Best Emulsified MCT Oil

Best Emulsified MCT Oil – How To Make It?

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If you are looking for saturated fat that is made from a reliable healthy source from either palm kernels or coconuts, consider MCT oil. MCT oil has become very popular in recent years because of the nearly instant energy source it provides without drawbacks of caffeine or sugar among other reasons.

Some people tend to emulsify the MCT oil so that it will be easier for them to mix it into their beverages without oily residue being left on its surface. MCT oil is an additive of coffee that is appealing when mixed into a drink.

What we want to find out is to check for the best emulsified MCT oil. You will find the best made by Sports Research. What we will check out in this article is to find out all you should know about MCT oil and how you can emulsify it.

What Is MCT Oil and the Health Benefits

The name MCT is an acronym of medium-chain triglycerides, which is a fat that is considered to be healthy. It is often derived from coconut oil or palm kernel. MCT oil can then be said to be the oil or supplement made from the fat. MCT can be absorbed easily into the human’s bloodstream and that is why it is one of the efficient and quick forms of energy.

MCT helps in weight loss and that is why it is very famous. It is a deeply concentrated fat that helps you to feel fuller for a long time, helping to decrease the urge to eat very huge meals or to snack. The body of a human has MCT in different ways than every other healthy fat. This is the main reason why this oil prevents obesity and also helps to shrink the waist size.

MCT oil helps to burn fat and control blood sugar level that is very beneficial to people that are prone to diabetes or weight gain. MCT oil is high in fat, low in carbohydrates and it is important in the Keto diet by helping to improve brain function and memory, most especially for those that suffer from autism, seizures, and Alzheimer’s disease.

MCT oil also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that usually help to control yeast growth, prevent infections of yeast, thrush, and some skin conditions. It also helps in easing digestive problems and troubles concerning certain diets.

Generally, MCT is found in palm kernels and coconuts and that is why it is fully plant-based. It is also a source of very healthy fats that is good for vegetarian or vegan who does not get enough fat as part of their diet because they don’t take animal products. Though it is a product that is processed just like other oils, it is used commonly in Paleo diets.

Why MCT Oil Should Be Emulsified

You will not gain any health benefit by emulsifying MCT oil, however, it is likely to have a huge difference in your interest in drinking it. When considered alone, MCT oil is oily and it will not mix well into other liquids. An emulsion can be defined as a way you can mix two liquids that would normally not mix. An example is a water and oil. You are likely to get an outcome that is much creamier in almost all edible cases.

When your MCT oil is emulsified, you can easily blend it with other liquids whether cold or hot and you will be left with a creamy and rich liquid without any oil slick on the surface.

Best Emulsified MCT Oils

  1. Natural Force Keto Coffee Creamer with MCT Oil

Key features:

  • It is made from non-GMO, organic coconuts that are packaged in non-toxic, sustainable bottles.
  • Sugar-free and unsweetened. It will allow you to select whether or not you want the sugar to be added to the beverage. You will also decide how much as well as what kind.
  • The brand has varieties of different flavors such as caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla.

Biggest drawbacks:

This flavor is either a big miss or a hit for customers. The majority love it, however, those that dislike it hate how it tastes.

  1. Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil

Onnit brand is in front in deliverability and quality and the MCT oil they produce is not an exception.

Key features:

  • The coconuts that are used to make the oil are organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced.
  • It can be used for coffee or added to cereal, smoothies, or as toppings for ice cream.
  • Despite being a coffee creamer, it does not have sugar or dairy.
  • It does not have palm oil that is a great benefit for the environment and health.
  • You have five flavors you can choose from; Vanilla, Mocha, Creamy Strawberry, Cinnamon Swirl, and Almond Milk Latte.

Biggest drawbacks: It is not everyone that loves this flavor probably because Monk fruit and Stevia are the sources of the sweetener that was used. Though both of them are sugar-free and all-natural, their aftertaste is bitter.

  1. Sports Research Emulsified MCT Oil

This brand pleases the crowd, despite that it is not organic, it is made from non-GMO sustainable coconuts.

Key features:

  • It has a 90-day guarantee of your money.
  • It is a convenient and quick source of nearly instant energy.
  • Delicious, thick, and creamy, perfect for cereals, protein shakes, coffee, and also to make pasta sauces and salad dressings.

Biggest drawbacks:

Both monk fruit and cane sugar are used for the blend as the sweetening agents. It makes good sense for flavor, but those trying to eliminate some sugar from what they take or people on Keto diets will not be favored.

How To Emulsify MCT Oil Yourself

Adding emulsifying agents is the easiest method you can use to emulsify your oil, particularly MCT oil. Lecithin is the most commonly used for edibles and it is available easily in either sunflower or soy varieties. Lecithin can also interestingly be seen in your egg yolk, this means non-vegan can get it from egg yolk.

You can find lecithin in liquid or powdered form and you need to go through the instructions found on your package. However, you will generally use around ¼ teaspoon to around 8 ounces of MCT oil. To create an emulsion, blend it till it is smooth. Once the oil has been emulsified, it will remain that way if you store it inside an air-tight container in a dry and cool place that is not in contact with direct sunlight. Ensure you follow this.

Best Emulsified MCT Oil
Best Emulsified MCT Oil

Best MCT Oils to Emulsify

  1. Nutiva Organic MCT Oil

This brand is respected and also easily available everywhere. The brand is committed to the environment and quality which is both commendable. They use a patented process of extraction for their MCT oil that does not involve the use of very high temperatures or chemicals. You can guarantee that the nutrients of the MCT oil are protected.

Key features:

  • It is completely chemical-free and hexane made fully from coconut without filler or palm oils used.
  • The brand is non-GMO, organic coconuts ensuring they work with farmers to make sure they ascertain sustainability and quality.
  • It has the purest and highest possible MCT concentration that is a bold claim.

Biggest drawbacks:

The MCT oil is packaged inside plastic bottles that may not be well sealed. It is stated that the oil is BPA-free, it could be nicer when the oil is packaged inside glass containers.

  1. Nature’s Way Organic MCT Oil

The brand offers natural products as much as possible by learning directly from the indigenous and original cultivators of the plants they harvest. You cannot question the quality of the product.

Key features:

  • Each of the servings has 14g of the two most desirable capric acids, MCTs, and caprylic.
  • The brand is BPA-free, vegan, and paleo certified.
  • It is non-GMO, fully organic, as well as purely coconut-based, without fillers.

Biggest drawbacks:

Whenever you are adding any MCT oil brand for the first time to the diet, begin slowly and improve to the daily recommended intake. If your body is yet to be used to saturated fats taken in high concentration, it could cause a stomach upset.

  1. Left Coast Performance MCT Oil

This brand gives instructions to new users and this helps them to have long-term repeat customers. It could take time to adapt fully to MCT oil and that is why the company has provided help.

Key features:

  • The brand helps to eliminate C12 from your oil. This is very ideal because the C12 is a bit closer to LCT and it takes a bit longer to be absorbed.
  • The MCT oil is the freshest one as much as possible. The brand buys directly from coconut suppliers to store the ingredients in their warehouse for several months before they convert it to this quality oil.

Biggest drawbacks:

It does not have a good package because it was noticed that the bottles could leak when shipping. Imperfect sealing is a reason for this. This drawback is common across brands because it could be difficult to contain oils inside plastic bottles.

Alternative Ways To Use MCT Oil

MCT oil can also be used without first emulsifying it just the same way to use other oils. You need to importantly know that the smoke point is low and you should only use it with a little heat if you want to use it in cooking. It is nearly flavorless, it means the flavors of your meals will not be affected and you will still gain healthy oils. Check below for some of the ways to use your MCT oil as part of your cooking:

  • If they can be cooked at a temperature below 350°F, you can use them for coating your roasted veggies.
  • Mixed with hot cereal after being cooked.
  • In no-cook bliss balls or protein bars.
  • As oil for your stir-fry and other medium heat sauté.
  • Used to coat your cooked pasta for them not to stick together.
  • In baked goods cooked at a temperature of 350°F or below.
  • Used as part of the ingredients in salad dressings made at home.

It is also possible to add MCT oil to coffee without first emulsifying it, but you may have a little milk frother with you. You are best recommended to add the MCT oil exactly when the coffee gets to the correct temperature to drink. The frother is used to blend your oil but you need to drink it before the frother dissipates again into the oil.

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