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Does Pecan Pie Need To Be Refrigerated? (Simple Storage Guide)

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Have you ever tried your pecan pie by finishing it off with ice cream? The ecstasy is not of this world. The nutty and sweet taste from this popular dessert is worth trying if you have not done that already. Pecan pie can be made at home and when you have excess or leftovers, you will have it to stay fresh for a long time pending when next you will take it.

The question people most times ask is whether or not they can refrigerate baked pecan pie. Pecan pie can be refrigerated because it contains eggs that should be kept in a much cooler environment like a fridge. Pecan pie stays longer and fresher when kept in a fridge just like other pies that are egg-based.

Pecan pie can be refrigerated, frozen, and thawed. Continue reading to get to know more.


Why Pecan Pie Should Be Refrigerated

Pecan pies that are bought in the store contain ingredients or preservatives that give them a shelf-stable life. Unlike the pecan pie that you can make at home which is likely to be made by using egg. If you make your pecan pie and you do not have the plan to eat it within two hours that you baked it, then there will be a need to put it in a fridge. Even if it is warm, you can still put it in a fridge.

According to detailed research, the temperature between 40-140 °F aids the growth of bacteria and this is the main reason why you need to refrigerate your pecan pie. Food poisoning and foodborne illness can be caused by bacteria growth on food. When you place your pecan pie inside a refrigerator, a temperature below the room temperature, the rapid bacteria growth will be inhibited and the pie can last longer. When you are ready to eat your pecan pie, you can proceed to heat it but you can only reheat your pecan pie just once, so you are required to only heat it when you need it.


How Long Can Pecan Pie be Refrigerated?

In comparison with other pies, pecan pie is considered hardier. While pecan pie can last for four days when stored properly inside the fridge, meringue and chiffon pies can only last for two days under the same condition. You can however freeze your pecan pie if you want it to last longer.


How to Refrigerate Pecan Pie

You can get more value from your pecan pie if you know how to store and refrigerate it properly. As said previously above, if you will not be eating your pecan pie two hours after you have baked it, it is better to refrigerate it. You can refrigerate your pecan pie by following these instructions:

  • Allow your pecan pie to cool to a temperature equivalent to that of room temperature. Remember not to do this within two hours of baking it.
  • Loosely cover your pecan pie with plastic wrap or aluminum foil without applying too much pressure or wrapping too tightly which could result in loss of texture and shape of the pecan pie. Keep it properly in a pie dish.
  • In case you don’t have aluminum foil or plastic wrap, put a plate by turning it upside down on the top of your pie. This method may, however, be difficult if your fridge is small as it will take a lot of space when compared to simply wrapping it.
  • You can allow your pecan pie to stay fresh in your fridge for at least four days if you properly store it.

You could decide to eat your pecan pie cold directly from your fridge or you could reheat it in a 325°F oven for 15 minutes.


Can You Freeze Pecan Pie?

Pecan pie can be frozen, in case you will not be eating it within four days that you baked it. You could freeze individual slices, a whole pie or a part of the pie. Ensure your pecan pie is completely cooked through before you freeze it because it can result to unpleasant consistency if it’s not completely cooked. Check out how you can go about the freezing below:

  • Make sure the pecan pie completely cools on the cooling rack. An incomplete cooled pecan pie could build moisture on the pie’s surface and it can result in freezer burn. It can also lead to a soggy crust by the time you reheat the pecan pie.
  • Endeavor to wrap your pie in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before you place it in the freezer and make sure that it is wrapped properly without the air gap. Simply make it airtight.
  • It is quite better when you double wrap your pecan pie with plastic wrap or aluminum foil or place it inside a freezer storage bag to add a second layer since it will be getting exposed to a very low temperature.
  • Your pecan pie should last up to two months if it is properly frozen. You can leave it much longer, but it will most probably lead to freezer burn and crystals of ice which will eventually deteriorate in quality.

If you want to reheat your pecan pie, put it inside an oven that has been preheated to a temperature of 275°F for 20 minutes after you might have allowed the pecan pie to thaw inside the fridge overnight.


Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie

Storage Tips

Check out a few more storage tips to store your pecan pie as long and fresh as it can be possible:

  • Do not freeze or refrigerate unbaked pecan pie. If you have prepared your pecan pie, you need to bake it and not put it inside the refrigerator directly. This is because pecan pie is made of egg and when the egg is refrigerated or perhaps frozen before being thawed, you risk the egg curdling and will not give a result of the well-textured pie after baking. Because of this, it is recommended to bake prepared pecan pie first before refrigerating or freezing.
  • Freeze the individual slices if you are planning to eat just a smaller cut portion of the pecan pie. After baking, slice your pie, allow it to cool and wrap each of them in foil or plastic wrap before you place them in the freezer bag. You do not need to defrost a whole pie to enjoy just a slice of pie.
  • You should use a deep freezer to freeze your pecan pie if you can because using the traditional freezer that is attached to a fridge could have a fluctuation in temperature when you continually open or close it.
  • Keep your pecan pie tightly covered as well as at a steady temperature without allowing an excess of moisture or air so that you can prevent the crust of the pecan pie from becoming soggy as it has a risk of doing that because it is placed in a refrigerator.


Related Questions about Pecan Pie

Refrigerating Pecan Pie

Keep your pecan pie in a fridge to allow it last longer up to four days. This should be done within two hours after baking. Ensure you follow every step in covering your pecan pie with either aluminum foil or plastic wrap by allowing it to be free of air and moisture. Not following the steps will lead to the crust of the pecan pie being soggy.

If you want to keep it for a longer period up to two months, store your pecan pie in a freezer by wrapping it tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and placing it in the freezer bag.


Should pecan pie be served warm?

Some people prefer pecan pie to be served warm. However, pecan pie gets sets only when cool and you can enjoy it much better when it completely set. This is however much more about personal choices.


How do you know if a pecan pie has gone bad?

If you want to know whether or not pecan pie has spoilt, observe is thoroughly or smell it. If you realize the smell is off or it looks old, perhaps with mold, do not eat such, throw it away.


Which pies need to be refrigerated?

Refrigerate pies have eggs including cream, pecan, mousse, chiffon, pumpkin, custard, and any other example of pies that have dairy or eggs. Allow them to cool first before place inside the freezer or fridge to store properly.


How long is pecan pie good for when kept at room temperature?

The pecan pie should not be allowed exposed at room temperature for more than two hours. It is either you eat the pecan pie or it becomes cool and you place it in a fridge or freezer for proper storage. Because the pecan pie is made of egg, this is the time limit i.e. not more than two hours at room temperature. The pecan pies sold in stores could however stay longer at room temperature because it is made up of other ingredients and preservatives that will make the pie to last longer.

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