Can You Freeze Cheesecake? – How to Do It?

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There are several popular desserts, but cheesecake is a very versatile one. We have many textures and varieties and there are several ways cheesecake can be topped. Cheesecake can be served in the form of miniaturizing or as a full cake. Cheesecake is common on special occasions, parties, and social functions.

There are times when you make cheesecake, you have some leftovers, what can you do with the leftovers or how best can you store them? It is naturally better to eat any food fresh and cheesecake is also the same. It is possible to freeze the cheesecake for a while and the quality will still be maintained and this will make it possible to prepare ahead of any special occasion or good enough to eat the leftovers.

If you want to know how best you can store your cheesecake and those things you need to put into consideration when freezing it, please continue reading this guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Cheesecake

Primarily, cheesecake is made by mixing sugar, eggs, soft cheese such as ricotta or cream cheese, and some other ingredients. It is a rich dessert and it is very dense. Cheesecake may be unbaked, baked, or at times its bottom layer of crust can be covered with graham crackers, cookies, or other pastry. Depending on the ingredient base, texture, or flavor, we have a variety of cheesecakes that are all unique. We have different kinds of flavored cheesecakes such as fruits and chocolates that enhance or add to the textures and tastes. Cheesecake has a lot of versatility that makes it many people’s favorite, there are a lot of toppings like whipped cream, sauces, fruits, and nuts that you can add to cheesecake.

When it comes to freezing cheesecake, the popular version is that of the New York that is made more with sour or heavy cream that results in it being richer and denser than some other versions. Your cheesecakes will not freeze too early because of the presence of sour cream and that makes it excellent to freeze products.


Why You Should Freeze Cheesecake

One good thing about cheesecake is that it is easily stored and can be easily sliced on demand. This makes it a very common dessert in restaurants and bakeries. It can also be produced in large amounts because it is quite easy to make and kept fresh even when you change it from its frozen state. Whenever you have leftovers of cheesecakes, it is quite easy for you to store by freezing it and eat later. In case you have an advance meeting of a large gathering of people, your cheesecake can be made ahead of the meeting day and you can then use it whenever you are ready.

Some other additional benefits are associated with freezing or refrigerating your cheesecake that will make it better than eating it fresh. If you are the type that prefers your cheesecake rich and dense, it becomes denser by freezing it. The ingredients will also not get separated as compared with other kinds of desserts and it is very ideal to freeze and reuse.

The disadvantage of freezing your cheesecake is that the fluffy and light texture could result in being too dense. It is, however, dependent on the constituents of your cheesecake and those things that were used to make it. Be aware of these details when you want to decide how long you will like to keep your cheesecake most especially when you make it at home. The toppings should be removed before you freeze because they might not last while freezing and they will probably not taste good after they are defrosted.


How to Freeze Cheesecake

Whenever you want to freeze your cheesecake, the best method to use is to seal it inside an airtight bag or container or you can tightly wrap to prevent freezer burn or outside air from entering into it.

Please note that the process stated above applies only to cheesecake that is bought from a restaurant or bakery and not necessarily to those frozen cheesecake bought from stores. For the store-bought types, place them directly inside your freezer and follow all the cooking or thawing instructions that are on the package. Also note that a freezer should be used to freeze your cheesecake, not a refrigerator that has compartments that can freeze which will not be cold enough to properly freeze the cheesecake.

Check below for the best method to use in freezing your cheesecake for later:

  • Endeavor to remove all extra toppings including fruits, sauces, whipped cream, and others from your cheesecake.
  • Make sure that the cheesecake is chilled properly before you freeze. In case you have left the cheesecake out for a long time, there could be a risk of an increase in bacteria which will spoil the cheesecake or increase foodborne disease. The best thing to do is to put the cheesecake inside your refrigerator for a minimum of six hours before you freeze.
  • You can slice your cheesecake to individual parts before you freeze it or even freeze a whole cheesecake together.
  • When freezing a whole cheesecake, wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and put it in a very airtight bag, perhaps heavy-duty Tupperware or freezer bag.
  • When you want to freeze individual slices, you will need to wrap each of them in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and then put in a very airtight bag, perhaps heavy-duty Tupperware or freezer bag.

How to Freeze Mini Cheesecakes

In catered events, the favorite cheesecakes are mini cheesecakes because it is easy to cook, package and serve en masse in an event rather than cutting to make the guests select their slices. Mini cheesecakes are very good for guests because it is singly served per individual. Guests will also enjoy a uniformly prepared dessert and they can also top it as they like.

You freeze your mini cheesecake the same way you freeze the individual slices;

  • Endeavor to remove all extra toppings prior to freezing and make sure the mini cheesecake has been properly chilled.
  • Use plastic wrap to wrap each of the pieces and store in a very airtight bag perhaps heavy-duty Tupperware or freezer bag.


Talk of a versatile dessert that is very delicious and decadent, cheesecake serves this purpose and it can be prepared in several ways, enjoyed, and also save for later. It is recommended that you should tightly wrap your cheesecake in two plastic layers and then put in an aluminum foil before you proceed to store for between four to six weeks. The moisture and flavor will be locked in this way and if kept longer than that, you risk it getting spoilt or it could cause freezer burn. Your cheesecake should be thawed by placing it in a fridge overnight. You can also store mini cheesecake in a similar way to individual slices. You may prefer to freeze it like you would do to whoopee pie.


Related Questions

What if I don’t want to freeze my cheesecake, can I keep it in the refrigerator only?

If your plan is to eat your cheesecake within a few days, a good option you can use is to put it inside your fridge. This will keep the cheesecake cold irrespective of how it has been stored. The ingredients will also be cold and it will prevent it from getting spoilt before you eat it. When cheesecakes are not being served, keep them in the fridge. Due to the fact that keeping your cheesecake in the freezer might lead to freezer burn and it might not allow it to thaw quickly, you could even forget that you placed them in the freezer, it’s better to store them in the fridge if you will be eating them in a few days.

Note that once it is past four days in the fridge, it will start to get spoilt. You simply cannot compare the duration your cheesecake will use in the fridge and the freezer, freezer last longer. Furthermore, not wrapping your cheesecake with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, or in a very airtight bag and putting them directly with the container used to buy at the bakery or restaurant will allow the food to spoil from freezer burn.

If you want your cheesecake to last longer, retain the flavor and texture, freezing is preferable to refrigeration.

How do I thaw my cheesecake?

To thaw cheesecakes, the easiest and best method is to remove it from your freezer and put it inside your fridge overnight. It will make the thawing natural which is better than using a microwave that will likely ruin the cheesecake’s consistency. Remember to leave the cheesecake inside the container where it is tightly wrapped for it to thaw properly. This is very important. Once your cheesecake has defrosted, eat it under two days so that it can be prevented from getting spoilt. Toppings of your choice can also be added and it will make sure it stays fresh.

How long is frozen cheesecake good?

Because of product expiration and freezer burn, frozen foods don’t last in the freezer forever. This is despite what some people may say, every food eventually goes bad. The process of freezing cheesecake will allow it to be edible and useful for a very long time. As previously covered, store-bought cheesecake should be kept frozen, check the expiry date for how long you can keep it inside the freezer. Normally, it is advisable to keep your cheesecake in a freezer for four to six weeks.

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