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How To Reheat Hamburger Helper Dishes?

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One of the useful dish kits you can dive towards is Hamburger Helper, from the box to your stovetop and then it is ready. Cooking is not time-consuming and you only need a few ingredients to get it done. It is easy to make Hamburger Helper and the meal is not expensive and generally, there is plenty to move around. However, what about when there are leftovers?

You can count Hamburger Helper as one of the popular household staples because the meal can be conveniently made within 30 minutes. The excellent thing is that this meal is budget-friendly and if your family is a large one, one box might not be enough for you, there are double packs to help solve your needs.

This meal is a versatile one and there are numerous flavor options available, ranging from Cheesy Enchilada to Stroganoff, and then Chili Macaroni and many others. Hamburger Helper has over 20 flavors and some other options are Tuna Helper and Chicken Helper. The main thing we want to find out in this article is how a hamburger helper can be reheated.

How can Hamburger Helper be reheated without losing flavor and the sauce changing to runny or thick? Can it be reheated or should it just be tossed out? Hamburger Helper can be reheated and still retain great taste.

What we have in this guide is to check out a very simple guide to serve as a reference for how you can store and reheat Hamburger Helper meals. You need to continue reading if you want to find out all we have in stock for you about how you should reheat Hamburger Helper.

Storing and Reheating Delicious Hamburger Helper Dishes

If you want a very quick meal, Hamburger Helper could be your way out. It is simple and quick, you don’t need to put in so much effort to cook it. The required ingredients are minimal, all you need include ingredients like water, milk, and a pound of your hamburger. It is a bit difficult to have an understanding of how you can store their leftovers as well as the best method to use to reheat it.

Hamburger Helper meals have a lot of different options and you could be left confused if the reheating process of each one is different. You will most probably find it difficult to find out how you should reheat the particular type you want to eat.

What you should know is that the reheating process is simpler than the challenges pointed out above. We will show you some basic tips for reheating that will excellently work every variety of Hamburger Helper. It is a simple process to reheat Hamburger Helper and you could use different methods if you wish to switch the process up a bit.

You could stock up Hamburger Helper because you are unlikely to know when you will need it for a very quick meal and there are always chances that the additional ingredients you might need are also available for you. A way of being super proactive is to make it in bulk, perhaps prepare it in several boxes and they freeze it until you want to use the Hamburger Helper. The secret is that making it directly from its box and reheating it directly from frozen take around the same time.

We want to move to the main reason we are here now and it is how you can reheat Hamburger Helper. We will start by checking out the pros and cons of this reheating process, check the list below:

The Upsides (Pros) of Reheating your Hamburger Helper

  • There is often an increase in flavor when you allow it to sit and soak in.
  • You will have the chance to enjoy your heart dish again.
  • It could be reheated in several ways like the oven, stovetop, or microwave.
  • It could be reheated directly from the refrigerator or freezer.
  • You will get the chance to use the leftovers instead of throwing them away.

The Downsides (Cons) of Reheating your Hamburger Helper

  • It could dry out, you have to be careful and ensure that enough liquid is there when reheating.
  • The grease gotten from the meat can become congealed but it can be easily removed when you reheat.
  • The sauce could lose some thickness if the cornstarch breaks down.
  • You may need to add some more liquid.

We have finally checked out some basic things that are expected or that you should take note of when you want to reheat Hamburger Helper. Let’s check out more details about the process irrespective of the flavor you have. This simple guide will help you out through the storing as well as reheating process of Hamburger Helper, the guide will certainly help you to properly reheat the Hamburger Helper.

Detailed Guide to Reheating Hamburger Helper

The process of reheating this meal is not a rocket science process. The process doesn’t need to be an issue and it should not consume time. It is literally just like putting it inside the oven, microwave, or store and then reheating it. However, some tricks are needed to ensure that the pasta does not become dry and that the sauce still maintains thickness. The Hamburger Helper must also maintain its deliciousness after reheating it. We will check out both the process of storing as well as reheating.

How to Store Hamburger Helper

Just before we move into how you can reheat Hamburger Helper, there is a need to check out how the leftovers can be properly stored. If you don’t store it properly, the Hamburger Helper may lose its quality after reheating. Storing properly makes a huge difference when you want to reheat it.

The Hamburger Helper should be properly stored and reheated so that the flavor or texture will not be disappointing. Your heart will be left glad that you have saved your leftovers when the result is so delicious.

  1. Store the Hamburger Helper inside the fridge in an air-tight container: You need to leave the meal to completely cool before you package them into the store. The leftovers can be stored inside the refrigerator for about 5 days with the flavor and quality kept intact.
  2. Store the leftovers inside the freezer: You can place the leftovers inside an air-tight container or gallon freezer bag and put them inside your freezer where they can remain fresh for about a year if properly sealed.
  3. You may also make Hamburger Helper in advance and Freeze it but this may not save you any time because reheating prepared Hamburger Helper is the same as making it fresh from scratch.

How to Reheat Hamburger Helper

We need to find out the steps you should follow to reheat the Hamburger Helper. The reheating instructions will be based on the kitchen appliance that will be used to reheat it. If you have stored Hamburger Helper inside your freezer, you are recommended to defrost it overnight. If you, however, did not defrost it that way, use a stovetop to reheat it.


Using an oven to reheat Hamburger Helper will help to change it up. You should spread the meal on an oven-friendly dish and allow it to warm for up to 20 minutes at a temperature of 350°F. For extra flavor, top it with cheese.


This is our recommended reheating method, using a stovetop to reheat Hamburger Helper. Put the leftovers inside a pan of appropriate size that will contain what you want to reheat. Warm it on your stove over low-medium temperature. If you want the sauce to retain the moisture, add a bit of water. Use a lid to cover the pan and allow the content to warm up for about 10 to 12 minutes ensuring you frequently stir it. In case the Hamburger Helper is being reheated directly from frozen, begin by using a lid to cover it over medium heat, allowing it to defrost.


Using a microwave is considered the simplest method to use for reheating Hamburger Helper meals and you will only need a little effort and time. Loosely cover the microwave-friendly dish and put it inside your microwave for about 3 minutes. To prevent it from overcooking, stir it every 30 to 45 seconds. Watch out for the sauce’s thickness as you reheat in the microwave, you could add a small quantity of water so you can ensure the sauce is appropriately thick.

Following our recommendations and guidelines will surely give you an outcome that is pleasant when you finish reheating Hamburger Helper meals irrespective of the flavor you want to reheat.

Hamburger Helper Dishes
Hamburger Helper Dishes

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If you follow our recommended steps to reheat your dish, you will not need to be concerned about your pasta getting dry. Ensure you add moisture or water as needed and also periodically check it as the reheating process go on so that none of the parts will dry up.

Should I Add Milk When Reheating?

We recommend adding small quantities of water as you reheat the Hamburger Helper. You can, however, add milk once the sauce is almost warm through to help thicken it.

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