How To Freeze Gnocchi

How To Freeze Gnocchi? (Complete Guide)

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You feel that insatiable craving for gnocchi pasta and ended up preparing much more than you can it or maybe you just wanted to prepare some cook gnocchi in advance given your busy schedule. So, what happens next is you find ways how to store it perfectly so that is remains fresh even after a few days or weeks when you will want to eat it again.

But first, what is gnocchi? Gnocchi is a classic variety of Italian pasta which can be cooked into different scrumptious dishes. It is made of mashed potatoes with flour and eggs to form the pasta dough. The gnocchi dough is rolled and cut into bite-sized pieces or nuggets.

So, can you store gnocchi for days or weeks? Can you freeze it? Does it taste the same even after freezing? Basically, the answer to all these questions is yes. You can store gnocchi for days to weeks in the freezer. It is best to freeze uncooked gnocchi, but you can also keep cooked gnocchi leftover in the freezer and have it reheated for your next meal.

You can follow different ways to store and preserve gnocchi to retain its fresh taste and nutritional value. Of course, no one would like to eat something that is bland or tasteless especially if it is some reheated leftovers.

Reheating or warming leftover or food cooked in advanced is just the normal thing to do after storing and freezing it. As for gnocchi, you would it to remain flavorful even after weeks of freezing but there is also a proper way to do it.

How To Freeze and Preserve Gnocchi

There are advantages when you prepare food in advance like you need not hurry preparing meal and undo or overdo it, you can still eat healthy instead of buying some fast food, and you can eat the meal you like to start your day. Thus, most people would prepare food in advance because of their busy schedule and gnocchi is the best kind of pasta that can also be pre-cooked and stored for your next meal.

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Preparing gnocchi pasta from dough to the dish you want can be tedious and that is why those who want it fresh would prepare a lot, cook a serving and freeze the remaining portion to enjoy it in their next meal.

Gnocchi can be made into different mouth-watering dishes with less effort and lesser time after pre-cooking it. So, it is okay to make a bunch to pre-cook them and freeze them for later. Once you have done it, you can opt to have a gnocchi meal any time of the day.

However, improper way of freezing gnocchi may affect its taste and texture. Freezing does preserve the food but how you prepare them before freezing also affects how long will it remain fresh when frozen and how will it taste after freezing.

If you want gnocchi to taste fresh even after freezing it for weeks, you must cook it and packed it correctly before freezing.

It is important to packed gnocchi carefully before freezing because the cooked gnocchi pasta is tender and can be easily deformed. If not packaged carefully, it can stick on the base of the food container.

If you prefer to freeze uncooked rather than cooked gnocchi, then it is the best way to avoid the pasta from sticking together or lumping together. So, if you do not need to pre-cooked gnocchi, it is best to keep uncooked gnocchi in the freezer.

Frozen cooked gnocchi can remain best for consumption around one to three weeks but when you freeze it uncooked, it can remain best for not more than six weeks.

You can choose whether to freeze cooked or uncooked gnocchi and even leftovers of gnocchi dish with all the ingredient just remember its shelf life varies.

How To Freeze Uncooked Gnocchi

You may find freezing uncooked gnocchi somewhat tedious or time consuming but if you prepare it well before freezing, there will be no gnocchi wasted.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Arrange gnocchi pasta in a layer on a baking tray or any flat-base food container.
  2. Place the tray or food container in your freezer in a level position and let it freeze.
  3. Freeze the gnocchi for about two to three hours or until it hardened.
  4. Gather frozen gnocchi pieces and put them in a resealable food bags or an airtight food container with lid.
  5. Place the food bags or food container in your freezer for up to six weeks.
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How To Freeze Cooked Gnocchi

You may have some cooked gnocchi leftovers or just want to prepare it in advance and freeze them for later but remember that its shelf-life is shorter than freezing it uncooked.

Follow the simple steps to freeze your cooked gnocchi.

  1. If the gnocchi is still hot, leave it to cool before placing each piece on a baking pan. Put it apiece apart to prevent it from sticking or lumping together.
  2. Pre-freeze it for three hours in your freezer or until it hardened.
  3. Gather frozen gnocchi bits and place them in a resealable food bags or an airtight food container with lid.
  4. Place the food bags or food container in your freezer for up to three weeks.
How To Freeze Gnocchi
How To Freeze Gnocchi

How To Freeze Leftovers of Cooked Gnocchi Dishes

You have prepared a scrumptious gnocchi dish with all its ingredients, but unexpectedly there are more leftovers.

How do you store these leftovers? Simply, place the dish in a food container with lid. Be sure that it has already cooled down before placing it in your freezer to prevent the transfer of heat to the other food in your freezer that could spoil them. Also, ensure that the lid is closed tightly, and it would be even better if it can be kept in vacuum sealed food bags.

Keep it frozen for up to weeks and remember that it has shorter shelf-life than pre-cooked gnocchi without added ingredients.

Do you want to learn more about gnocchi and other methods to preserve or store it? If yes, just keep reading.

In-Depth Guide To Freezing Gnocchi

Previously, we shared with you the simple and easy steps to freeze gnocchi. but we can still be more meticulous in preparing it for storage to ensure that it will remain best up to our expected shelf-life.

It is best to follow these tips and tricks to preparing gnocchi whether it is cooked or uncooked before placing it in your freezer.

  • Place a parchment paper or food grade plastic sheet on the baking pan or flat-base food container before layering the gnocchi pasta.
  • Spread enough flour on the parchment or plastic sheet just to dust it and prevent gnocchi from sticking. Do not put more than enough or it will pile up.
  • Place gnocchi carefully one piece apart to prevent it from lumping or sticking to each other. You may also sprinkle each piece with flour.
  • Leave the gnocchi at room temperature to dry for about 30 to 50 minutes or more before freezing it. This drying time will help it to harden a bit.
  • Place the baking tray or food container at a level position inside your freezer until it gets completely frozen.
  • Gather frozen gnocchi nuggets and placed it inside a resealable freezer bag or food container with lid and return it to your freezer.
  • Label each container or bag to be reminded of its shelf-life.
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Your gnocchi will remain fresh and best for about six weeks to two months if you were able to follow these steps.


What you should not do when freezing gnocchi:

  • Do not keep warm or hot gnocchi in the freezer.
  • Do not place gnocchi in a container that may cause it to lump together.
  • Do not keep gnocchi in your freezer right after forming the dough. Leave it to dry for some time.


Extra tips for freezing gnocchi dishes

  • Do not consume cooked gnocchi if it has been frozen for about two weeks or more. Chances are it is already spoiled as it has shorter shelf-life than uncooked gnocchi.
  • Always label the food container to be reminded of its shelf-life or when it is still best to consume it.
  • When freezing gnocchi dish with its ingredients, follow the freezing method for uncooked gnocchi but skip the drying process.


Related Questions

Here are some takeaway information you might want to read.

Can you keep gnocchi dough or uncooked gnocchi refrigerated?

It is not recommended to keep gnocchi dough or uncooked gnocchi in the fridge because it will discolor and become a bit watery. It is best to freeze it.

Why is it best to freeze uncooked gnocchi?

You may freeze cooked or uncooked gnocchi, but keep in mind that they have different shelf-life. Uncooked gnocchi can remain best when frozen for about six weeks to two months while cooked gnocchi can only remain best for about two weeks, thus it is best to store uncooked gnocchi.

Remember too that thawing or reheating cooked gnocchi may cause the pasta to become more tender and fell apart.

Do you need to thaw gnocchi before reheating?

You can always reheat cooked gnocchi without thawing it to prevent it from becoming very tender and fall apart. It is also best to reheat it in small servings or portions.

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