Can You Reheat French Toast

Can You Reheat French Toast?

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It is almost certain that everyone enjoys French toast, most especially when taken for breakfast. There are times when we make more French toast than we can eat at once or when we make them in advance to be eaten later in the future, what we can easily do is to freeze them. However, there is always a dilemma whenever we are ready to eat our leftovers, do we reheat it or eat it as cold as it is.

What we are considering here is whether or not we can reheat our French toast. It is possible to reheat it and there are different methods through which it can be done but it is not all the methods that will give you similar great results. The options you have include toaster oven, toaster, microwave, stovetop, and oven, but you will get the best outcome when you use the oven to reheat your French toast, and using a microwave will yield the least result. You are encouraged to continue reading if you want to learn how you can reheat your French toast.

How To Reheat French Toast

Whenever you reheat your French toast, there is always a tendency to have a taste that is almost the same as when you first cooked it. You have a few options available for you and they include the microwave, toaster oven, stovetop, and oven. Using an oven is still the best method and microwave is not encouraged to be used.

Reheating your French Toast inside The Microwave

If you want to quickly reheat your food, using the microwave is the ideal situation. You can reheat your French toast inside a microwave directly from a refrigerator or freezer. Put your French toast slice inside your microwave and use a damp paper towel to lay on your French toast. Allow it to heat at an interval of 15 to 20 seconds ensuring you check it after each session. Once it is hot, remove your paper towel to enjoy the meal.


This is the quickest method you can use to reheat your French toast as well as any other thing you plan to reheat. You don’t need to preheat and in less than a minute, the reheating process is done.


When you use a microwave, you risk getting your French toast dry out. You have to use the damp paper towel to avoid the loss of moisture that may cause it to become dry or perhaps, condensation that may result in it becoming soggy.

Reheating your French Toast inside the Toaster or Toaster Oven

When you use a toaster oven or toaster, your French toast will be reheated quickly and easily. All you need to do is to put your French toast inside the tray of your toaster oven and allow it to stay inside until they have been crispy heated. You can use a normal toaster if your slices are not crumbly but are firm, just set it at a lower setting so that your French toast will not get burnt. Ensure that your toaster tray is cleaned once you are done reheating because the sugary crumbs will most likely result in smoke whenever you use the toaster again.


You will get quick results when you use a toaster oven or toaster and you will also have control over the amount of time you want the toast to be inside it. You will get a meal whose outcome is delicious and crispy.


Even though you can control how long your meal will be left inside your toaster oven, leaving it for an extra minute will get them burnt and eventually ruined. If you refuse to clean the sugar crumbs deposited on the toaster by your French toast, it will lead to smoke.

Reheating your French Toast over The Stovetop

You probably used a stove to cook the French toast at first, using it to reheat is not a bad option. You have to first allow your skillet to become heat under medium heat before using cooking spray to coat it and then put the slices of French toast on it. Endure you monitor it. It will become heated up quickly within one minute or thereabout on each of the sides. You can then remove the slices from your heat once it has been thoroughly heated.


Using a stovetop will allow your process to be done quickly apart from waiting for your skillet to become heated. In case you notice your French toast being slightly soggy, melt some butter inside your skillet for additional crispiness and allow it to heat at a higher temperature.


You may risk your French toast getting burnt or dried out if your skillet is a bit too hot and you allow the meal to remain on it for just an extra minute. You will likely result in a meal that is not too edible.

Reheat your French Toast inside The Oven

When you use the oven to reheat your French toast, you tend to reheat a family portion at once. Use cooking spray to coat your baking sheet and lay the slices of French toast evenly on it. Don’t forget to allow about ½-inch of space between the slices and allow your oven to preheat to a temperature of 400°F.

Put your baking sheet that has your French toast inside the oven that you have already preheated and ensure you carefully watch it as it undergoes the process. You should endeavor to turn your toast around after about 4 minutes so that both sides will crisp.

Your French toast can be reheated inside the oven straight from frozen but it is not going to be as fast as reheating slices from the fridge. Your French toast will be evenly heated thanks to the oven’s air movement and it will still allow the coating to be crispy.


When you use the oven to reheat your French toast, you are guaranteed to have it evenly heated and it will be crispy outside and moist inside. You will also get to reheat your French toast in large batches at once.


When you consider the con associated with using an oven, it is for the fact that you will need to wait to preheat your oven before you place it inside. Waiting could feel like a very long time if you are famished.

How To Freeze French Toast

It is quite easy to freeze French toast. If you want to plan for your breakfast meal for the coming weeks, the best thing to do is to use an oven to cook your French toast. It will allow you to get some pieces cooked at once rather than staying beside your hot skillet and then cooking it one after the other. Once your French toast has been cooked, leave it on the wire rack to become cool.

When it has become cooled, use cut wax paper to cover the top one after the other, stack it up by alternating between the wax paper and the slice. Use a heavy-duty foil to wrap your French toast so that it will be protected inside the freezer. The stack can also be placed inside the heavy-duty freezer bags that can be tightly sealed.

You may also use plastic air-tight freezer containers, but it is likely not to fit a lot of slices and will likely take a lot of space inside the freezer. Ensure that you shut tight any of the types of storage containers you are using to freeze the French toast irrespective of if it is a plastic container or bag, or aluminum foil. Ensure that no extra air or moisture will enter your container and that it is well protected from getting any outside odors from some other foods within the freezer. Your French toast can stay fresh inside the freezer for up to two months.

Can You Reheat French Toast
Can You Reheat French Toast

Related Questions

How do you defrost french toast?

Generally, most to the reheating methods allow you to reheat your French toast from frozen but you will need to thaw it first if you want to use a toaster or a skillet. The best thing you can do is to allow your French toast to stay overnight inside the refrigerator where it will safely thaw without it getting exposed to temperatures that will cause bacteria to grow on it.

Can you freeze french toast mix?

Once you have soaked the bread inside the batter before you cook it, you can get French toast mix frozen. Put the pieces of soaked toast on your baking sheet that you have greased or buttered and allow a process of flash freezing first for about 45 minutes. You can then transfer it into your freezable container. You should flash freeze to stop the sticking together of the slices when they freeze and you will be able to remove each piece whenever you want to eat it without the risk of defrosting everything.

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