Can You Freeze Fudge

Can You Freeze Fudge?

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Fudge is among the best choices of sweet fix or delicious chocolate that we have out there, it is rich and a small portion can be very satisfying. If you are yet to try it, you are missing because there is a special feeling about the creamy and smooth flavor that fudge carries. Fudge is not the same as chocolate but there is chocolate inside fudge and it can also last longer which means it doesn’t go bad quickly. Fudge can either be bought from candy stores or fudge factories and it can also be made by one’s self at home.

It is quite difficult to eat a lot of fudge at a time because it is very rich, it can also last very long without going bad. Since it is difficult to eat so much, you may need a way to make them last longer than its normal shelf life. The first thing that comes to mind is if you can freeze it. You can freeze fudge simply by wrapping and packing it. Freezing is considered to be one of the best methods to keep fudge for a very long time and if you properly follow the instructions to freeze it, you wouldn’t need to worry over it getting dried out inside the freezer.

What we want to show you in this article is to tell you how you can freeze your fudge and those things you should expect in the process of freezing it. You are encouraged to continue reading to understand how you can freezer your fudge.

The Complete Guide to Freezing Fudge

You can store fudge at room temperature for a very long time because it is one of the foods that can last very long. You can also store it in a refrigerator or a freezer so that its shelf life can be preserved or extended or perhaps if you like it cold.

What is Fudge?

To start with, the making of fudge could be quite intense. We make fudge with milk, butter, sugar, and any other additives. Several flavors can be made and while a lot of people believe that fudge is chocolate, it doesn’t always contain chocolate. Chocolate is not part of the compulsory requirements. In case you don’t know what fudge is, it is usually creamy and soft after it has been made. It has a typical rich flavor and this means that taking a little fudge will make a huge difference to your appetite. Its texture is best described as the mixture of hard caramel and thick frosting when it is done.

You can buy fudge in so many areas, it could be in the candy store or a local grocer and it is also commonly found around tourist areas. It could be regarded as a very versatile treat and you can also add toppings, other fillers, or various flavors as you wish. For example, you may enhance the fudge by using cookies, candies, chocolates, fruits, nuts, and any other form of sweets. You can use these sweets as toppings or mix them with the fudge and they can even be used as both at a time. Check below for the common flavors of fudge that may be found in a local fudge store:

  • Turtle
  • Chocolate cherry
  • Chocolate walnut
  • Toffee
  • Butterfinger
  • Caramel
  • Cookie dough
  • Crème and cookies
  • Butter pecan
  • Mint chocolate
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

The listed above are only some of the common flavors you can find around, you can also find it in any other variety or you may even prepare your own. Some other flavors which may be rare include cranberry, candy cane, pumpkin spice, and eggnog.

How to Make Fudge

Making fudge could be challenging and it takes quite some work to properly make it. The fudge will only set up properly if you get the cooking and timing right and you can get a snack or dessert that has an end product that is creamy and delicious. Baking is not required to make fudge. You will only need to have a very small amount when making fudge and it is usually sold in one to two-inch squares. The squares are at times larger than the size you can eat when served at once. One good thing about fudge is that it can be stored easily after making it.

We want to proceed to check out how you can make a simple recipe of fudge and this is a general recipe for the traditional chocolate fudge. Remember that you could always make several different flavors with various ingredients as you wish. It is not a bad thing for the recipe to vary, there are several of them, and you just need to make your choice. Check below for our reference for making a fudge recipe:

  1. The things needed include vanilla extract, kosher salt in a small quantity, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate (depending on the recipe you are making), and other flavors or toppings of your choice.
  2. Use parchment paper to line an already prepared final pan and use cooking spray to spray it lightly.
  3. You need to add salt, chocolate, and condensed milk to your large pan and cook it under low heat for proper cooking.
  4. As your chocolate melts, stir continuously until the mixture becomes shiny and very thick which will take up to five minutes to be done.
  5. Remove the mixture from the heat and add your vanillas extract or any other ingredients of your choice, stirring all together.
  6. Proceed to pour the mixture inside the prepared pan.
  7. Evenly smooth out the fudge across your pan.
  8. Allow the fudge to rest so that it can set for one to two hours.
  9. You can then store it as a whole or cut the fudge into squares after it has cooled. If you will be storing some inside the freezer immediately, do not cut that portion.

That is all about making fudge which is a very simple process. The only challenge is that you will have to pay full attention to the fudge when it is melting your chocolate and it could also be a bit hard to know when the fudge is cooked enough. You fudge will not set up properly if you did not cook it long enough. If you want the process of the making to work perfectly and also set up the way it should be, you need to allow it to cook long enough. The recipe can also be made in a microwave but using a stovetop is what we recommend.

Can You Freeze Fudge
Can You Freeze Fudge

The Type of Chocolate Matters

You don’t have to be specific about the chocolate types you want to use for the recipe, you can decide whichever one you want depending on your choice. We have bittersweet chocolate, semisweet chocolate, and chocolate chips. Depending on your choice, you may notice the difference in flavor or texture.

Talk about what the differences are, the chocolate may not melt properly when using chocolate chips and they are usually processed using special ingredients for them to be kept in form whenever you cook them and this is the reason why a chocolate chip cookie will not contain melted chocolate. Because of the chocolate chips, the texture may also be a bit gritty.

Using semisweet chocolate will make the end result very rich and sweet. Though they are referred to as semisweet, they give a very sweet result. Semisweet as well as bittersweet will both have a creamy and smooth texture. Using bittersweet chocolate will give you a strong flavor of chocolate. It is much more about perfectly mixed chocolate and sweet. It is just like the everyday Hershey bar, however, it is melted to help you make a delicious fudge. It has a creamy and smooth texture. You can mix your bittersweet and semisweet in any ratio or preferably half to half if you are not sure if you prefer strong or sweet chocolate for the flavor.

Storing Fudge

It is quite easy to store fudge because you need not worry yourself too much. After all, it lasts long itself. You may also store it inside the refrigerator or freezer or perhaps, normally at room temperature only for a while.

Storing Fudge at Room Temperature

Fudge that will be used within a few weeks of it making can be stored at room temperature, it will store just fine. In case you want it to be chilled or you are being careful of the safety, you can move it into the fridge or a freezer for a longer storage option. Check out the steps of storing your fudge properly at room temperature below with the focus of keeping it from drying out, check below:

  1. Put the fudge inside an air-tight container or into your sealing bag.
  2. You can then allow it to store for two weeks at this normal temperature.

Storing Fudge in the Refrigerator

This is also very simple with the fridge making the fudge to be chilled and help it from getting dried out. You must ensure to store it properly so that it will not become crumbly or dry. Check out the steps below to use to effectively store the fudge inside the refrigerator:

  1. Wrap the fudge in one layer of parchment paper or plastic wrap. This can be done individually or together. The Plastic wrap will best protect it.
  2. Put the wrapped fudge inside a storage sealing bag or an air-tight container.
  3. Keep inside your fridge for about a month.

Fudge can be taken from the fridge without hurting anything and if the squares were wrapped individually, you can easily enjoy one per time. You must ensure that it is kept as air-tight as possible so that you will avoid it drying out.

Storing Fudge in the Freezer

To store your fudge inside the freezer, check below for the steps:

  1. It is either you store the fudge together or individually as squares. It is recommended that you use individual squares if it is not that you need a whole block for something. It will make it easy for you to pull out. In case you will store as a whole, do not cut it until it is out of your freezer.
  2. Wrap the fudge in your plastic wrap so that you can seal in your fudge’s moisture.
  3. Put the fudge inside a heavy-duty freezer bag or an air-tight container. If they are wrapped individually, they can be placed together inside the storage device between the two.
  4. Put the label and the date and also seal the fudge.
  5. The fudge will last inside your freezer for a minimum of six months and will still be fine even for about a year, though six months is considered the best.


Using Fudge After Freezing

Fudge is simple to use after freezing, you wouldn’t need it to thaw if you want it cold, but still, thaw it for the sake of simplicity. You are not recommended to thaw the fudge at room temperature. Thaw it by placing it inside your fridge and allowing it to defrost overnight.

Related Questions

Does Fudge Go Bad?

Fudge can dry out and this is the biggest issue about it. If you do not store it or airtight it properly, you might find yourself in that situation. It is not recommended to be kept anywhere near heat. If the fudge has gone bad, you will notice that it has excessively dried and cracked out. If it is soggy or mushy, throw it away. If it starts to separate or become oily, it has gone bad, just throw it away.

Can You Make Other Things with Fudge?

You have a lot of options to use your fudge in another way, you can use it to make fudge cookies, fudge cheesecake, and fudge brownies. You can also use it for many more things. You can also try new methods. It is typical chocolate that you can use for anything that needs chocolate.

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