Sorbet And Sherbet

Sorbet And Sherbet – What is The Difference?

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Sherbet and sorbet are both very delicious. They are frozen fruity desserts that so many people favor but only a few people know their differences. Most times, the names sherbet and sorbet are often used interchangeably when people refer to the dessert but they are different with several distinguishing features.

Fruity, frozen, and sweet, there is a difference between sherbet and sorbet and that is in the dairy amount that each of them contains. Sorbet has no dairy contained in it while sherbet has a little amount of milk or cream and that is why it has a richer and creamier texture. There are some more differences between sherbet and sorbet and they can both be used as an alternative to either ice cream or gelato and they are very perfect for enjoyment in the warmer months that fresh fruits are available and abundant.

The Difference Between Sherbet and Sorbet

The notable differences between sherbet and sorbet are as follows:

Difference In Calories

This should be of interest to you if you have been watching your weight. Knowing their different calories will be of help to you and the unfortunate thing is that neither sherbet nor sorbet will be of help to your diet. It has always been thought that sherbet or sorbet are fewer in the content of calories than the regular ice cream, however, this is not true because one cup of sorbet has more calories than one of vanilla ice cream.

The high content of calorie is due to the content of sugar in both sherbet and sorbet and you cannot substitute it for something else unless you want to lose the great texture and flavor that they both have traditionally. If what you want is a dairy-free or vegan option, then sorbet is the best for you.

Difference In Purpose

You can currently consider sorbet to be a very popular dessert but it was commonly used at high-end restaurants to cleanse palate because it does not have fat and thanks to the decent texture. It will give you a very excellent way to get courses to reset within a meal and you can make it with a lot of different fresh ingredients and flavors that allows it to suit any kind of meal because it can be made from scratch

Sherbet on the other hand is always a dessert since the 1950s with the popular rainbow craze and it is still the same today. A mixture of different flavors and color sherbets is the rainbow sherbet that is swirled to formulate a very colorful cup.


Differences In Texture

Sorbet is usually churned just like how ice cream is churned and this allows its texture to be softer, without adding cream or milk, the texture could be rougher and drier. As a result of this, you will often need to leave sorbet at room temperature for some time before you eat it. Its texture will become smoother as it proceeds to soften and it will make it more enjoyable. You will be left with a fruitier but rougher texture associated with sorbet than sherbet.

Sherbet possesses much of a creamier texture as a result of the dairy content in it and this is a texture that is similar to that of ice cream. Your tongue will feel easier and smoother and you will still have the fruity flavor but with a little dairy taste that is more about someone’s preference. You will not need to leave sherbet to become soft at room temperature as you will leave sorbet and this means you can eat sorbet directly from your freezer.

Difference In their Ingredients

The ingredients that make them up are a major difference between sherbet and sorbet. Sugar and fruits are the two major ingredients of sorbet and there could be sometimes natural flavor and water added to it but sorbet in its purest form is just like your ice cream, churned with water and fruit. Considering the ingredients, granita is just like sorbet but you don’t churn granita like sorbet, instead, it is flaked off before it is frozen to possess its icy and coarse texture.

Sherbet is just like sorbet, made from sugar and fruit but it has milk or cream added to it. According to the FDA, between 1% and 2% of milk-fat is needed by sherbet. When you compare it to ice cream, the latter needs about 10% of milk-fat. What sets sorbet and sherbet apart is the cream and milk that is added to sherbet.


Sorbet And Sherbet Summed Up

Let’s check below for the summary of their differences and what also makes them so delicious and unique;


You cannot classify sorbet to be sherbet or ice cream because it doesn’t have eggs or dairy. It is most popular in Italy as one of the most traditional and oldest ways you can use to make frozen desserts. It is a very simple dessert yet decadent because you are able to use almost any fruit puree with water to make it. It has a flavor that ranges from coconut to strawberry and to mango which is enjoyable for everyone and those who are intolerant to lactose and vegans can also enjoy the dairy-free meal.



You can classify sherbet to be a fruiter ice cream form. It usually has a pastel color because of the dairy and this leaves it with a rich and creamy texture. Sherbet has flavors that range from lime to raspberry or perhaps rainbow sherbet that has a mixture of different flavors. Sherbet is made with dairy (either milk or heavy cream), water, and fruit and it makes it contain a more luxurious creaminess not present in a sorbet.

You can consider it to a perfectly combined sorbet’s fruitiness and ice cream’s creaminess. You can enjoy sherbet alone as a special treat or a dessert and that means you can add it to smoothies or milkshakes to get a wonderful fruity flavor that is connected to its dairy creaminess.

Sorbet And Sherbet
Sorbet And Sherbet

Making Sherbet Or Sorbet At Home

Both sherbet and sorbet can be easily made at home. You will require churning your sorbet but you can do it with the home machine for ice cream. When you want to make sherbet and sorbet, it is a very great way to use your excess fruits and you can also get your profiles and combinations of flavors. You can whip up your batch of sherbet or sorbet simply and allow it to be inside your freezer until needed after hefty meals at night or on hot summer’s day.


Related Questions

The Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet

They are considered very similar, but they are different with substantial differences to differentiate them. Their biggest difference is that sherbet contains content of dairy and even though it is just included in a small amount, it is still more than sorbet’s zero content of daily.

Sorbet is the best option for people who love their frozen, fruity dessert while those who like it a bit creamier should go with sherbet to get their cravings filled. You can make yourself sorbet or sherbet at home and you are likely to get your own profile and flavor combinations as you enjoy your seasonal delicious fruits.

Is sherbet healthier than ice cream?

Sorbets and sherbets both have equal calorie counts as most light ice-creams, however, they make up what they don’t have in fat with the content of sugar and it means it cannot be considered healthier when compared to ice cream. The sugar content present in sorbet or sherbet help them to have a sweet and fruity flavor pop and the dessert would certainly not have the same taste without the content of sugar. Though sugar adds dimension to your dessert, it contributes to the dish’s unhealthiness but it doesn’t mean you should not take it once a while.

When should you eat sorbet?

In recent times, people commonly eat sorbet as desserts but sorbet gets used to cleanse palate during meals. It could be presented before the major course or during or perhaps after because the main course is generally considered to be the heaviest meal during your course. Your taste buds get woken up to enjoy your next course of meal thanks to the temperature difference from the sorbet being ice-cold to your warm meal making you able to savor the individual textures and tastes of your dish.

What is the proper pronunciation of sherbet?

People commonly pronounce sherbet as ‘sher-bert’ and that is a wrong pronunciation. An addition ‘r’ is not needed in sherbet and it should not be pronounced with it. Sherbet got its name from a Persian drink made from snow, water, sweetener, and fruit juice called sharbat.


Can you substitute sorbet for sherbet?

Sorbet can be substituted for sherbet on several occasions including the addition to milkshakes or smoothies where possible for dairy-free options. The flavor of sorbet is fruity like that of sherbet and can be enjoyed frozen. For a fruitier and lighter taste, sorbet is your best alternative.

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