Can You Freeze Pico De Gallo

Can You Freeze Pico De Gallo? What To Do Instead?

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If you have tasted Pico De Gallo before, you will testify to its deliciousness. This is a meal you can use for various things, from fillings to toppings, and salsa. It is very easy to prepare Pico and it is best when it is fresh. Another thing is that it is fruits and vegetables, a healthy meal.

There are several things you can use Pico for and it is classified to be salsa Fresca as a result of being prepared with all kinds of fresh ingredients. It is usually made fresh and can be used later in the future. If you want to use your veggies and tomatoes and you don’t know how to use them, you could make them in bulk.

The question is whether or not pico de gallo can be frozen and it is good to know that you can freeze it. A better choice is even to can it.

What we will check out in this article is to find out the freezing process of your pico and the result you are likely to get. There could be times that the pico will not be the same following freezing and this is one of the things we will need you to know. You will also get to know about the canning process of this particular meal and this will provide you with another option. You are advised to continue reading if you want to know all you need to know.


Your Guide to Storing Pico De Gallo

This is a meal that originated from the Spanish culture and it is popularly added to Mexican dishes and it is also popularly used as salsas. People consider pico to be salsa Fresca and it means being made by using fresh ingredients. Its ingredients may vary, it all depends on what you want the taste to be, however, it always has pepper of your choice, cilantro, lime juice, salt, onions, and tomato contained in them. It doesn’t usually contain a lot of liquid like the regular salsa because it is made up of a chopped fresh set of ingredients. Check below for some of the great things you can use your pico for:

  • Serve as toppings or as side dishses to any kind of dish.
  • Mix it with salad
  • Use it to top or fill burritos
  • Add it to quesadillas
  • Toss with prawns or shrimp
  • Top your cheeseburger
  • Add to an omelet, frittata, or quiche.
  • Top tacos
  • Salsa

How you use pico is limitless because of the presence of the simple vegetable mixture, anything can be done with it as you wish. The chances are that you are likely to finish using your fresh pico before it goes bad. However, it is understandable that you will likely make it in bulk to be stored and eaten later. Pico can be frozen, you may notice some change in the consistency as it thaws and you may also decide to can the pico which is the best substitute.

Are Salsa and Pico De Gallo the Same?

Salsa and pico are prepared with very similar ingredients, but they are usually made with a different concept in mind. Even though you can use them in several of same things, they are different. They are a bit similar but they have some glaring properties that differentiate them. Salsa is made specifically for dipping even though you can use it for some other things, but it was the main intention of making it. Pico was originally made as an addition to almost any meal or as a meal you can use alone.

Pico could be qualified as your salad and the ingredients used in making it are usually chopped. The ingredients used in making salsa, however, are chopped a bit much smaller, most especially the tomatoes. The tomatoes of salsa are usually crushed or blended instead of being simply diced because salsa’s ingredients are usually blended or diced small, it is usually a little liquid. In pico, however, there is minimal liquid and it is gotten from the natural juice of the diced ingredients. You can consider the highlighted above as their primary differences, they are a bit similar, but they are different.

The Details for Freezing Pico De Gallo

If you consider safety, you can safely eat your pico after freezing. The ingredients are preserved by your lime juice that is contained in the mixture and that means they are unlikely to go bad easily. Pico can be frozen and it will be frozen just fine. However, the process of freezing could risk the ingredients’ consistency. Again, salt and lime juice will likely serve to protect the pico.

The reason why we had to share that with you is because of the possibility that could arise and we wouldn’t want anything to catch you by surprise. Lime juice usually serves to preserve your mixture and your pico will be held up satisfactorily inside the freezer.  You can proceed to make your pico whenever you want to. The instructions below can be followed to freeze your pico:

  1. It is appropriate to store pico under the double-sealed method and it means you need to either double bag with your freezer bags or perhaps seal the air-tight container with one plastic wrap layer between the lid and the pico.
  2. Allow around ½ inch headspace inside the storage bags or container.
  3. Ensure you seal, label, and then date your pico properly so that the ingredients will be best preserved.
  4. You can allow the pico to stay inside your freezer for about six months this way.

All you need to do whenever you want to use the pico is to take it from your freezer and allow it to defrost inside the refrigerator overnight. Because the major ingredients are a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, you have to keep the pico refrigerated for most parts.

The process of freezing should be done within a week that you’ve made the fresh pico. The flavor also intensifies just as they are allowed to sit and that means the pico could be spicier and stronger when you remove it from the freezer for use.

A Canning Alternative for Pico De Gallo Storage

In case you are looking for an alternative to store your pico or you are not certain about freezing the pico, canning your pico is considered a great alternative. You are recommended to use it as a means of storage for a large batch of pico. It is a fairly simple process to can, just like salsa. You may use the method of water bath canning for the pico.

You could get a better extensive instruction if you want to can the pico because the instructions that will be discussed are merely to serve a simple reference point and it is very useful. Check for the instructions below:

  1. First, prepare the pico that you desire
  2. Allow the canning jars to pre-heat through your dishwater rinse function cycle or inside hot water. You are recommended to use pints or perhaps ½ pint jar to under this process.
  3. You can then fill your jars with the pico, ensuring you leave about ½-inch headspace at its top.
  4. Add rims and seals to each of the jars.
  5. For about 15 minutes, process inside your pressure canner or water bath.
  6. You should then set it out and then allow it to cool for about 24 hours. You need to ensure the jars are sealed.

Canning is the other solution you can use to store your pico. Once it is canned, label and also date each of the jars. The jars are supposed to last about 12 months if you place them inside a cool and dry area.

Can You Freeze Pico De Gallo
Can You Freeze Pico De Gallo

Related Questions

After considering a lot of information about how you can freeze your pico, we understand that you must have learned a lot of things, and freezing your pico should not be a problem from now on. You are encouraged to quickly check out some of the questions and answers we have provided for you.

Will Pico De Gallo Go Bad?

Typically, pico could stay fresh inside the refrigerator for about one week, but you may realize the tomatoes turning mushy or the cilantro looking wilted a bit if you allow the week to run out. You can still safely eat it at this particular point, but it may not be pleasant to the face. Lime juice is used as part of the mixture and it serves to preserve the pico with getting you worried about going bad. You should, however, throw your pico away if it begins to grow mold or smell putrid.


Is Pico De Gallo Considered Healthy?

Generally, fresh ingredients are used to make pico and they are very healthy. Pico is also very low in its calorie constituent, irrespective of how you decide to use it, the pico is healthy. However, you need to watch out for what you want to use it with or on because that could be the difference when you consider whether it is healthy or not.

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