Be sure not to place anything on its top while stored in your freezer to prevent crushing it.

Option 2: Prepare the custard filling and pie crust separately.

If you are preparing the buttermilk pie in advance, it is best not to fully bake it or do not put the filling in the crust just yet if you think of freezing it. After preparing your filling and crust, it best to freeze them separately if you do not plan on eating your pie right away.

Once the crust and the filling is frozen separately you, you can still set the filling beautifully on your pie crust even after thawing, and then have it freshly baked.

Prepare the pie crust and the custard filling as directed then follow these easy steps on how to freeze them separately.

  • Leave the pie crust to completely cool at room temperature after baking the crust.
  • Wrap the crust tightly with plastic food wrap or aluminum foil so that no air can sip in.
  • Leave the buttermilk filling to cool completely.
  • Pour the filling into an airtight food container with lid or in a heavy-duty freeze bag.
  • Label the package with date and keep it in your freezer for up to three months.

It is always best to bake and consume your buttermilk pie as soon as possible. Also, never keep it frozen for more than three months.

Thawing and Reheating Frozen Buttermilk Pie

Option 1: Thawing frozen fully baked pie.

  • Transfer the pie from the freezer to the fridge and leave it there to thaw overnight.
  • Serve pie warmed at room temperature or chilled after thawing.
  • Reheat pie before serving if you prefer it but keep in mind that it could be a bit soggy or too soft.

Option 2: Thawing separately frozen buttermilk filling and pie crust.

  • Transfer your pie crust from the freezer to the fridge and leave it there until it has completely thawed.
  • For the filling –
    • Place the frozen filling in the fridge and let it thaw overnight.  Never thaw it at room temperature or rush thawing by placing it in the water.
    • Whisk it thoroughly after it has completely thawed until you get the consistency you want.
    • It the custard filling has become crumbly, reheat it at medium temperature and whisk it thoroughly to get the right consistency.  If is has become watery, add a tablespoon of buttermilk while whisking it. Add more buttermilk as needed until you get the desired consistency.
    • Fill the thawed crust with enough filling and it is now ready to be baked.

Alternative Storing Options for Buttermilk Pie

Buttermilk pie is too good to be stored after baking but in case you prepared it in advance for some occasion then you surely need to store it.

Freshly baked pies can be kept at the countertop for about three days when the temperature is cold, and the pies are not exposed to sunlight directly. I can last about five days when refrigerated but let it completely cool before keeping on the fridge.

Never leave it at room temperature or when its hot and humid as it may turn the pie bad.

Buttermilk Pie
Buttermilk Pie

Related Questions

Can you keep buttermilk frozen?

When buttermilk is properly packaged and kept frozen it will remain best for about three months. It is easier to freeze then other dairy products, so you need not worry about keeping it frozen.

Pouring ample amount of buttermilk in an ice cube tray and freezing it is also another best option to keep it frozen. Once it has completely frozen, keep buttermilk in cube forms in a heavy-duty freezer bag in the freezer. It will be easier for you to get only the amount or portion you needed without thawing the whole lot.

Is it best to freeze a pie after or before baking?

Most pies are best kept frozen before baking as this will keep the crust in good shape and the filling will not be frozen cooked. However, if you prefer to freeze the pie before baking, it is best to place it in an oven safe tray, wrap it tightly with plastic food wrap so when you need to bake it, just remove the wrap and you can place it directly in the oven even without thawing it.

What is the difference between chess pie and buttermilk pie?

Buttermilk pies and chess pies are traditional Southerner’s favorite dessert that look almost similar, but they are different. Chess pies are baked with eggs, sugar, and butter. Its filling is gooey and made from crushed cornmeal. Whereas buttermilk pies has creamy custard filling.

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