The Absolute Best Triple Sec For Margaritas

The Absolute Best Triple Sec For Margaritas

Cooking Tips

Ice-cold margaritas are one of those drinks great for summertime, most especially for gatherings. It is possible to make margaritas in a variety of ways with almost everyone adapted to their style while some other people use a mix that has been pre-made instead of mixing their own. You will get the best flavor by mixing your margaritas when you use the best ingredients.

You are required to add triple sec to the mix to get your perfect margarita. This is why you need to what the best types of triple sec are. You have several options to pick from and they all taste differently. We will like to recommend that you should consider Mr. Stack’s Triple Sec due to its perfect flavor of orange blend and for the fact that it is made in the USA. What we want to check out in this article is to show you the best type of triple sec that can be used for margaritas. You should continue reading if you want to find out the variety of options that you have.

The Absolute Best Triple Sec for Margaritas

You may think what you need to take margarita is a margarita mix and tequila if you are not familiar with making a margarita. However, the best of margaritas are usually made by mixing everything yourself. This will definitely take some testing and practice to get it done, but that’s why we are here, to give you the tips you need. Normally, margaritas are made using lime juice (the best to use are fresh limes), white tequila, and triple sec. You can do them in several different proportions. You can also add some other flavors of fruit added to them though lime is the usual traditional margarita. However, there are sometimes that you will get flavors like watermelon, peach, strawberry, mango, and others of its kind.

How Margaritas Are Made

We will like to show you a very simple recipe for a margarita that will help you understand the process of making margaritas and the reason why the triple sec is needed. The recipe we are sharing is not the only way to make a very good margarita, it will, however, give you the overall idea of fluidity and ratios. The measurements we are considering below are only of a single margarita.

  1. You will need a glass, triple sec, silver (water) tequila, salt (used on the rim), and lime to make this margarita.
  2. You can begin by moistening up the glass’s rim by using your lime wedge. Dip the glass’s rim inside the salt because it is better when you apply salt before mixing starts proper.
  3. Put ice inside your glass as you prefer and you could also have pre-chilled the glass inside your freezer.
  4. Proceed to mix one ounce of your fresh lime juice, one-and-a-half ounces of your triple sec, two ounces of your tequila in the cocktail shaker, and also add ice into it.
  5. Remember to vigorously shake your mixture until the ice starts to frost your shaker.
  6. You can then strain it into the prepared glass to enjoy.

You can see that it is quite simple to prepare a delicious margarita and you are allowed to use any of your preferred tequila in the mixture. Other flavors could also be added, the recipe above is just our recommendation.

The Best Triple Sec: Ranked and Reviewed

You will require a very excellent triple sec to make any kind of margaritas. Curacao is usually used interchangeably with triple sec. It is a liqueur that has a very sweet orange flavor without color. Generally, we use triple sec to mix any kind of sweet drinks. Check out some of our reviewed favorite of triple secs below:

  1. Vita Divine Triple Sec

Vita Divine is a type of brand that is budget-friendly, well-made, and very easy to find than some other special options. It is smooth and nice and the flavor is very sweet. It is made in the United States. The triple sec is triple distilled with a sweet and strong orange flavor. If you want your margarita to become sweet, it is very good for them and you can also use it for shots, cordials, and some other options for desserts.

Pros (upside):

  • USA-made
  • Very smooth
  • Extra sweet
  • Budget-friendly

Cons (downside):

  • The flavor may be too sweet for some people


  1. DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur

This is one of the highest sold and most popular triple sec brands. The brand is pocket friendly (It has a similar price line as Vita Divine) and it is very easily found. It is very reliable to mix margaritas. This is a brand that has existed for over 300 years. It has reliable quality, distinct orange flavor, and it is readily available. It is 48 proof used everywhere to mix drinks.

Pros (upside):

  • 24 percent ABV
  • Budget-friendly
  • Trusted and well-known brand
  • Reliable quality
  • It is readily available

Cons (downside):

It has no particular special quality and it is just a simple run of option.

  1. Finest Call Premium Triple Sec Syrup

This brand contains no alcohol or reduced alcohol. It contains all the qualities of triple sec without a bit of alcohol. It is an only flavored syrup that can be purchased online. The syrup is of a sweet orange flavor that is made using a natural orange extract. The syrup is has a delicious and sweet flavor and it is also consistent. Each bottle has a pour top which can be used to pour without any mess.

Pros (upside):

  • It is well made without any juice additives
  • Made using natural ingredients
  • It has a pour spout
  • It is a non-alcoholic option

Cons (downside):

  • It has a blander flavor than the traditional triple sec.
  • The drink ratios might be affected by the non-alcohol
  1. Cointreau Triple Sec

This is not considered a triple sec even though it is still the same concept. Cointreau has a bit stronger alcohol level and it should be something you should take note of. It is highly recommended to be added to margaritas.  Bitter and sweet orange peels and sugar beet alcohol is usually used to make Cointreau that will give you its unique concentration. Cointreau is considered to be an orange liqueur that makes a very delicious margarita when added to it.

Pros (upside):

  • It is a dark liqueur that has a stronger flavor
  • Mixes bitter and sweet orange peel
  • Higher content of alcohol
  • It is uniquely blended and not matched by some other options.

Cons (downside):

  • The dark liqueur may affect the flavor and color of the drink.
  • The higher content of alcohol may affect the ratio of the drink.


  1. Drillaud Triple Sec

The word drillaud is a French word, things that are French-made are usually well-made, the same goes for this particular triple sec that meets all the requirements. The product is of high quality and it is not too costly. It is both elegant and strong and has uniquely balanced orange peels and orange that give your drinks the sweet perfect flavor. It has a subtle hint of very sweet flavor and this will not allow it to overwhelm the drink.

Pros (upside):

  • Well-balanced mix
  • Reasonable price
  • French-made
  • Sweet and subtle

Cons (downside):

  • It could sometimes be difficult to find


  1. Mr. Stacks Triple Sec

You will want to get a chance to use this triple sec when you find it. It is not a popular brand that could be found anywhere. It is usually made in the United State and likewise distributed as such. It has an amazing flavor. 750ml is the most popular size you can buy and it is 60 proof. This brand is made using orange peels grown in Curacao and it is considered to be a very perfect sweet citrus mix for any kind of mixed drinks that should be sweet.

Pros (Upside)

  • It is available in different sizes.
  • 30 percent ABV
  • Made using orange peels grown from Curacao
  • Made in the United States

Cons (downside):

  • It could sometimes be very difficult to find it.
The Absolute Best Triple Sec For Margaritas
The Absolute Best Triple Sec For Margaritas

Related Questions

Hope you have learned the best sets of triple sec that can be used for your margaritas? We are sure we have been able to provide you with everything you need to know. In case you have some lingering questions in your mind, we have provided answers to some of them below, please check them out:

Can I Mix Triple Sec with Other Types of Alcohol?

You can mix triple sec with some other alcohol apart from tequila. It is possible to use triple sec to mix different kinds of drinks. You can mix it with vodka, bourbon, and rum. You can also go beyond that, be creative.

How Much Alcohol is in Triple Sec?

This depends on the type of triples sec you are buying, the brand decides the alcohol level. Most of them contain between 15 percent and 40 percent alcohol level with 40 percent on a very high side.

Why is Triple Sec Necessary?

Alcoholic beverages might come with some ‘bite’ and the sweetness of your triple sec helps to take it away. Triple sec helps to complete your margarita. It helps to sweeten the mixture, making it necessary to get a balanced drink.

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