How to Reheat Frittata In The Oven

How to Reheat Frittata In The Oven?

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Who would not like such delightful frittatas? This Italian egg dish looks like a quiche or an omelet. It is like giving your regular scrambled eggs a big twist not only in looks but more so in flavor.

Making your frittata at home is very easy and you can pick from your favorites like cheese, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach to complete your yummy frittata recipe. You can add some bell peppers too.

What if one day, you just get so excited preparing frittata and never noticed you made quite a big one. Surely, there will be a leftover that you need to store properly so as not to waste the lovely dish and so you can reheat eat for the next meal.

In that case, do you know how to correctly reheat a refrigerated or frozen frittata? How can you reheat it and not make it mushy or soggy? Well, do not worry because you surely can, and it takes only less than 30 minutes.

It is best to reheat frittatas in an oven. Cover it with foil before placing it inside the oven so you can be sure to keep its flavor, texture, and retain it moisture.

There is more to reheating your frittatas perfectly and here is a walk through that you can easily follow.

Also, it is always good to learn more about frittatas so we will give you more details about this simply elegant dish from cooking to storing and reheating frittatas.

Your Guide to Frittata

If you want a dish that is versatile and easy to prepare, frittata is your best option. It takes a few minutes to prepare it and it is delicious as well as healthy.

Frittata is a famous Italian dish made with eggs that can be compared to the European quiche or American omelet with a twist. Frittata may look like a pizza because of its rounded shape though if you prepare your own, you can choose what shape you like or just depend on the shape of your pan.

Here is the common ingredients you can add to your frittatas:

  • Grated Cheese
  • Tomato
  • Bell pepper
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Italian sausages
  • Spinach
  • Carrot
  • Artichoke
  • Spices and herbs


Those ingredients will sure make your frittatas scrumptious, but you can always experiment on it based on your taste. Adding your own choice of herbs and spices that will enhance its taste will also make your frittatas even better.

Where do you cook frittatas? Since frittatas is a simple and easy to cook dish, you can cook it over a stovetop. It will be easier for you though if you can use the oven to cook it.

Whether you cook in on a stovetop or in the oven, you need not fret about its taste and texture. It does not become gooey or spongy rather the egg in it makes it a bit fluffy.

If it is your first time to cook frittata, do not fret and just follow the simple recipe and instructions how to prepare it. If you carefully follow the steps and the amount of ingredients in the recipe, you will surely have a delicious frittata ready to serve.

How Frittata is Made

To make it easier for you, we made a simple list of ingredients and the steps on how you can prepare a frittata without a sweat. Also, we will tip you on how to reheat frittata leftover properly, so you do not lose its fresh taste.

There could be other ways to prepare or cook frittata and you can always add more to our recipe, but we will give you our little trick to making frittata easily.

Here are the simple steps to making fresh frittata:

  1. Preheat the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Combine eggs, cheese, thick cream, and the seasoning of your choice and whisk it thoroughly. If you like, use an alternative to egg like wheat flour.
  3. Sauté or slightly cook vegetables in a skillet together with the additional ingredients you chose to add to the frittata.
  4. Prepare your cooked veggies and additional ingredients in a baking pan.
  5. Pour the mixture evenly on the veggies and garnish it with grated cheese.
  6. Bake the frittata for not more than 15 minutes in your preheated oven. You may check the frittata after 10 minutes to see if you still need to bake it for a few more minutes.
  7. Take it out of the oven and serve while still warm.


Kudos! If it is your first-time making frittata and you got it perfectly in just a few easy steps.


We shared the simplest and traditional way of preparing frittata, but you can always have your own recipe and style when it comes to cooking to come up with the dish you so desire.

How to Reheat Frittata In The Oven
How to Reheat Frittata In The Oven

Some tips to remember though, it is best to use heavy or thick cream instead of light cream or milk in frittatas. Also, a skillet made of cast iron can be used over a stovetop or in an oven so to save time transferring cooked veggies in a pan for baking, better use a skillet.


Storing Cooked Frittata

You had a great meal and there is some frittata leftover. Of course, your first instinct will be to store it and reheat it for the next meal, but how.

Do not worry, it is as easy as making it. You can use the same pan where you baked it for storage, or you can also transfer the frittata leftover in a clean and dry food container with lid.

Using the pan where you baked it is actually the best option because it will be easier to reheat it and it will not take much time rather than transferring it to a food container and vice versa.

Here are simple steps for storing frittata:

  1. Cool down frittata at room temperature.
  2. Use aluminum foil or food wrap to complete cover the pan or the skillet for storage.
  3. Refrigerate for not more than 5 days.


Frittata refrigerated for not more than 5 days will stay fresh and good for consumption after warming or reheating it.


Do not forget that if kept for longer days it could already spoil the frittata. Also, if stored for more than 5 days, check the frittata for any signs of spoilage before reheating.


Reheating Frittata in the Oven

If you have carefully stored the frittata, the next thing to do is to know how to properly reheat it for the next meal.

Frittata or not , it is important to reheat the food properly so we can have it like it freshly baked, with good texture and moist, not spongy, or too firm.

Reheating or warming refrigerated frittata is easier than baking a fresh one. Just follow the easy steps.

Easy steps to reheating frittata:

  1. Take out refrigerated frittata and do not remove its foil or plastic cover if it has.
  2. If the frittata has no cover, cover it with foil or any oven safe food wrap.
  3. Prepare the oven by preheating it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Reheat frittata for not more than 25 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Take reheated frittata out of the oven and serve it warm.


You can reheat refrigerated frittata right out of the fridge or you can let it sit at room temperature for not more than 15 minutes before reheating it.  Just do not forget to keep it covered with food wrap or foil while reheating it to keep in the moisture.


Are there other ways or process to reheat chilled or refrigerated frittata? Sure, there is.

These are the two options you may consider doing.

  1. Wrap slices of frittata separately in a food wrap or paper towel. You can also just wrap the whole bunch in a paper towel. Microwave it for not more than 30 seconds then it is good for serving.
  2. If you like it chilled as others do, then you can serve it right away. Chilled frittatas are good for filling a sandwich. You can also stuff it in a burrito.


There could be other ways you can be creative of frittata to enjoy it.


Related Questions

Can You Freeze Leftover Frittata?

If you do not plan on eating the leftover frittata for the next meal and hope to store it for weeks, the best option is to freeze it. Frozen frittata will remain best for consumption for not more than 4 months. You can also find packing each slice separately before freezing helpful and a good option to properly seal it. As for reheating frozen frittata, it can be reheated well before serving.

How is Frittata Different from an Omelet?

Omelets and frittatas both use eggs as its base ingredient. In cooking omelet, the is folded and the other ingredients become its fillings, or it is stuffed. Whereas, in frittata, eggs are poured into a pan where the other ingredients are layered thus, it almost look like a pizza or a pie.

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