Can You Freeze Pecans

Can You Freeze Pecans?

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We are continued to be convinced that it is not all fats that are evil, a lot of people are starting to embrace wonders surrounding nuts. Pecans are now people’s favorite as a result of their exhibited sweet flavor, healthy nutritional values, and how readily they are in the USA.

If you have a chance to have just one pecan tree near you, you will have a year’s full supply or even more every harvest you make in the fall. You may even be a type that loves buying pecans in bulk and you will need to protect them. This brings us to the main purpose of this article. If you want to extend the shelf-life of pecans, are you allowed to freeze them?

If we want to answer correctly, you can freeze pecans. The more correct answer will be that you should sure freeze your pecans if you want to make sure they remain delicious and fresh for many years. Before freezing them, ensure that they are well sealed because pecans tend to absorb different flavors from some other food items that are nearby them in the freezer and they sometimes absorb the frigid air within the freezer.

What we want to check out in this particular article is to see how pecans can be frozen, how else they can be stored in case you do not have enough freezer space. You will also get to see all you should be aware of about pecans.

Best Practices for Freezing Pecans

Freezing is the best method to use to store pecans as well as other nuts. The process is a simple one, but you need to do it correctly. The best thing to do with your nuts irrespective of if they are still within the shell or they are shelled is to place them inside a freezable Ziploc bag. If you want more protection, put this sealed bag inside a freezable Tupperware container.

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You need to ensure they are properly stored because once they are frozen, pecans usually maintain their fresh quality for about 2 or more years. If you store them well, shelled pecans can be left within your freezer for about 2 years, however, if they are still within their shells, they can remain fresh within your freezer for an additional 2 years. It makes good sense to purchase pecans in bulk if you have the freezer space and good foresight.

How To Thaw Frozen Pecans

If you want to thaw pecans, all you simply have to do is to allow them to sit on the counter until they have been brought back to the temperature of the room. The process does not take long, it will be done within 30 minutes or less, you should not microwave them to thaw them.

If you add heat to your frozen nuts, their nutrition quality will be destroyed, their flavor will be off, and they will also become chewy. The best thing to do is to allow them to remain frozen until you want to use the pecans. In case you have defrosted them a bit too early, leave them sealed inside the refrigerator for their freshness to be maintained.

Alternative Ways to Store Pecans

There are other ways you can store pecans other than freezing them. In situations where the pecans you have will only be enough for you for a week, they can be safely stored inside a Ziploc bag or Tupperware container that is well-sealed. Just ensure they are kept in a dry and cool place that is not in contact with direct sunlight.

They will remain fresh for up to one week, but you should not allow it to remain further because nuts usually become rancid slightly easily if exposed to air, heat, or moisture. If you have larger supplies, put them inside the fridge, you should just follow the same advice as to the freezer because if not properly stored, they could taste odd.

Keep the nuts inside moisture-safe air-tight containers so that they will not be tainted by outside odors and flavors. Use a glass jar if you want to store them inside the refrigerator, they will stay fresh like this for 6 months if placed properly inside the fridge.

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How To Store Pecans in the Shell

There is further protection attached to keep pecans inside their shells, the shells will protect them from becoming rancid as a result of oxidation. It will also prevent neighboring tastes and smells from invading the nut. If your pecan is allowed to remain inside its shell, it will remain fresh within the refrigerator for about a year.

If placed in a dry and cool place and not a refrigerated location, it can stay fresh between 3 and 6 months, although you need to monitor them for their quality. If you want them to be stored within their shell, place all of the nuts simply inside a sealable bag or container. They will usually use more space as compared to shelled pecans, however, they will remain fresh for a much longer time in as much as no moisture gets into the containers.

How to Tell if Pecans Have Gone Bad

You can find out if pecans have become rancid in two main ways:

  1. They have a bad smell: We find it difficult to put a description of how bad nuts smell. They usually smell like paint thinner or paint. It is noticeable and unappetizing in situations where a lot of them have become rancid.
  2. They have a terrible taste: There is a very sour tang associated with nuts that have gone bad. It is possible to get bitter nuts in a very big bag of nuts. If you find some nuts within your collection that are not too good any longer, it may be signaling you to get new supplies.

The best thing to do with rancid pecans is to throw them away and get new supplies. If they have only gone stale, some of the sweet flavors can be brought back into it with some delightful crunchiness. Spread the nuts simply on your baking sheet that you have used parchment paper to line and allow them to bake inside the oven at a temperature of 350°F for 5-10 minutes. Because of their high content of oil, there will be a development of a very delicious effect of frying.

Usually, nuts become spoilt as a result of improper storage. Your pecans may taste bitter because of some other reasons. Fresh pecans have sweet saps that attract certain bugs. Any dark spot noticed on the nut may be as a result of an invasion of leaf-footed or stink bug. It will not turn them dangerous, however, the taste will be less sweet and it will be easily noticed.

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Can You Freeze Pecans
Can You Freeze Pecans

Related Questions

Are pecans gluten-free?

Pecans are gluten-free. Ensure that you know whether or not the shelled pecans you are buying were processed in a facility that is gluten-free so that you won’t be jeopardizing your sensitivity or allergies to gluten.

Are pecans Keto?

If you are considering the different kinds of nuts, pecans are not on the high carbohydrate scale end. They can be considered Keto friendly and they still contain some carbs. There are up to four net carbs per 100g of pecans. Cashews have up to 22 carbs of the same 100g and this is almost the whole daily carb intake of someone on a very strict Keto diet. The healthy nutrition and fats offered by pecans will be enjoyed if you decide to choose pecans.

Are pecans tree nuts?

We usually call a lot of legumes and seeds nuts and they are not nuts. However, pecans are true nuts and they are tree nuts too, a native of the US.

Are pecans bad for dogs?

Generally, you should not feed nuts to your dogs because they usually have compounds that are toxic to the animals. Though pecans are not on the high side, flavored and salted pecans are not good for pets. It could cause blockage or digestion issues if taken in a very large quantity. It is best not to give your dog pecans or nuts that have a toxin in the slightest amount in them.

Are pecans good for you?

Remarkably, pecans are excellent for you. Contained in them are fiber, vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Apart from having excellent nutritional values, they also contain some healthy monounsaturated fat that is excellent for the heart and overall health though it is still high in calories. You can take them due to the nutritional value, but you should take note of the serving size.

Is it OK to eat stale nuts?

You are unlikely to be harmed significantly if you consume rancid or some stale nuts. You could, however, have indigestion or other reactions if you eat a lot of spoilt nuts.

Do you wash pecans before shelling?

There is no need to wash your pecans before shelling them. Some people have said that it is easier to crack them when they are boiled within the shells for about 10 minutes before shelling them. Ensure you allow them to become cooled before touching them.

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