How To Store Pancake Mix Long Term

How To Store Pancake Mix Long Term?

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When you use gooey syrup and butter to top pancakes, you will be left with a yummy taste that the taste buds will be yelling for. Pancakes are generally delicious and take as a breakfast that can be made in any way. It could be created in shapes, fruits could be added and toppings can also be varied.

Pancakes can never be boring because they are always delightful, including the traditional pancakes made with syrup butter. Pancakes cannot only be taken at breakfasts, but they can also be taken for dinners.

Most time, you will not be able to use an entire package of pancake mix at a time as it could be found stretching forever. There are also extra pancake batters that could be made up, only to realize they are not needed. You will most likely want to store the pancake mix for a longer time. You can store pancake mix well inside your pantry but it could be stored longer inside the refrigerator or freezer.

Your main concern will be to keep them sealed and as dry as they are because the ingredients contained in the pancake mix are dry. It is very simple to store pancake mix but you have things you are supposed to know. This is what is contained in this article so that you can understand how you can properly store the pancake mix to stay for a long time.

What we will first do is to first check out the different storage methods and we will also check out how you can store mixed batter. You are encouraged to continue reading to understand how you can properly store the pancake mix.

Your Guide to Pancake Mix Storage

You can always find pancake mix in the pantry and it can be bought in a bag or a box or you may decide to make your pancake yourself. Pancake mix usually comes dry and this is wonderful about it. You wouldn’t need to add your liquid until when you are ready to do the mixing.

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You will always find pancake mix bought at a store with its best-by-date but it does not compulsorily mean that you cannot take it again or it has become bad, but it is instead notifying to take note of the written date. This date denotes that the product’s quality can only be guaranteed during that date and after that, it is a question mark if the pancake mix can still be good to produce the best results.

Pancake mix has the best-by date despite being only a dry baking ingredient because it usually has baking powder and yeast which are leavening ingredients and this is the particular agent that may go bad after the best-by date.  Furthermore, the ingredients usually become stale and may result in the pancakes not being as flavorful or as fluffy as it should be. If, however, you are not too worried about those little factors and you only want to understand how you can store the pancake mix, then you will find out here.

What is in Pancake Mix?

There are several pancake mixes that can be chosen from and you may go to the grocery store to get that. Some are low carb and gluten-free and can be used by those with dietary limitations. Pancake mix can also be made at home in advance and this means you can proceed to make it. If you went ahead with this and your plan is to store it for a long time, you are recommended to mix only your dry ingredients. When you are ready to make use of the mix, you may then add your wet ingredients such as eggs, milk, or water.

Irrespective of the pancake mix that you have decided to use, you can proceed to store it for a much longer time if you keep your wet ingredients separate until you want to use it. We will also discuss some other storage methods for fully mixed batters. Check below for some recipes of simple pancake mix to get the type of ingredients used:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder
  • All-purpose flour

You can mix the dry ingredients appropriately and then store them until you want to use them where you will add the listed below:

  • Milk
  • Egg
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You can prepare the pancakes after you have mixed them up.

Pancake mix bought at the store and that made at home can vary differently. Some mixes of pancake only need water to be added to them before they mix and they are popularly referred to as instant pancake mix. The storage methods will still be the same without changing.

Storing Dry Pancake Mix Long-Term

The dry mix variety has been designed not to get spoilt and get stored for a long time with its best-by date being only a guide. Baking powder might not go well with the pancake mix because it results in the loss of potency that could cause the pancakes to become flat and dull.

However, you have options and the first is to leave them unopened inside the pantry and this means you are yet to open the packet with the seal still intact and then stored in your cabinet to protect it from moisture and heat. The set-up is usually designed to get the pancake mix stored for about 12 months without worrying about it becoming bad.

When using a pancake mix that you made at home or the one that has already been opened, you are recommended to put it inside the refrigerator or freezer as cold preserves baking powder with other kinds of ingredients for a longer time.

How To Store Pancake Mix Long Term
How To Store Pancake Mix Long Term

Storing Pancake Mix in the Fridge

  1. Endeavor to seal the pancake mix inside an air-tight container or storage bag and you may also store the pancake mix inside its original sealed package.
  2. Put it inside the refrigerator.
  3. It can remain inside the refrigerator for up to six months.

This may not seem like it is long-term, it is why we will consider the freezer.


Storing Pancake Mix in the Freezer

An ideal location to store your pancake mix for the long-term is the freezer and its shelf-life will be astronomically extended. Baking powder and other leavening ingredients will be preserved by the freezer’s cold air so that their potency will not be lost in storage. Follow the steps below:

  1. Endeavor to seal the pancake mix inside the freezer bags of heavy-duty and ensure it is properly sealed You may also leave it in its original sealed package but you will have to close everything in a well-sealed container or bag.
  2. Write the date and label the device you are using to store.
  3. Put it inside your freezer and it will stay for about 24 months.
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Do not forget that the pancake can just be stored at room temperature in case that is what you want, but you are most likely to notice the difference in the fluffiness of the pancakes after a while because the leavening ingredients would have been affected by being at room temperature.

Storing Pancake Batter

In case you have mixed too much of the pancake batter, you can save the excess for much later. The batter can only be kept inside the refrigerator for up to four or five days if it is well sealed. You may use a plastic wrap to layer between the batter and the lid if you have used a container to store it.

The best thing to do is to freeze the batter if you will not be using it within the stated date of refrigerating above:

  1. Pour the batter inside the freezer bag. Your pancake ladle can also be used for this.
  2. Proceed to roll the bag down for excess air to be released and eliminated.
  3. Tightly seal the bag.
  4. Write the date and label the bag before you put it inside the freezer.
  5. The pancake batter can stay fresh like this for about six months.

To use your batter, allow it to thaw inside the refrigerator overnight. You could then snip off one corner and proceed to use the freezer bag to transfer the mix inside a griddle or pan.

Related Questions

Can I Freeze Leftover Cooked Pancakes?

You can proceed to freezer leftover pancakes once they have been cooked. Ensure they are properly sealed in an airtight container or freezer bag and it can stay frozen for about six months.

Could I Leave the Leavening Agent Out of My Homemade Mix?

If you want to keep the pancake mix for a very long time, this is an option that will work brilliantly. Ensure that you label on the package what you still need to add such as the baking powder if you used this method for the mix to be completed so that you will not forget that you have an important ingredient to add.


Why is My Pancake Batter Lumpy?

Whenever you add the wet ingredients to the mix, the batter usually contains lumps and will not be smooth. This is a normal situation that you don’t have to worry about because pancake butter has not been designed to be fully smooth. Even with the lumps, the pancakes will be delicious.

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