Can You Freeze Prime Rib

Can You Freeze Prime Rib? (The Complete Guide)

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You will not get any better choice than a prime rib when you want to cook with meat that usually stretches a very long way. Several kinds of meat usually stretch a very long way at a very reasonable price, however, the prime rib can be considered a better choice. The prime rib could also be called rib roast. It is a large chunk of meat that will feed a lot of people and the good thing is that it is savory and delicious.

You can use several ways you can cook the meat and there are also several ways you can use it whenever there are leftovers. The bone of contention is how you can use your cooked leftovers of prime rib, perhaps, can it be frozen? Prime rib can be frozen and this can be done nicely. You, however, need to allow your prime rib to become cool before you place it inside your freezer bag to freeze it but you need to ensure it is not left for over two hours at room temperature.

What we have in this article is to show you how you can properly freeze your prime rib and we will also try to show you some of the basic information you need about your prime rib. You need to continue reading to get everything we have for you about how to freeze prime rib.

A Complete Guide to Freezing Prime Rib

Rib roast or prime rib is classified as a very large cut from beef that directly comes from its primal rib part. It may have varying sizes and could include a range between two and seven ribs per cut. Whenever you buy prime rib, it is possible to find the prime rib on its bone or off it though the most common way you can cook your prime rib should be done on its bone, standing inside the pan and that is why they refer to it as standing rib roast.

A lot of butches usually cut so that they can remove the topmost part of the rib because it usually allows your prime rib to be easily carved and then served.

Prime rib can be used in several ways and it could be used as a portion of the main dish, addition to various sides, by serving it. It may also be used in some other ways and you are recommended to initially serve the prime rib dish as a meat dish and then you can find some exciting ways you can use to use the leftovers.

Check some ideas you can use to use the leftovers below:

  • Quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, or prime rib tacos
  • Chunk up before being added to chili
  • Beef stroganoff
  • Steak sandwiches
  • Shred and then used in noodles or pho
  • Shred and then used in a hash skillet
  • Prime rib soup

A prime rib can be added to anything that needs meat. Find out some of the ideas below:

Preparing Prime Rib

There are several ways you can use to make your prime rib and the most popular methods you can use to cook your prime rib include the use of a crockpot, roasting it inside the oven, or smoking it. We will like to show you the basic instructions you can use to initially prepare your prime rib but you must always have it at the back of your mind that prime rib can be made in various ways and it is not the only option you have.

Our instructions have their basis on the general process of using an oven but you may also explore some other options to prepare the prime rib and you will get something very delicious irrespective of how you have chosen to make it. It is best to cook prime rib slow and low. Prime rib can be cooked between 3 to 8 hours before you get it right depending on your recipe.

Our recipe is will spend around three hours. The sizes of your prime rib will also allow the variation of the time to use to cook your prime rib. The time to cook the prime rib will also be affected by how well you want it done. It is usually recommended to serve prime rib between medium-rare and medium. Check below about how you can cook your prime rib:

  1. Get yourself the rib roast that has a size you will like and nicely season it onto your tastes and this can be done inside the pan.
  2. Put the prime rib inside your roasting pan before you allow it to be at room temperature between 20 and 30 minutes.
  3. Begin by roasting the prime rib for up 30 minutes at a temperature of 450°F.
  4. You should then reduce the heat to a temperature of 350°F and allow it to become cooked until it is done to your desired level. You will usually use around 15 minutes to cook your prime rib per pound. You should cook to the internal temperatures including well-done at 140°F, medium-well at 130°F, medium at 120°F, or medium-rare at 110°F.
  5. You should then remove it from your oven and use foil to cover it. Then, let the prime rib rest for up to 20 to 30 minutes before you carve or slice to eat.

Freezing Prime Rib

It is very simple to store prime rib, it can be stored inside the fridge for about seven days without it becoming spoilt. To store for a longer period, use a freezer for storage. You can either freeze the prime rib all together or separate it into portions, it all depends on what you want. Check below for some of the instructions you can use to freeze your prime rib properly:

  • You should first allow the prime rib become a bit cool before you freeze it. Put it away within two hours for you to complete the cooking.
  • You should then separate it into your desired portion or you can freeze it together. Ensure you use plastic wrap to tightly wrap the prime rib.
  • Put the wrapped meat inside the heavy-duty freezer bag or an air-tight container.
  • Seal, label, and date the package.
  • Put it inside the freezer where it can stay for about nine months.

It is very simple to freeze prime rib and you can easily use it when you want to by pulling it out of your freezer and then you can use it.

Using Prime Rib After Freezing

You have to prepare for the process of using the prime rib just after you have frozen it. The way you will use the prime rib from froze depends on what you want to do. You should first allow it to thaw overnight inside the refrigerator before trying to use a prime rib to reheat.

Your prime rib can be reheated and served again as the major course meat. You can reheat it inside the oven if you like serving your leftovers this way. Use foil to cover the pan and allow it to bake at a temperature of 350°F until it becomes warmed through within 20 minutes.

To use the prime rib to make a casserole, soup, or other kinds of dishes, cook it like it is a part of a meal and you do not need to thaw the prime rib before you use it for this though it will be a bit easier to use it if you defrost it before using it.

It is also possible to defrost it inside the microwave or use a quick method of defrosting by dipping inside cold water most especially when you are rushing. In case your meat seems dry, sprinkle water on it or baste it. Irrespective of how you decide to use the prime rib from the freezer, you will enjoy the results.

Can You Freeze Prime Rib
Can You Freeze Prime Rib

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Can You Season Prime Rib Ahead with Marinade or Rub?

The flavor will become bolder the longer the season is allowed to remain on your meat, you are allowed to use a marinade or rub on the prime rib. You can marinate your meat for some hours or sometimes overnight.

Is Prime Rib Considered a Premium Cut of Meat?

You can consider prime rib as an excellent cut of your meat but it is not a filet mignon. You may have to pay more than when you want to buy other meat slabs whenever you want to buy ribeye or prime rib. Prime rib is usually a medium- high quality cut and it is more affordable as compared to filet mignon.

Is Ribeye the Same as Prime Rib?

Prime rib and ribeye are very different but they are gotten from a similar place. While ribeye is a steak cut from an area of your animal, the prime rib is classified as a rib cut of beef. They are primarily different in that the ribeye is usually cut into several steak portions but consider prime rib to usually be left intact, generally allowing the ribs to be attached.

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